The Little-Known Polish Post-War Resistance

By Blazej — ( Oct 24, 2013

Few Westerners know of the deadly struggle that engulfed Poland and its former lands (Western Ukraine and Byelorussia ) after the supposed “liberation” by the Soviet “allies” in 1944-45 .
A group of staunch nationalists and Catholics , mostly from the AK (Armia Krajowa) resistance movement, decided they could not tolerate godless Communism in their homeland  These men and women were battle hardened by years of fighting the Germans and received considerable support from the local population . About 200,000 Poles fought in the anti-Communist uprising between 1944 and 1963 .
The Soviets delegated huge resources to track down and neutralize these fighters, including several NKVD divisions. Polish collaborators were also used in this war, although it is worth noting that many senior UB ( Polish NKVD ) officers were Jewish communists.
However the “outcast soldiers”, as they are now known in Poland, caused the Communists considerable damage .  The guerrilla warfare included an array of military attacks launched against the new communist prisons as well as MBP state security offices, detention facilities for political prisoners, and concentration camps set up across the country.  They rescued political prisoners, attacked Communist units and executed collaborators and particularly vicious interrogators.

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