Like it had Eyes … and Fangs … and Claws

Well, I hate to tear you away from the screen. I know you are all focused hard, except for those who are hardly focused, on Slutz-Girl Vodka’s new butt girl “It goes down like smooooth reptile ooooooze.” It’s the American way to go from a whore to a princess of the marketplace over night. Where would we be if we didn’t have things like this to pay attention to? Maybe paying attention to something important, whatever that is.

You knew it was coming. You just didn’t know when. Or maybe you didn’t know it was coming because things like Slutz-Girl Vodka had your attention. For some of us it’s a no brainer that our terror impresarios; the Bush players, neo-cons and assorted n’er do wells were going to blow something up this year. We knew that the usual suspects were going to go into the prop room and pull out a false flag for the benefit of our brothers and sisters in Tehran, or Lebanon, or Syria or… all of them.

We swallowed a load in 2001 and we’re seeing signs and wonders and signs and wonders all over the place now. We are seeing a collection of related events that are all indicating that ‘the future is now’ or just around the corner. Ominous evidence of three dimensional chess pressures are pushing circumstance …and daring it to do something stupid. Food shortages; high fuel costs, housing foreclosures, bank failures, the falling dollar and assorted saber rattling all seem to indicate that ‘the boys in the backroom’ are getting all sub rosa before they go nova.

It becomes especially clear when The Scarlet Pimpernel, Bin Laden, starts doing his Baron Samedi impressions and popping up out of the grave and on to your dinner table. Most of the readers of this blog are regular visitors to and the venerable so you have all probably seen the links I’ve placed above and you know that there are many more that all relate to the same mass of confusion that defines the present moment. You know about Russia and Kosovo; The Palestinian Genocide, Israel and her neighbors near and far. You know about Afghanistan and Iraq and Iran. You’re familiar with what happens when anonymous spokesmen for government agencies start talking about looming terror threats. You know Easter is coming and you know what a bonanza it would be were Christians to have a bad hair day at a holy site but… other days are coming and it could be any day and any scenario as long as it points to Iran. Still, it’s interesting what Bin Laden had to say about the pope and Europe, even if it wasn’t- and it wasn’t- Bin Laden.

Bushco is looking into Switzerland’s deal with Iran because it might violate some gratuitous sanctions that somebody put on paper and supposedly means something but probably doesn’t.

Yes, we know about that joint military exercise in Tel Aviv which, like the war games that were taking place on 9/11, that were simulating the very thing that took place and like the terror drill that was taking place in London at the same time as the 7/7 attacks… we know that terror drills and war games are often a cover and a distraction from the real thing. Sure this one is over now but… ah the mind wanders and speculates. The mind wonders how tragic it would be if something were to happen to someone somewhere. Israel killed a high ranking Hezbollah leader and they’ve spared no press in letting the world know that surely Hezbollah has a retribution planned.

We know that the IDF can now kill Palestinian civilians legally and we know it all comes out of this particular tradition and leads to justification of any act even against your best friends.

So why are there all of these links you might ask? I’m headed somewhere and these are part of the audio visual. Let me ask you something… when was the last time Iran attacked anyone? Iraq started the Iran/Iraq War and earlier the Iranians rebelled against the Shah and held some Americans (who put the Shah in power) as hostages which Ronald Reagan used to get elected in some kind of a deal that involved guns and drugs and not very much, “Just say no.” but… when was the last time Iran attacked anyone?

Did Iraq attack anyone in order to get invaded? I mean, besides going after Kuwait earlier for slant drilling into their wells after the action had been green-lighted by the US State Department. No, they didn’t. Has anyone been attacking other countries besides America, England and Israel? It doesn’t appear to be so.

Is Iran threatening to attack Israel? No, I haven’t heard it. There was that comment about the Zionist regime needing to go. You know the quote that got turned into, “Israel should be wiped off the map”? …but which never actually got said; the same way Bin laden never admitted to 9/11. You know what I’m talking about.

Israel has a long history of false flag events that they authored and which are a matter of public record. America has one too. We’ve seen The Brits caught in the act in Basra. I don’t think anyone would argue against Israel wanting to attack Iran so bad that it makes my teeth hurt. They managed to get us to attack Iraq and until the NIE put a spanner in the works, they were about to orchestrate America going into Iran too. The facts of the matter cannot be argued because the evidence is a matter of public record and you hear it on the news every day.

How did it get to be that the people causing all of the trouble are the good guys and the people on the receiving end of the trouble are the bad guys? Could be they are all bad guys one way or another. I don’t have a scorecard, just some powers of observation.

I take no delight in spinning these commentaries. I don’t get paid. I think I got one ten dollar contribution in the whole time I’ve been doing this and that was at one of the other blogs. I don’t get to go out to dinner or speak at universities. I don’t even have advertising. What’s the payoff? Ridicule? Slander? Intentional bad career move? It seems to be some kind of mental disorder to want the truth to be known because a whole lot of people apparently do not. In fact they work overtime creating lies and painting false pictures about conditions and problems that didn’t exist until they created them.

Bushco has set the United States on fire and it is burning to the ground. The degree of madness that can be seen in the various agendas this administration has engaged in is awesome… unbelievable… It is staggering to one’s sense of reality that they could even take place and yet they did. Do you honestly think they’re going to quietly depart? Does this make any kind of sense knowing what we know? Every day that passes diminishes the number of days remaining for this runaway serial killer administration. So, every day that passes, ups the odds for that day being the day on which whatever they have planned goes down.

Back to why I or any of the rest of us does this… It has to be said because it isn’t being said. If we did not say it, it would not get said at all. There’d be nothing but doublespeak to cover the government’s own terror activities. We’d be hearing about Miss Slutz Vodka 2008 and what kind of shoes go with which kind of hat. You want to look your best when you’re spread out across the two airline seats you had to buy in order to fly.

Neither I, nor any legitimate blogger believes that every Israeli and every American and every Englander is supportive of the ugliness their countries are producing. On the other hand there are not nearly enough of you objecting either. If you can’t see what’s going on there are only so many options. You don’t want to or you are that stupid that you believe what cannot be true because all the evidence points the other way. I’d say it’s time to begin to watch out; time to stop, look and listen. There’s a dark train running on a gone dead line; sooner or later it’s going to reach its destination and it’s not the same train being pulled by Miss Slutz Vodka.

D.U.I. Do I, Oh Baby, D.W.I.

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