Boston Stupid and Working for the Man in Afghanistan

Reflections in a Petri Dish — Oct 24, 2013

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Where were we? Right! Absurdity piled on to absurdity. We might add Arrogance piled on to genetically infused and cultivated hubris. I walk outside, I look around. There’s not much to see that’s any different from yesterday or 15 years ago. This is the town that time forgot; probably why I’m here. I go on the internet and it’s the same as it was yesterday but not 15 years ago. It’s pregnant with Mission Creep and seriously pregnant with creeps but I am daily astounded at the amount of good souls out there. My personal experience is running about 50 to 1, clear eyed to cross-eyed, regular to constipated, forgiving to resentful and seemingly, not much change looming on the horizon for either type, except more of the same, albeit with an upgrade of intensity. Isn’t that what you would expect? Getting stunned like an ox on the road to Damascus is not a common feat. Millions of Big Macs and Pink Slime Shakes go down the galloping gullets of the nutritionally screwed every single day …but epiphanies are a Blue Moon rare kind of a thing.
Collective epiphanies are near unheard of but bear a certain resemblance for those residents of Mississippi, Alabama and neighboring states to that rapture they’re waiting on …and will need an industrial forklift in order to attend. Yesterday I had it explained to me how the shift in consciousness will go down, as opposed to all of the conflicting religious and new age scenarios, waiting on directory assistance. Now, no doubt about it, there are those who may disagree with this and we’ll find that out tomorrow. Today we’ve got to see what’s in the Petri Dish. Along with absurdity piled on to absurdity, there is corruption piled on top of corruption. Hmmmm, o—kay… what ethnic cabal of born and baptized Satanists, seeking to turn the United Sates into a Soviet era gulag, would be engaged in efforts to repeal the Second Amendment?
Most of Europe and- let’s face it- most of the world is seriously pissed at serial voyeur, Howdy Doody Obama and his Zio-NAZI handlers. This qualifies as the most epic embarrassment in a century. This damage cannot be undone and the way this impacts on all previous alliances from economic to mutual defense is catastrophic in the long run AND… the heads of all of these countries KNOW who is controlling the US Govt and they also know WHO did 9/11.Since Obama don’t know nuthin about nuthin, it stands to reason he wouldn’t know anything about 9/11, right? Wrong! He knows. He works for the people who did it.
Yesterday, the World Series started and they’re talking about that ‘Boston Strong’ thing. It should be called ‘Boston Stupid’ or ‘Boston Big Brother’ (in da house!). After that brief mention, they paraded 3 medal of Honor winners out on to the field and talked a lot of bullshit about supporting the troops and their powerful service and sacrifice ‘working for the man in Afghanistan'; making the world safe for heroin and all opium by products. There ain’t no opprobrium for opium in the US. Meanwhile, Hillbilly Heroin (see Breaking Bad if you haven’t already) is creating serious competition and taking money out of the hands of the CIA and it’s minders in Tel Aviv and New York. Well, we know who’s deep into those markets. Others also know.
Yes, there they were, those vacant brained Medal of Honor winners, celebrating their service in one of The Banker’s Wars. All wars are Banker’s Wars! When you go to a search engine to get a list of the heads of the Central Banks, they don’t want to let you have that. What you get is a list of Central Banks and when a link says something about Central Bank heads, you’ll get five or six head shots of safe players with Asian names. Possibly someone out there can provide a list of the Central Bankers so that I can put it into this post? The heads of the majors would be fine. I noticed a few years ago that they stuck a gentile into one of the positions. Before that there were none but I suppose it has happened ‘occasionally’ before.
It’s time for that approximation of the 7th inning stretch, blog-wise. Actually this is more like a fifth inning stretch but I’ll take them when they come up out of the subconscious. And… in our version of the premature 7th inning stretch, let’s give a shout out to the Breast Cancer Industry! It should be a fortune 500 company! If most of the bucks are in the intentionally extended, allopathically invasive, dark ages medicine techniques, it stands to reason that it makes serious good financial sense to treat everyone as if they had breast cancer whether they have it or not. Just tell your victims (Remember your payments for that condo in Boca! Remember that bracelet for the bimbo you’re banging out of the student nurses pool! It’s always Christmas at the hospital when you got those Candy Strippers!) that there’s an indication  they have a malignant life form (and that would be true because a malignant life form is standing or sitting right in front of them. D’accord?). Tell them, “better safe than sorry.” “The tests are inconclusive and that’s not a good sign.” Crank up that chemo! Disco with the Chemo! Get down with the Chemo!
Want to see Cancer! Want to see real Cancer? Here you go! Don’t miss the part about dating in the 6th grade. There’s your cancer. There’s a small portion at the heart of the black rot that permeates the materialism that sucks you down, pound for pound, round and round the drain of that infected culture of Petri Dish Poetry. Time for a short commercial and… here you are (manifesting) again! Just like it had eyes.
