Dark Autumn

John Kaminski — via The Rebel.org Oct 27, 2013

What do you tell your children to hope for?

Dark autumn. Fear, wrapped in lies, surrounded by indifference and deceit. From every angle.
They’re going to TEST the electric grid? Right! Just like they tested aspartame, DDT, and Prozac on us. Repeat it to yourself, over and over. It’s only a DRILL.
Just another drill from the same people who brought us the news blackout on Fukushima, which now is turning the world into a radioactive graveyard; the same people who created the NDAA, which allows the president to kill anyone he wants for reasons he never has to explain; who legalized genetically modified foods, which required the disappearance of the evidence proving GMOs poison both the land and your digestive tract; the same people who brought that team of FEMA experts to New York City the night before 9/11, for reasons they will never publicly explain.
An endless chorus of tests and drills simulating terrorist attacks, brought to you by the same people who staged the fatal attractions at Aurora, Sandy Hook and dozens of other places too numerous to name, who put people in jail for challenging the official accounts, and wherever they can, demolish crime scenes to avoid triggering bad memories for the relatives of the alleged victims. Um-hmm. Sounds like another Holocaust hoax to me. How about you?
Boston Strong!? For God’s sake. People relishing their servitude, creating a new Holocaust denomination out of a drill (there’s that word again) staged by the government.
Yes, this drill to SIMULATE a terrorist attack on the power grid, brought to you by the same people who not only created the terrorists they’re supposedly protecting you from, but who have also bought millions upon millions of hollow point bullets, furnished armored vehicles to local police departments, and who now tell the soldiers whom they’ve sent to “defend their country” in all those phony wars that they are too psychologically damaged to own their own guns.
This is the new reward for patriotism: being deprived of the right to defend yourself, which is something we are all facing now, from the anti-bullying campaigns in schools to the cops who come to your door with a shotgun blast to the face at the wrong house.
This is only a test. This is only your life.

How much can you handle?

People often ask me: How can you deal with all this stuff, all these lies — all these wall-to-wall atrocities and deceptions accompanied by supercilious shills spitting out disingenuous explanations — year after year, story after story. How can you not be affected by them, they ask, not be totally depressed about this manic human race toward deliberately induced oblivion?
Typically, I shrug and turn away from such questions, mumble something about my Teflon brain, and change the subject. Some things you don’t want to think about too long, like when certain people are already dead, you know the reason why, and there’s nothing you can do about it.
Nobody wants to know who these unfortunate people were, because it reminds them how close they are to being just like them — dead for no good reason. It’s more than they can comprehend.
But these images remain in the subconscious, and shape the way we live. The corpses are charred, the spin is in place, and nobody wants to hear a few terse words explaining why. Luck, as Mark Twain said, is when the arrow strikes the man next to you. Has humanity’s luck run out?
Most people don’t really want to know; they just want a reason not to hear the story, or to dismiss its relevance to their own lives so they can move on to more pleasant subjects. It’s called avoidance, and it is why the world we live in is the way it is. That is to say, deteriorating at breakneck speed.
Ordinary, law-abiding citizens are responsible for the death of America, because they turned their backs on the lies they were being told. The money they received to buy trinkets were the wages of trauma paid by faraway people they never knew.
Very seldom does a story ever stop me in my tracks. I mean, they all penetrate to my heart, but like an EMT dealing with a bleeding patient, I process the details with sober dispatch, discern the truth of it as best I can, and continue to compile data. It is the only way to find an answer to these reckless riddles.
These questions with no answers, these impending catastrophes that cannot be stopped — horror is horror, nothing more, but nothing less.
Whether it’s methane seeping up from the Arctic Ocean floor asphyxiating everything in its path and threatening to ignite the atmosphere, or people in urban areas assaulted by criminals and cops simultaneously . . . as they scream for help that never comes, they never think about the nanoparticles in the air that assure everyone ingests their RFID chip. It’s getting so these atrocities and catastrophes are too numerous to count and too overwhelming to not merely confront, but even contemplate.

