Zionists Sacrificed Jews to the Holocaust

henrymakow.com — Nov 1, 2013

The word “Holocaust” is a Biblical term for “burnt sacrifice.” Why refer to genocide as “a sacrifice”? Because the Illuminati bankers deliberately sacrificed European Jews to create the State of Israel, the capital of the Rothschild’s occult New World Order.

The London-based Illuminati bankers wanted Jews to set up the State of Israel in order to colonize the Middle East. (Zionism was a “British” creation. The “British Empire” was a vehicle for Illuminati Jewish bankers. It is now morphing into the NWO. )
However European Jews wanted no part of Israel. The Illuminati created the Nazis partly to trauma brainwash Jews into supplanting the Palestinians. Zionists and Nazis were mirror images of each other. Both espoused racial purity.
In his book, Perfidy (1961) author Ben Hecht describes how the Nazis lacked the manpower to round up Jews and relied on the Zionists to do it. The Zionists betrayed their fellow Jews yet reaped the moral and political capital from the holocaust. The more Jews died, the stronger the moral case for Israel. This crucial information is not new, but they’re trying to dump it down the memory hole. We need to be reminded.
According to the article below, Zionists bribed Eichmann which enabled him to escape to Argentina. They also saved the lives of other war criminals at Nuremberg.

This article was first posted Oct 15, 2011

An Excerpt from: How Britain’s Biggest racists Created Zionism

by Mark Burdman — The Campaigner Dec 1978 Edited by henrymakow.com

The book Perfidy, written by playwright Ben Hecht in 1961, is the single most damning statement to date on the interchangeability of the British-Zionist cabal that ran Israel during its early years and the leadership of the Nazis.
In the book, Hecht presented extended excerpts from the famous 1953 Kastner trial, in which the pro- Nazi activities of Rudolf Kastner, left, head of a Hungarian branch of the so-called Jewish Agency Rescue Committee during World War II and later a spokesman for the Ministry of Trade and Industry in the new Israeli state, were brought to light in excruciating detail. In a trial that rocked Israel to its foundations, Kastner, one of the inner circle of the Zionist elite around Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion during the 1943-53 decade, was revealed to have been the main Zionist agent of the Nazi exterminators of Hungary’s Jews.

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