The Cowgirl from Hell on the Damnation Train

Smoking Mirrors — Oct 25, 2013

Dog Poet Transmitting…….
May your noses always sniff out the truth.
Choo Choo!!! Here comes that Damnation Train ( gotta write a song with that title to go with Armageddon Train). It’s the Hillary, Zombie Pullman and Baron Samedi is the engineer. There be coffins all up and down the cars. The demons be sleeping till it come into Washington Union Station. Little George Sorrows be banking the bitch. Big six pointed star on the front engine (6 engines in all). The biggest frustration for the Israelis who, own the train, is that you can’t reverse a six pointed star but The Devil don’t mind. He knows that “by their works ye shall know them,” He also knows that “by their works he shall own them.” (‘and the headbangers go’, ♫down, down, we’re going down… to the bottom♫
The Battle of the Morannon continues to come to mind repeatedly. There are our heroes, their backs to each other, surrounded by an overwhelming number of Orcs, fell men, trolls, AshkeNAZI storm troopers; legions and legions of the damned, were closing in on our heroes when The Ring went into Mount Doom. Suddenly the lidless eye swiveled to see what was taking place right within his own kingdom and the mental control that The Dark Lord had upon his servants was suspended. Confusion descended on the ranks and they ran off in all directions, very much like those who, in the final days, will run looking for the very stones of the Earth to cover them, crying out for the mountains to fall on them and hide them from that fearsome light. Many of them are riding on that Damnation Train (can I get the witless!) with Hillary. Doesn’t she look hot in her Tommy Hilfiger hat with the red foam horns on the top? Did you know if you play Tommy Hilfigger backwards he turns into Julian Assange, who starts quoting from the CIA, black bag manual, while having a threesome with Noam Chomsky and Miley Cyrus on Fox and Friends? The soundtrack is done by Elton John singing, ♫Dildo in the Wind♫
Flames and black smoke are coming out of the blowhole of the lead engine. It’s coming out of all the engines. In the country behind its passage it’s like an opaque mist for miles. It looks like the final scenes in Steven King’s “The Mist”. You can see monstrous Super PAC creatures moving in and out of view. The air is filled with screams and the sounds of crunching bones and exploding IUD’s provided by Planned Parenthood; a division of Rockefeller Eugenics Industries; carpet bagging Lizard Boy from West Virginia is not amused.
Riding along on the Damnation Train are Mike Florio and Bob Costas, two very white boys. They’ve jumped on the PC train, raising self righteousness to previously unseen heights. The stink matches the stink from the Damnation Train. It’s stereo stink! These two white boys are excoriating all the other white people for not flagellating themselves with knotted ropes over the name of The Washington Redskins. Ah well, it’s all about the money isn’t it? It’s always ‘follow the money” and Cui Bono. I smell lawyers which also matches the stink of the other two trains, Choo Choo!!! I’m thinking they should change the name to the Washington Palefaces, however, since it is Washington D.C. how about The Washington Weasels? The Washington Bottom Feeders? The Washington Metrosexuals? I know, yes! The Washington Child Molesters or… well, the list could be endless.
Hillary, the Goddess of Coy and a bondage freak goy, isn’t sure she wants to run. “Please! Stop me before I run again! The Damnation Train is years early because you got to get up early in the morning in order to fool all of the people all of the time. This means you have to get up before midnight, which means it’s impossible.
On the other side of the aisle ( understand, they’re all on the same side of the aisle, so you need MC Escher to get the real picture.) we have The Michelin Tire Republican, Chris Christie, Mr. Phony conservatives, Israeli stooges, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum= Rand Paul and Ted Cruz AND… in case there is a need to siphon away money from those people for whom Nancy perpetually holds the football, they can bring out The Stalking Horse himself, Ron Paul. He’ll run and run and run and then he does a Houdini with the money. I hear rumblings from the banks of the Denial River. Well, Excuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuse Me!
Choo Choo!!! ♫I hear that train a coming. It’s coming round the bend and I ain’t seen Vincent Foster since I don’t know when, cause I’m stuck in Liar City and lies keep rolling on. I hear that Damnation Train and now the truth is gone” Actually it committed suicide; seppuku by Sushi knife. Yes, the pants suit Nazi is revving up the old goosestep. She’s getting ready to goose the public. She’s got a trail of bodies behind her. She’s got a trail of bodies ahead of her. Is that possible? If it’s Hillarious Clinton, anything is possible as long as it’s not for the common good. Hillarious is known as a Central Banker Fluffer and she likes her work. Bill’s looking for a wet humidor, which is sort of a contradiction in terms but he’s sure that if Hillary can get into The Oval Orifice, he’s going to be seeing trains all the time, like interns pulling trains. Close your eyes and you can imagine it. If you saw The Human Centipede (which I did not because I shut it off as soon as I saw where it was going) you’ll have an idea about the kind of train pull that Wild Bill Clinton is contemplating, once the White House transcends into a glossolalia, speaking in tongue, Vagina Monologues, once Hillary starts channeling her inner Margaret Thatcher, colloquially known as The Iron Twat. Of course there is a chance she might start channeling her inner Madeleine Albright and half a million children will die. Then again, she could channel her inner Condolezza Rice and wind up as a security guard at the Hotel Rwanda, ♫Tut Tut Tutsi goodbye♫ Is that a little strong or in poor taste? I agree. Imagine the inside jokes shared by these clowns in those cloistered corridors of power ‘while’ it was all going on.
