Halloween or living among the lemmings

Rebel of Oz — Rebel News Oct 30, 2013

Halloween is coming soon, one of those times, where people who are living with their eyes wide open are wondering how to deal with the concerted effort of our media and education system to cutify death, witches and devils. Especially those of us with young children need to decide what to do about the Halloween activities of our off-spring’s schools. Given the days and weeks of preparation going into the event, not allowing the children to go to school on Halloween day is simply not enough. The damage is already done.

What’s the problem with Halloween anyhow?

Halloween of course is part of a massive effort by our ruling crime families to make magic, witchcraft and devil worship seem harmless entertainment. Year after year, they produce and hype up books, movies and TV series that make our children believe that witches and devils are ‘cool’ and ‘fun’. They make them engage in fantasies about how wonderful their lifes would be if they had special ‘powers’. And of course there is a solution for their longing. Once they are adults they can become ‘wiccas’ or join a devil worshiping Masonic lodge.

The fun argument

Most people find it hard to believe that there is a concerted effort to brainwash children into engaging in witchcraft and devil worship later on in life. But why else would the media hype up Halloween? Just to help the candy industry? Because they think it’s a good preparation for ‘real life’ for kids to go from door to door like mini mobsters and coerce people into paying them off in candies. You call that fun? Why not add ‘party drugs’ and teenage sex to the ‘fun package’? What’s more harmful to our children? Smoking marihuana or engaging in wishful fantasies about being a witch and how it would help them getting what they want?

Harry Potter

The Harry Potter series of books is another good example for how the media are systematically hyping up anything to do with witchcraft. They are not only boring but so violent and scary that they are unsuitable for children. The media hype surrounding Harry Potter is completely out of proportion. The real reason why the books and films are so heavily promoted is because they make our children want to become witches.

Rebranding Satan

As if promoting witchcraft wasn’t bad enough, our media are also engaging into a systematic whitewash of Satan. The latest example is the TV series Reapers. The devil in that show is portrayed as a bit naughty but all in all funny and likable, even more than Jack Nicholson as the devil in the movie ‘Witches of Eastwick’. There are hundreds of other movies and TV shows that go down the same path.

Epic battle

Which leads to the obvious question why our media are engaging in the promotion of witchcraft and rebranding of Satan. It’s not just a matter of traditional Talmudian hatred for anything to do with Christianity that motivates our Jewish dominated media. Unbeknown to most people we are witnessing an epic battle between good and evil. We are ruled by people that are heavily engaged in Satanism and black magic. The membership list of Yale’s Satanic death cult Skull and Bones is proof of that, and so are thousands of buildings, monuments and statues all over the world ripe with occult symbolism. Every Freemason lodge is a temple dedicated to the worship of Satan, a fact most freemasons only realize after being promoted to the highest ranks of their secret societies.
The people ultimately responsible for the promotion of witchcraft, black magic and Satanism do so in a conscious effort to do evil and bring about the rule of Satan. This explains why they have no qualms about bringing death and destructions on hundred of thousands, sometimes even millions of innocent people. The firebombing of Dresden or the atomic bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima at a time when the wars were already won are classic examples. The systematic poisoning of both Iraqi civilians and US troops with depleted uranium coated ammunition are more recent cases of such seemingly senseless evilness.

Our options

When recognizing what is really happening we obviously have to consider carefully what our options are. Most people choose the ostrich method of trying to ignore or hoping that someone else will save us. That’s of course very naïve at best. What if everybody chooses the same approach? This epic struggle needs every hand on deck.
And then there is the ‘North Korean’ response of pretending everything is fine. Anybody who’s watched the secretly filmed documentary on life in the Stalinist dictatorship will understand what I mean. Whenever anybody mentioned anything about the appalling conditions in the country, everybody started to hail ‘our great leader’.
We could also make the system work for us. By playing the game of consciously promoting the agenda of our ruling crime families, we are very likely to be very ‘successful’ or at least make a lot of money. I call that the pimp and prostitute option.
As inconvenient it is, I see no alternative to open resistance. Evil has progressed so much, that we have no choice but confront it wherever we encounter it. Unless of course we want to be one of the lemmings.
Tell your child’s principal that you don’t want your child to become a wicca or devil worshipper and therefore don’t want it to be made believe that witches and devils are fun. Don’t mention the media, Skull and Bones or Satanic Freemasons because there is only so much information he will be able to handle in one go. Most people are so brainwashed by the system that whenever you talk conspiracy they think you are nuts. You are not going to win this war by being right but by being effective.

This article was first published on the Rebel News on 25 October 2008.