Shame on you Leo Zagami!

Mulla Dopiaza a famous character of King Akber’s court once committed a mistake. The king announced that he should be punished either having a hundred strikes of a shoe on the back or eat a hundred onions. Mulla Dopiaza agreed on eating onions. When he ate just one onion he said no, getting a shoe hit is better. When struck with a shoe he said no, eating onion is easier, I’ll prefer onions. He kept on repeating the same course till he ate up a hundred onions and a hundred shoe strikes.

Leo Zagami “The Religion Hopper” jumped from Christianity to Illuminati, then Illuminati to Islam and then back to Christianity; see where he jumps next? A man who is totally uncertain of his own conviction and does not know what do to at what time and where, says his wife a follower of Prophet Muhammad PBUH was a Belly dancer and he had a movie clip of her performance in his PC that was confiscated by the police. Like a third grade student he kept this secret as long as he was happy with her and as soon as she betrayed him, something that he had been ignoring as her past and forgivable, became a source of taunt not only to her but to all the followers Muhammad.

As a matter of fact he married a whore having an Islamic name. A Belly dancer in the Arab world is never known merely as an artist but a prostitute who knows the best to entice and sexually attract for the job. As an artist I don’t see any thing named art in Belly dance, it is solely a constant butt shaking movement to arouse the lust of the onlookers. He entered not Islam but the butt of a whore and when she did what a whore is supposed to do, he flung out from their abusing the whole Islamic community and their revered Prophet. The whole episode has nothing to do with Islam and the teachings of Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

The evidence of Islam being the biggest Anti-Freemasonry, Anti-Antichrist and Anti-Satanism is that the Muslims are the biggest victims of Satanic rulers of the NWO. Now if the Muslims are Freemasons, why they are being tortured and killed in millions by the very occultists?
Leo has abandoned following Quran, that’s great, if a person follows a Holy Book just to make his girl friend happy, I think it’s the lowest degree of conviction that is based on sexually enslaving ones self to a whore whose profession is betraying. Leo has called his ex-wife a belly dancer is a descendant of Prophet Mohammed. Leo should first be ashamed of such blasphemous remarks, in fact he is so ignorant that he does not know whose descendant Prophet Muhammad is? For his information Prophet Muhammad is the descendant of Ishmael son of Ibrahim PBUH.

If she was a Belly dancer and Leo has called her a follower of Islam, can Leo tell us where Belly dance is decreed in Quran, Hadith and Sharea (the Islamic laws)?

Henry Makow seems to be very sympathetic with Leo. A part of the reason behind this sympathy is that most of the times friendships take place for the commonality of problems between the two persons. Henry Makow himself being a former feminist who fell victim to the same species that he adored, Leo has the same case, he saw Islam into a lust provoker women and fell victim to the same at the end. Henry’s wife was a feminist, Leo’s wife was a so called Muslim. Henry hits back feminism and Leo hits back Islam.

Leo Zagami didn’t know he is entering the religion of Ibrahim PBUH, a prophet who was tested hard and was successful. Entering Islam is not to lie on bed of roses; it is an agreement of readiness to face hardships that one must have never come across. Quran does asks to respect everyone but it never asks to respect a hypocrite. Looking for Islam in individuals like Fatma Suslu may disappoint one.

He says his wife forced him to follow a more fundamentalist Islam and also forced him to abandon working against NWO. Both the things are contrary to each other. He says, “Fatma had also an important meeting with a Norwegian politician last month regarding the possibility of running a Cultural Center (obviously in the hands of the Norwegian Freemasons)”. OK but this he claims without a single evidence?

Leo’s conversions are more psychological rather than convictional. He is in fact on the run from a certain insecurity and within that run he does not want to lose his heroism. It is merely a matter of personal choices that went wrong, so much so that he lost contact to his son. Now as revenge he is hitting back Islam rather than his wrong decisions. It is a nice escape but where he will stand when the Christians and the Muslims will be united against the Jews as predicted by Prophet Muhammad PBUH?

What Leo has faced is very sad but not unexpected; he should have thought that even before his conversion to Islam. According the Anjem Chowdry of Al-Muhajiroon, “There is not a single country on this globe where the respect and life of a Muslim is safe. Leo Zagami`s bad luck is that he fell prey to a bunch of hypocrites that can be found in every religion. Any way, more conversions from Leo are awaited, hope he would keep informing us.