The cost of obeying lies

And that’s what they want. A total breakdown in everyone’s thought process, so the only response left to make will be to obey.
But one story did stop me recently, made my take off my glasses and put my head in my hands — the story of the Pacific Ocean being totally dead, whitewashed rocks on the shores of California, devoid of all animal life, the eerie chill of a silent sky.
It was this story of the haunted ocean that made me realize that no matter what I wrote, nor what anybody did, that unmistakable feeling of having nowhere to turn and no one to ask for help was a process that at this late date could not be stopped.
Two sailors sailed from Australia to San Francisco via Japan. Over the entire distance, the ocean was silent, no birds, no fish, plastic containers and unimaginable debris everywhere, and so full of trash that they couldn’t sail at night for fear of striking something dangerous and sinking. Off the coast of Japan, the color of their boat’s hull changed inexplicably.
Read this and weep, literally. It is your immediate future, utterly trashed and totally silent, that you will be reading about.
Dark autumn on a haunted ocean. You feel the creeping chill on the back of your neck. No way to enumerate all the threats. No way to view the future without fear. As the weather turns cold, you wonder why you can’t stop sweating. You already know you will not get an honest answer from the people in charge. You have failed to realize that you never did.

Teaching us not to trust anyone

Among the millions of lies we have let pass by because we didn’t think they pertained to us is the sordid story of World War II. They tell us now those were happy days, sailors kissing nurses amid festive tickertape parades, followed by a few decades of unparalleled opulence and optimism across the victorious United States. A car in every garage, a ham in every refrigerator.
Get it through your sick, polluted skulls that it was all a lie, a fairy tale. The United States, run by kosher demons who are taught from childhood that no price is too high to pay to rip someone off, has engineered all the wars of the 20th century, and is responsible for all those deaths. No, not the United States you know of, but the United States run by Jews from behind the scenes, from behind their media facade, pulling the puppet strings of mass death, a practice that has now come home to roost.
I tripped over a sterling example of this paradigm in a story of the relationship of Poles and Jews prior to and during World War II. It is a story that could be told about many other countries, as it is always the same process. Jewish refugees cross the border and beg for sympathy. But when they get the upper hand, as they always do, mass death always follows.
In Poland, the Jews demanded to have autonomous regions, which the Poles refused. Then Jews took over most Polish businesses and all of their government, right before World War II. Jews made deals with those other countries to get rid of the Poles, because Jews can do business with any government. And during the war, Poles saved many Jews from the Germans and Russians, but the Jews saved no Poles from either.
Piotr Bein’s description of the relationship of Poles and Jews prior and during World War II, when the Poles often helped the Jews escape German persecution but the Jews never helped the Poles, who were equally if not moreso persecuted by both the Germans and the Russians, both of whom had made deals with Poles to protect them. And then promptly acted as if they had never made such deals (sort of like the way Americans treated the natives). Note that Russia then, more precisely the Soviet Union, was an entirely Jewish operation, a Jewish police state, just like we have now in the United States, where everything is a lie and the truth is an inconvenience that doesn’t fit into budget plans.
If you don’t trust anyone else, then you can’t trust yourself, and if you can’t trust yourself, you’re a dead duck, or soon to be one. It’s a lesson that most of the countries in the world, but especially Poland, and now America, have never learned.
And why is it with astounding increases in information the average person today seems to know less and less about what’s really going on?

