Royal Butler Linked to Vampire Cult

The discovery at the Jersey care home of Haut De La Garenne, of human bone fragments, has prompted a thorough search of the building by Chief Officer Lenny Harper for more bodies.

Almost 200 children who had spent time in the home had complained of various abuses.

The majority of complaints were mainly sexual, by a hard core of up to 25 staff, who previous occupants claim implemented their own search 5 years ago to remove incriminating evidence.

The incriminating evidence is said by those investigating the abuse claims to include body parts. Moreover, it’s also claimed that the authorities covered up the abuses for many years so as not to damage the islands tourist trade.

At the latest count 4 secret rooms have been uncovered in the building, one of which is reported to have contained shackles and ties surrounding a large stone water bath.

Among names given to the authorities are those who worked in the home and those visitors who also abused the youngsters, in strange rituals. The list reportedly contains several well known names including the ex queens butler, Paul Kidd who was recently charged with 18 charges including raping 9 young boys over a 30 year period.

Police expect more charges to be laid against Kidd shortly.

The belief among many gays that to have sex with an innocent young boy will cure their homosexuality, is echoed in Africa where primitive beliefs say intercourse with a child can cure AIDS.

All of which recalls the recent case involving entertainer Michael Barrymore, invited back a “straight” back to his house, got him drunk and raped him, throwing the man into the pool to cleanse him of the sin.

This is echoed in the large stone water trough pictured in the cellar of the Jersey care home, and follows magical teaching in the bible where Christ in the parable of the “Gadarene Swine” is said to have cast off the sins of the wicked into a herd of pigs, which he then sent over cliff into the sea.

What is particularly shocking about this case is how long it took for the authorities in Jersey to acknowledge the abuse.

Making it appear more than likely that the abusers were shielded for many years by figures in authority.

A group of senior Jersey figures including allegedly “corrupt” former policemen are reported to have attempted to block the investigation into child sex abuse.

Detective Chief Inspector Lenny Harper, who is leading the investigation, said he had received threats including one to burn his car and house down.

T Stokes

The late T Stokes was an investigator into the paranormal and the occult and former member of British Intelligence