Damnation Train!!! Full speed ahead, chop up another line of that blue meth for Baron Samedi. Walter White is the conductor. ♫Don’t stop that train, I want to ‘get off’♫ Oh yeah. Sure, there are a lot of train songs. Maybe we can just move on to something else.
Damnation Train!!! I guess not. I guess we’ll just ♫keep on choodlin”♫ Um hummm, that Damnation Train is coming. It’s got Hillary riding on the top of the train, dressed as The Cowgirl from Hell. She’s doing that Buffalo Bill Cody thing. Didn’t I hear that he shot 10,000 buffalo in a single day? That sounds impossible. Okay, apparently it was ten thousand in his lifetime but… I know there was a particular day on which he murdered a horrendous amount of buffalo. He’s the proto-typical American hero, like the guys who sold the Native Americans whiskey and small pox infected blankets, or was that yellow fever? Does it matter?
Anyway, the reason I brought up Buffalo Bill Chody is because ,”Thar she blows!” There’s Hillary up on top of the train with a Gatling Gun, mowing down endless ranks of EBT cardholders. It’s bad enough they are seeking to restrict the use of these cards but there is Hillary, laughing hysterically with that Madeleine Albright laugh, body parts flying in all directions… time for some Les Visible lyrics. ♫They’re digging in the trenches, you know they’re having fun, bodies blowing right and left, there goes somebodies son. There goes somebodies mother. There goes Abdul Haddad, they all got blown to pieces but  I don’t feel so bad, cause I’m sitting in the Caribbean, soaking up some sun cause I sold those towel heads the guns. They got the Druze Moslems, the Christian Phalange. They’re going to cut the fingers off your left hand (can’t remember the next line) David Rockefeller gave them all aids. They always got more bodies to die for the cause and as your life drains from you, you can hear the applause in Bei Bei Bei Beirut… Lebanon. Bei Bei Bei Beirut… Lebanon; sitting in the Caribbean, soaking up some sun, cause I sold those towel heads the guns♫ Oh well, missing lyrics, how it goes when you don’t play anymore.
Thinking about Hillary on the Damnation Train, that song leapt unbidden into my mind because it’s a reflection of her coming foreign policy. It’s a reflection of any and all of the possible selection to come for just so long as The Central Bankers own them body and soul.
The Central Banker’s must go; out demons out!!! the Central Banker’s must go; out demons out!!! The Central Banker’s must go; out demons out!!! the Central Banker’s must go; out demons out!!! The Central Banker’s must go; out demons out!!! the Central Banker’s must go; out demons out!!! The Central Banker’s must go; out demons out!!! the Central Banker’s must go; out demons out!!! The Central Banker’s must go; out demons out!!! the Central Banker’s must go; out demons out!!! The Central Banker’s must go; out demons out!!! the Central Banker’s must go; out demons out!!! The Central Banker’s must go; out demons out!!! the Central Banker’s must go; out demons out!!! The Central Banker’s must go; out demons out!!! the Central Banker’s must go; out demons out!!! Om raksha, raksha, raksha phat!!! Om raksha, raksha, raksha phat!!! Om raksha, raksha, raksha phat!!!
I apologize for the exorcism in the middle of the posting. At no time did my head swivel on my shoulders, nor did pea soup spew from my mouth.
Hillary and Wild Bill are pressing the flesh. In Bill’s case that’s a literal, somewhere out there behind dark paneled wooden walls, Bill is getting all tantrically meditative in his lubricious humidor. Sometimes a cigar is not a cigar. Is that a banana in your ear or are you just happy to see me? Just think. Imagine what it will be like, if the descending resonance doesn’t show up and we get all the way to 2016, with the Damnation Train going full steam, pumping and humping on the public’s purse. Will there be anything left to steal once the Damnation Train pulls up to the White House? This is a serious question. What are all these pathological thieves going to steal? Well, when in doubt, start another war. As long as there are wars there will be an economy and there will be something to steal. This is the fuel that the Damnation Train burns. It burns the hopes and dreams of the people. It burns the devastation surplus overflow of war. It burns the lies, the treachery and betrayal of public servants, it burns the insidious deceits of priests so, as you can imagine, this train can run forever and ever, world without end, amen. Except it doesn’t run forever according to the perversions and tyranny of ill made men and their consorts. the only reason it runs as long as it does is… on the one hand, mercy, on the other hand, a massive dossier for the purpose of convictions …and on the other hand, I don’t know.
End Transmission……..


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