The phony foundation of Western thought

Two bogus philosophies form the foundation of America’s increasingly bizarre and destructive behavior.
The first is the Doctrine of Discovery, which was a declaration that the Roman church owned everything, and the claim could not be appealed. Our entire legal system is based upon this lie.
The second is the strategy of creative tension, widely used by businesses today, that guarantees the flow of new ideas but also assures that structures that work, such as a Republican form of government, will not survive in its workable form, as new ideas overwhelm the original idea and lead to the manipulable anarchy called democracy.
The a priori claims of the Doctrine of Discovery — the people who use it are rulers who claim their right to rule dates from ancient times and overrules all other laws — are the basis of why nobody in America owns their own land. It belongs to the government, which rents it out to tenants, us, through the procedures of the banks and the treasuries. The first principle of the slave state.
The strategy of creative tension is used by governments to create crises by which the people it governs are forced to pay for solutions the government chooses to impose.
The combination of these forces leads to corrupt anarchy, amid which the government is ultimately controlled by business interests. But nobody sees these things. Vision and inspiration continue to diminish in the creeping darkness.
Ordinary people mostly experience the deterioration of utilities and public services, as evidenced by the deliberate malfunctioning of Obamacare software, inability to reach public utilities and corporate giants, resulting in despondency, despair and suicide, thereby (poof) another avenue of population reduction.
Grandiose simplifications sway millions to charge in one direction or another over issues that are important, but not crucial to saving your own life. This is the way it is now, in the not-so-slow strangulation of humanity.
All these phonies falsely pretending to be on our side, but really working for some alphabet agency covering up what’s really going on, keeping us searching in the wrong direction, wasting our time on trivialities without focusing on the central problem, the predatory nature of our manipulative keepers.
It’s an illusion to think you can escape the monster. A delusion, really. Where are you going to run to, honey, when the enemy of us all is already there. The Internet, your credit card, some even say what you inhale in the chemtrails, already light you up like a Christmas tree on the surveillance scopes, no matter where you try to hide.
No matter where you run, its tentacles are already there. Escape to Patagonia. Too late, it’s already overrun with Israeli Defense Forces. How about Paraguay? Maybe next door to the Bush family farm, which is next door to the new U.S. military base that looks like the neocon fall back position when the Northern Hemisphere is ticking, smoldering, and devoid of living things.

How it really is

At last, the rules for World War III are coming into focus.
First rule to know is that the U.S. government is making war upon the American people. Of course, it’s not the real U.S. government.
Slowly, stealthily, assiduously, over a period of a hundred years, the American government has been replaced by a government of the bankers. Or, possibly this was always the case.
People don’t want to hear it, but it’s the focus on money that has caused all this. Money is the new god. People don’t want to hear anything else, least of all that this practice is the reason why our species — all species — are going extinct, how people who never stop to realize the things that make our lives real are all rubbed out by this single-minded, pathologically passionate pursuit of money, by which we have decided that it’s OK to screw your best friend or the ones you love in order to get fabulously wealthy. That’s the new religion, and it’s a deathtrap, the deathtrap of us all.

What do you tell your children?

What are you going to tell your children about all this? I remember the oft-repeated canard when I was a child that anyone could grow up to become president. You don’t hear that much anymore, now that everyone realizes you have to be groomed by perverted old men, maybe frolic in a gay bath house with the mayor of Chicago, and be pre-selected to do exactly what you are told to do to serve the purposes of that small group of arch-bandits intent on turning the world into their own twisted brand of poison gulag.
The test of the electric grid begins the Age of Darkness, when a bogus test of false security begins the great incineration of everything you thought was true and everything you once held dear, both now only mawkish memories of a world that used to be and is no longer.
We have been robbed of our future, but not only that. We have been robbed of our hope, and we face only a long gray period of hopelessness. Well, not that long, for events are coalescing like the poison brew that is now the Pacific Ocean, and the grimness cannot be overstated.
Worst of all, we know who is doing this to us, to everyone, had we only but the courage to say it out loud.
When the time comes to say it, when everybody faces the fact that it’s time to say the truth, it will be too late, because it already is too late.
We must put Dick Cheney and all the other pathological pigs in jail. We must eliminate them from the equation, or they will eliminate us.
If you say to yourself, we don’t know how to do that, because the cops and courts are corrupt, and the FEMA pigs have all the guns, then we say to ourselves, we don’t know how to survive, and we won’t.
Jewish fingerprints are what we need to erase. They are all over the coffins of humanity, rapidly turning the world to ash, like the silent ocean devoid of fish and birds.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.






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John Kaminski is a writer who lives in the Gulf Coast of Florida (pelicans are back, eating merrily) whose essays are seen on hundreds of websites around the world.

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