Drunk and Stupid, with Doomsday on the Event Horizon

Reflections in a Petri Dish — Oct 31, 2013

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May your noses always be cold and wet.
What weasels some men be. Some men be lying sacks of shit that should be set on fire and then they should be commanded to stomp themselves out and make soup out of their shoes. “No, I didn’t lie. You simply heard it differently than I said it.” Oh! That’s clear.
Enough about the porchunden amongst us. As I have been ‘permitted’ to experience an evolution, an upgrade in my behavior and state of mind, I am now given to these flashes of insight that occur periodically throughout my day. My dreams have changed and the empty state of my mind has expanded in emptiness as a result of the absence of tobacco and other things. It’s gradual, not how I usually like it (grin) but… the changed state of mind seems to allow for this.
Okay then, the point is that I was standing in the supermarket today and I migrated into one of those hyper states when it dawned on me that there were only women and men moving around in the supermarket. There was nothing else. Everything stationary that I saw around me and everything I saw when I stepped outside was a support environment for all these fragmented expressions of what,  these days, is euphemistically called humanity. All the items in the store were there because they are products of one of the floors (chakras), one of the elevator stops and each floor is lit up by the electro or magnetic force of the Kundalini, that potentially can run all the way to the top floor, when encouraged or permitted to. If it hasn’t gotten to a particular floor, the lights are not on.
These days, the greater mass of humanity operates on the bottom three floors. That is because we are in the Kali Yuga, on the outskirts (for whom it may apply) of a taste of Satya Yuga. First, all the decadence and debris has to be cleared away. The darkness must recede and that includes the darkness in the collective human heart. For those who will not permit this transformation, they will recede with that darkness and dwell in the darkness, with a lot of bass and drum accompanied by wailing and gnashing of teeth; sounds like a good environment for primal scream therapy, ♫Oh Joeko, yadda yadda♫ You might think of it as a Rave of sorts when seen from a distance; all those writhing forms, grooving under the light of the perpetually spinning, twilight disco ball, at The Overlook Hotel.
This world that surrounds us is what we have collectively created. Mostly we are inspired by bad appetites and pedestrian desires and it shows. It’s not all our fault. Our fault lies in our susceptibility and willingness to be mislead, due to the promise of a carrot just out of our reach. Thankfully (grin) we do get the stick. Satan’s Little Helpers, who have their workshop at the metaphorical opposite of The North Pole, have been busy as can be, churning out excrement and awful garbage to delight the palate and the mind. I was being facetious, just in case a member of the general public walked in here by mistake; Fox and Friends is down the hall to the first stairwell and you just keep going down, until there are no more stairs. From there you can just follow the smell.
Through the ages, exceptional souls have come here and channeled symphonies from the higher planes. They have written books saturated with ageless wisdom that have echoed across the centuries. They have spoken the truth in every language, somewhere at some time …and generally been either summarily ignored, or abused by those too steeped in their sick appetites and perversions. Is it any wonder that the truly wise keep out of sight in these times? If you’re looking for them, they know it. As has been explained here a number of times, if you want to see your town councilman, that’s no big deal. If you want to talk to someone who does summer stock theater, that’s should be no problem. As the individuals become more famous or powerful, it becomes increasingly harder to meet them, though, why you would want to meet any of these people says a lot about you. When you want to meet those who are in possession of things more valuable than anything on Earth, it can be even more difficult and only persistence and determination will win out. Most people don’t want to meet these people. Most people are content to give hundreds of dollars to people like Ekhart Tolle, whose nostril placement should be a clue to something. People are more comfortable hiring former dance and massage practitioners who now call themselves ‘life coaches’.
One of the reasons for the ubiquity of Reiki practitioners is the ease with which one can get a certificate saying they are a master. I’m not saying Reiki doesn’t work. It’s like anything else, it depends on the practitioner. I went to school some years ago to one of the best schools in the world, if you go by the price of tuition. I was there for most of a year and while I was there I saw about 3 or 4 people who were going to be any good. The rest of them were either going to keep looking for something to do or migrate into what is called, “stress release management” in New York City. There’s a lot of stress in New York City so… it stands to reason there would be a constant need for “stress release management”. Now, I’m not sure if that was “release” or “relief”. It’s been awhile since I heard the term. Apparently that is how it is described in those city hookup and meet up newspapers that are all over the place and about the size of the New York times. If you ever get a chance to read one of them, you’ll see where it’s at and how late in the game it is. I was really surprised to see the things people were into. “How do you spell relief? Release? (grin)”
Winter is coming. That statement has a Game of Thrones kind of ring to it. It will certainly prove to be our “winter of discontent”, or at least one of them. The debacle of Obamacare is much more ominous, will be much more unfortunate, than it may appear at the moment. If you factor in the suicidal decision to cut food stamp benefits and the other assorted offenses against humanity, by the fiends of the moment, we are looking at a perfect storm.
