Sooner or Later, Out of the Hearts of Humanity

Reflections in a Petri Dish — Oct 26, 2013

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May your noses always be cold and wet.
What the fat cats want, the fat cats get. What I don’t get is how they imagine they will be able to continue to fleece the public when there’s nothing left to take. As usual, we find, once again, not The Jesuits, not Opus Dei and not any of the cloven hoofed popes, engaged in aggressive monkey business. We find, the usual suspects. Of course there are some things the former are engaged in. How’s that celibacy thing working out? Anyway, the guys wearing the Big Satan Pants, consistently lower the bar below that of any other group active at human distress.
Israel and the demons they worship are getting very antsy. It’s like certain serial killers and the full moon. If they haven’t killed and dismembered someone for more than a certain period of time, the compulsion becomes very intense. This is why Israel is sodomizing members of the American Senate, in order to convince them to pass legislation legalizing an attack on Iran. In those cases where they have not been successful in the strong-arm rape of congressional representatives, they have the videos of them doing it to underage children set up in a honey pot sting. Of course they also use people of legal age when any simple scandal will destroy them. However! Never let it be said that this kind of behavior does not go through channels to gain even a divine imprimatur on the business. Absurdity piled on top of absurdity is the catchphrase of the day. The living, breathing, inhuman jokes, as perverse and unfunny as they are, have reached a point, even though tragi-comic where you can’t help but laugh because they are so ridiculous. It’s things like these that bring tears to my eyes. Ever since Russell Brand shoehorned the word ‘lachrymose’ into a youtube conversation with a seriously red faced, alcoholic talking head… I haven’t been able to use the word. Of course that was only a couple of days ago and the need for that word is not as great as say, ‘and’ ‘but’, ‘the’ and so on. Anyway, about the number one pimp nation being the planetary winner in the highest prostitution sweepstakes, one can readily assume that it is also number one in human trafficking, just as it is in illegal organ harvesting. Isn’t the internet wonderful? Despite the fact that it takes near one college semester to learn how to effectively use a search engine and even so… some people remain forever mystified by them, when you figure out the complexity of the act, you’re on your way. I compare it to being able to read Egyptian hieroglyphics. funny thing is, I can do one but not the other.
Anyway, it’s too funny that pretty much every dastardly and illegal thing taking place has its home office in the same little country in the Middle East. It’s flat out amazing how many things they have their snaky little fingers into. Is there any other possible conclusion to all of this information than that some kind of justice is on its way? Day by day, Mr. Apocalypse is bringing evidence of the crimes of the few to the eyes of the many. It’s all scripted. The rise of the Roman Empire was scripted just like the Fall of the Roman Empire. I used to enjoy reading Tacitus. You get such a deeper look into how things worked and how things happened. Things make a lot more sense when you possess the details. The same holds true about the truth.
Many people hear the truth, often as a direct statement,such as  ISRAEL DID 9/11 but… without the details, people, given that they are genetically programmed to be knowitalls, are suspicious of sweeping declarations, especially when those declarations force them to take positions that might harm their economic status, given that Tribe Central Bankers own the currency presses and the money supplies and can apply pressure in all kinds of ways, if you don’t get down on your knees in front of them, metaphorically and literally. When  you see things like this, it ought to wake you up, unless it is preferable to sleep in a burning bed.
There goes Visible, talking about the same thing again. They are out to get you. That’s why he’s talking about it. They run the banks and Wall Street, both of whom are stealing from you 24/7. They run your government which is doing so many things to you, getting ready to do so many things, or thinking about and planning so many things to do to you that I don’t have space here to list them. They control what you read, what you see on TV and in the movies and what music you hear through any of the usual mediums. They are poisoning your food supply, stealing your water, corrupting your police AND guarding your nuclear facilities. They’ve ruined your medical care. They are serial racketeers. It’s not Iran that should be bombed. It’s not Iran that should be boycotted. It’s not Iran that should be censured. It’s not Iran that is an aggressive predator. It’s not Iran that is attacking all of her neighbors. It’s not Iran who is setting up false flag chemical attacks. It’s not Iran who is committing genocide. It’s Israel, Israel, Israel. They ARE out to get you. Things like this are all over the place but no one objects. There’s scads of evidence. They are on record saying that they hate you, are going to destroy you and at the very least will enslave you.
If they did not have control of the financial system they could not do this.
The facts don’t lie and the reason for this repeating action is always the same thing. It’s what is happening today. Money is changing hands. It’s simple, financially back the most flexibly malleable and corrupt politician in every race, from dog catcher to the dog in the White House. Following that you can pay them to do what you want or you can threaten them, or set them up in a honey trap with underage boys or girls, depending on whether they are Republican or Democrat. Since they are corrupt and flexibly malleable, this is not hard and there are things you can put in drinks that inflame the libido and loosen the inhibitions like GHB and meth.
Once it enters into the wider gentile mind, what these monsters have in store for them, once they see the formation of the Soviet Gulag on the streets of their town, the force to do it will dissipate to nothing simply by the awareness of consciousness. My job and the job of all heralds in this time is to proclaim the coming age, expose the enemies of humanity and generally tell anyone and everyone to be optimistic despite appearances. “A change is gonna come.”
In every book of lasting impact, regardless of how convoluted or doctrinaire, it is stated that the enemy of humanity will fall. I have a personal theory about the coming of the Avatar this time. I believe this time and because of the size of the population that the Avatar will come in the hearts of Humanity, speaking in every language, that universal language of love and brotherhood. It will come in a rising rushing roar. Time will stand still as the hairs rise on the backs of every neck… for one of two reasons. As of now the worm has turned. All the whining, sniveling and patently transparent lies no longer work.
I’m waiting on that rising rushing wind of living song; Dreams of Appetite (scroll down for it).
Alright people, still hammering on that same point but that same force is hammering on us. They are the gray cloud on a sunny day. They are that sense of menace. They are the source of the rising crime index due to the financial hocus pocus. Check out the statistics! Here’s the game plan. They say that 50% of America lives in the city at the moment and they say in a few years it will be 80% They are actively working to drive people into the cities where they are easier to control. They are taking over the family farms and turning all agriculture into massive agri-business. They are taking possession of the drinking water. This effort is spearheaded by Nestles but municipalities all over the country are passing legislation to take control of the public’s water, even if it runs off your roof. Meanwhile, fracking companies have free access to all the water they desire because they paid off the politicians. Most of this is backdoor stuff. A lot of cash is changing hands. They are militarizing law enforcement. Behind all of these efforts is the enemy who is pushing for that Soviet Gulag. Look what they accomplished in Russia. This time they are going to be exposed. This time… well. we’ll see.
Let’s end on a football note, sanctimonious, holier than thou, the ever prissy and anally retentive Mike Florio; Mr. Rectitude forom the poker up the rectum zone, is running with his Savonarola meme. Few things bug me so much as high salaried, white lawyers getting all humanitarian and PC about something they have no ethnic connection to, simply to make themselves look good. I see this kind of thing every day, people jumping the fence from one side to the other from reading the power swing. Why is there only ONE Native American tribe worked up about this, at least publicly? Obama, who is as big a hypocrite and double dealing, conscious-less creep as has ever come down the pike but who is still a tad historically short of that other application of the pike, is in favor of changing the name, so following that, send in the clowns.
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