Rixon Stewart — Oct 28, 2013

My thanks to Les Visible who inadvertently drew my attention to this with some astrological advice he was given. The forewarning was for Les Visible personally but it applies more widely because a combination of powerful stellar influences will be soon felt by everyone, in one way or another.
I’m not an astrologer and what follows is largely based on gut feeling. The astrological pointers merely provide an indication of timing while common sense and logic suggest what may actually unfold. This may take the form of another false flag or it may manifest in a sudden flare-up between Israel and Iran; whatever occurs though the course of history could be about to change.
For years Israel has been trying to persuade the U.S. to deal with Iran militarily but thus far hasn’t succeeded. That is not for want of trying, as witness Israel’s repeated claims that Iran was close to developing a nuclear weapon.
Just as allegations were once made about Iraq and its purported Weapons of Mass Destruction, Iran has been portrayed as a similar threat by the Zionist owned corporate media.
No matter that absolutely no hard evidence has emerged to substantiate these claims. The Zionists seem to believe the old line that if you repeat a lie often enough some will eventually believe it. Consequently, we’ve been told repeatedly about the threat posed by a nuclear armed Iran.
Trouble is, efforts to persuade the public of the reality of this threat haven’t entirely convinced them. The debacle over Iraq seems to have instilled a healthy public scepticism, particularly when it comes to claims about Weapons of Mass Destruction.
Unfortunately that scepticism isn’t shared by Western political leaders, who have instigated a covert campaign to topple Syria’s President Assad, Tehran’s closest regional ally. They’ve been assisted in this by their allies in the gulf emirates, Saudi Arabia in particular.
In essence the plan was to exploit dissent in Syria, fuel internal conflict and then import Salafist fighters to inflame civil war and bring about regime change.
It hasn’t worked. President Assad remains in power; the tide is turning against the “Syrian rebels” — many of whom are outsiders sponsored and armed by the wealthy gulf states — and their defeat, or at least the agreement of some factions to cease hostilities is now a distinct possibility.
Worse still for the Zionists, Iran has been making headway in the diplomatic arena. Ahmadinejad’s ‘diplomacy’, which was essentially confrontational defiance and which played right into their hands, has been replaced by Rouhani’s more thoughtful approach.
This is a Zionist PR nightmare because in contrast to Rouhani’s more measured approach, they begin to look like the dangerous fanatics they really are.
To compound matters, Iranian and Western diplomats emerged from recent talks over the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program with an air of guarded optimism. Almost as if genuine rapprochement were in sight.
Worse still for Netanyahu and his allies, Iran has been steadily building up its own military technology. This is what really worries them. Not a nuclear armed Iran — which in the eyes of the Ayotollah Khamenei would be contrary to Islamic teaching — but a determined opponent with advanced defence capabilities.
With its own locally developed defence industry Iran could well obstruct Israel’s ambitions for regional hegemony. This is why Israel wants regime change in Tehran. Not because Iran is developing nuclear weapons, that’s simply the pretext. The real reason is that a well armed and technically proficient Iran would be an obstacle for Zionist plans for regional expansion.
To make matters worse Iran is on the way to fitting the final piece of its armour. Although Iran has all the other components of its air defences developed and deployed it still lacks a long-range air defence system. As yet it doesn’t have anything like Russia’s S-300, that could neutralise America’s current weapon of choice: the Tomahawk cruise missile.
Iran’s locally developed answer to that, the Bavar 373 is still under development and may not be ready for another year yet. In the meantime, negotiations are underway to restart the stalled sale of Russia’s S-300, replacing it with either updated versions of the S-300 or a comparable system. That could take another few months but one way or another time is running out and Israel knows it.
So what are the Zionist state’s options?

Israel’s Options

It could launch a unilateral strike on Iran in the hope that the U.S. will step in when Iran retaliates. However, that risks alienating U.S. public opinion with an unprovoked attack. That in turn might delay America’s military response as the White House struggles to overcome potentially widespread public opposition to yet another U.S. military intervention.
While all the time Iranian missiles would be raining down in retaliatory counter-strikes on Israel.
Alternatively Israel could launch a false flag attack on itself and use that as a pretext to launch full-on strikes against Iran. However that too would also be fraught with risk.
Iran has spent the past two decades developing its own indigenous weapons. It may still lack a long-range air defence system but despite that the Islamic Republic looks increasingly formidable. So without the assurance of swift and substantial U.S. intervention, Israel would be taking a huge risk taking on an opponent of largely unknown but still potentially dangerous ability.
Finally there’s the third option and given Israel’s track record it’s also the most likely: the false flag launched against an unsuspecting ally. It happened when the Israel attacked the USS Liberty in 1967 and since then we’ve seen a string of false flags bearing the hallmarks of Israeli involvement.
Like 9/11 and 7/7, each has been pulled off with the help of the Zionist owned or controlled corporate media; in addition to help provided by bought and paid for politicians like John McCain. So if there is indeed another false flag the corporate media could be expected to pin the blame on Iran, just as they did with bin Laden in the aftermath of 9/11.
After all, if it worked then so why not?