Cutting Food Stamp benefits, while many large corporations pay no taxes and enormous sums are wasted on The NSA, Homeland Insecurity and other Police State industries AND with the prominence of the 1% and their obscene profits at the expense of everyone else, the gratuitous wars for Israel and all of the other outrageous and ridiculous chicanery by the court jesters in the king’s seat, even Ken and Barbie should be able to catch a clue at this juncture. that is if Ken can get over staring at himself in the mirror, with his Freddie Mercury mustache and the motorcycle hat. We expect Barbie to be staring at herself though there is a point where one becomes so ephemeral that they no longer cast a reflection, so the concierge at the Overlook Hotel has to insert one.
Under no circumstances would the airheads of the hour be in power were it not for the awesome stupidity of the general mass but Mr. Apocalypse is banging on his drum and Vox Populi is coming through the speakers. Day by day the volume and the number or participants is going to go up. So will the hypocrisy. Here’s a vampire sucking machine, red to the armpits with making blood wine from  the blasted bodies of these very soldiers, either too dumb or too desperate to get out of it. The public needs to make the connection between the majority of their afflictions and THE BANKS, especially THE CENTRAL BANKS. The banks are behind the cutbacks on all social programs. They are behind the police state. They are behind the wars BECAUSE they chose what and who they finance. One can get a powerfully lyrical experience of THE BANK by reading John Steinbeck’s “Grapes of Wrath”.
If they don’t like what you do, the money will dry up or never arrive. If they want something to happen or they want something done, they provide the money. Their most ideal setup is when they get to print the money. Use your imagination as to what that means. They’ve been shooting American presidents for some time in order to hold on to this power. They’ve been creating World Wars behind the possession of this power and to protect their interests in places where a populist leader comes into power and does away with their setup. The ones who own the Central Banks also own The Media and many other industries because they are critical to the mind control of the population. Irrefutable evidence of this can be seen in all of it’s embarrassing agony (for those of us watching) here. It could be that there is no cure for Stupid. The most combustive of the possibilities is ‘drunk and stupid’.
I’ve watched a lot of movies and series recently, while working on other things (like this) and it appears that the actors are drunk throughout. Hardly a scene goes by where they’re not pouring down the shots or something. They’re really pushing the doomsday lifestyle as Doomsday comes up in the Event Horizon. They’re pushing doomsday too, for you, unless you are one of the drones they intend to keep around as fluffers, felchers or something really unpleasant. Lampposts are not just for illumination anymore; come to think of it, variable use of lampposts would imply some amount of illumination, as in things dawning upon the collective consciousness. The bankers are not going to just go away. They are not going to be willing to accommodate. The 1% are not going to be inclined to support wealth redistribution. The politicians are not inclined to want to surrender power. It is their obsession with them that got them where they are. It is the 1%’s obsession with wealth that got them wealthy.
This is one of the problems we have, that any detached (and halfway intelligent) layman has, in understanding why some people are the way they are. We’re not like them and if we are lucky or careful, will never be like them. Ergo, it is hard to understand why they are the way they are. If you’re not greedy, it can be hard to comprehend what it is like to be completely possessed by greed. If you’re not possessed of any number of dark attributes, you can’t know what it’s like to be under that particular spell. If your criminal nature is your dominant nature then it stands to reason you should have a place to flee to when you get caught out.
It is amazing, beyond words really, how corrupt the system and those who serve it have become. You pretty much have to laugh as you read that. Every time you think you have a ballpark assessment of where things are at, you read something like that and you realize they’re way past any latitude you might have given them.
Way past.
End Transmission…….
There is a concerted effort at work at the moment between former commentators and new entities. Some of them are government affiliated and some from other sectors. They are coordinating so you will probably be hearing about me at other sites as they attempt to marginalize, deconstruct and generally mess around with the public’s perception of me. Someone wrote to tell me something is going on at some site.. anagirifan or something like that. Some are really pissed that I won’t spin the desired line that The Vatican is behind things and well… do the math as far as the rest of it goes. I haven’t been to these sites, I’m only hearing about it, just as I didn’t read Steve’s blog posting or the comments. Anyway… this is to tell you that disinfo is about to ramp up concerning me so… enjoy.