The real problem is not all the Tribe cheerleaders and manipulators of matter into meaningless shape. It’s not their banker wars, the utter depravity of the government and all of it’s sections from the IRS to the FBI, both of whom are totally corrupt and so is every agency in between and on either side. The REAL PROBLEM is in the complete lack of sensitivity and awareness in such a large body of the population. The real problem is what materialism does to an otherwise sane consciousness. By degrees it draws the mind down into a pit of madness. Those manipulating this force know just what it does. They know it splinters the will and the focus and it narrows the will and focus in terms of appetite and the satisfaction of that vast variety of low brow desires.
Walk into a supermarket. Walk into a supermarket as an intentional observer. Walk up and down every aisle and note what is available. Chances are there are several aisles with nothing but soft drinks. There has to be an entire aisle of potato chips. There is probably an entire aisle of candy. There are many aisles of processed food, in freezers, coolers, packages and cans. There are poisonous, death dealing energy drinks. There are stomach churning coffee drinks. Where’s the food? This is the area of confusion I used to enter into often. I had to hunt all over the place for the things I eat; rice (when they have brown rice), fruits and vegetables, nuts, juices, other grains. Most of the time I have to go to the health food store for things I can’t get in the supermarkets. The same applies to so many things in life; walking out into the world into a blizzard of things and life forms of which about .0001% percent elicits my interest, or… is that illicits?
They’ve turned the industries of the world into a gigantic garbage manufacturing machine. Toxic smoke comes out of the chimney pipes, plastic nonsense comes out of the hoppers. This is reflected in the birth canal as well because whatever you are thinking about during the act of conception has something to do with the being who arrives. As Mikhail Aivanov said, “if people could only see who shows up to have lunch when they are having sex, they would be a lot more careful about how they go about it.” He’s another brilliant fellow, a student of Peter Duenov. I read that link for the first time today. I knew  P.Duenov only peripheral to Mikhail Aivanov. I was struck by how what he says is so often reflected here, especially about the nearness of that Golden Age. I was floored by the comments from well known sources of wisdom. Well, that was not a bad digression, given where this paragraph started out (grin). There is very important info in that link for those to whom it applies. The rest of you can just present yourself at the recycling center. Oh right, never mind. It will appear right in front of you, if you continue to be deaf to the urging of Nature within and outside of you. If you are harmonizing there, everything else will come into sympathetic and protective resonance. If not… so be it. No one can say they haven’t been told and warned over and over and over and over again. The telling and the warning are about to get much more dire.
Mid November is coming; to be followed by what follows …and everyone is being slotted and routed toward whatever their vibrationary matrix directs it to, by virtue or vice of what it is. You are what you are, whether you are yourself or not. You are as you are and that is the determinant of the magnetism that acts upon you. Nothing is set in stone, though for many of you, it may feel as if your feet are because of your incredible disinclination to change in the face of so much evidence, indicative of a pressing need to… change. Change or die is the rule of existence and it is a reservoir of deep truth for those curious souls who are inclined to turn things over in their hands and consider them from all angles.
NOW is the time. NOW is ALWAYS the time. Consistency and determination on the course is all it takes. We’ve no problem being consistent at all kinds of things we would be much better served being more inconsistent at. It’s that force of dream.
Bank of America bought a bunch of Marine’s tickets to the World Series. I don’t see that as much of a payoff for fighting their wars. Then, after the camera was done grazing over them hooting in their dress uniforms, the camera moved to this ridiculous fool of a Marine Sargent, singing God Bless something or other. He did some kind of opening drama queen thing before he launched into voice. I don’t know how that went cause I fast forwarded; just like they do, if the truth shows up and they have to think about it in terms of what they do.
Nobody much likes to point out the visible horror, of military personnel, killing countless men, women and children …because bankers ordered them to. Nobody much likes hearing about depleted uranium or white phosphorous, while the monsters responsible for their proliferation, are screeching about Syria and that phonied up chemical attack, also set in motion by the same bankers. Nobody wants to hear about the rapes and the suicides in the military ranks, or the alcoholism, binge drinking, drug use and pharmaceutical addictions. Nobody wants to hear about the increasing incidence of vets going nuts with guns, killing their families, or simply being routinely shot by police, usually former soldiers, who taze or kill everything that moves or opens it’s mouth; something they’ve been doing ever since the Israelis took over training the police. They shoot the family dogs as a departmentally approved greeting, whenever they show up; shoot the owner too if they object.
Yeah… if you can’t see what’s going on, with all the access you got to what’s going on… if you don’t see how it might relate to you and those you tell yourself you love, as we like to say here, you don’t want to see it but… you will see it. It will intensify and intensify and intensify, until you damn well do see it, at which point, it may or may not be… too late.
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