Then there’s the target, if the false flag option is decided upon. Without even hazarding a guess on specifics the target would almost certainly have to be located in America. The U.S. is still the most powerful military on the planet and ordinary Americans would have to feel threatened, almost personally, in order to support another large-scale U.S. military intervention .
For that to happen America would have to be targeted. Not Britain, or France or a distant U.S. ally but somewhere closer to home — to silence opposition and literally scare Americans into supporting yet more military endeavours. Somewhere in mainland U.S.A. a horrific attack would have to occur to galvanise war-weary Americans into striking back at the perceived perpetrators.
However, compounding matters is the fact that increasing numbers are waking up to the duplicity of the corporate media and the fundamental dishonesty of Western politicians. An awakening is underway and while they are still relatively few, a growing number are increasingly receptive to what the mainstream media derisively refers to as ‘conspiracy theories’.
At some point soon a critical mass will be reached and if a false flag does take place many will see it for what it is. Meaning that there maybe no more than six months before a substantial number of people start to recognise a false flag almost as it happens.
Alternatively, Israel could just launch a full on strike on Iran. That too cannot be dismissed, as Iran’s advances on the diplomatic front have increased the pressure on the Zionist state’s leaders. To the point where they are becoming desperate and Zionist arrogance mixed with desperation is a dangerous combination.
This has ramifications beyond Zionist ambitions however. For the elite as a whole and not just the Zionists among them, it means that they will no longer be able to rely on the old false flag routine. So this may be their last roll of that particular dice and that being the case it will have to be big and maybe even involve nuclear weapons. If, and that’s still a very big if, they do decide on another false flag.
It is significant however, that Senator Lindsay Graham has already set the scene for a potential false flag to be blamed on Iran. A shameless Zionist stooge, Graham warned only a few weeks ago:

“I believe that if we get Syria wrong, within six months – and you can quote me on this – there will be a war between Iran and Israel over their nuclear program,” Graham said, according to U.S. News and World Report.
“It won’t come to America on top of a missile, it’ll come in the belly of a ship in the Charleston or New York harbor,” he said.
That particular opportunity for a false flag may have passed but we’re not yet out of the woods. Iran still hasn’t signed a deal for the S-300 or similar system. Nor is it likely to have a deal agreed and a weapons system delivered and deployed for at least another six months. During which time the possibility of a false flag followed by military strikes on Iran remains strong.
A mentor once remarked that “there is no such thing as coincidence”. So perhaps it’s no coincidence that this window of opportunity for Israel corresponds exactly with a time-frame suggested by two different astrologers for a war between Iran and the West.
We can confidently dismiss one of those astrologers, Larry Schwimmer’s prediction that there will be a “revolution” in Iran; Western covert operations have already tried to instigate one following the 2009 Iranian elections, and that failed.
However, Schwimmer goes on to say that the upheaval he foresees will lead to war between Iran and the West and he is echoed in this by Russian astrologer Pavel Globa. Both foresee the period from December 2013 through to August 2014 as being critical with astrological forces being especially powerful in March 2014.
Indeed Pavel Globa forecasts World War III will break out during this time and given the probability of Russian and Chinese involvement if war erupts with Iran that’s a very real possibility.
Starting this week some very powerful astrological alignments will come into play. I’m not an astrologer and so I won’t make any predictions but it would be foolish to ignore their influence. These alignments aren’t going to make things happen but they will establish the tone in the astral realm, from whence their influence will resonate in men’s subconscious minds.
Unfortunately, this particular combination of stellar influences is very conducive to violence and sets the stage for the exercise of overwhelming force and brutality. In the words of one astrologer, these astral influences reverberate with “sudden, calamitous upheavals” of great consequence, and “unexpected, violent assaults”.
Of course nothing may happen but one way or another, we’ll know soon enough.

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