Stop Living in the Back Room of the Central Banker’s Underwear

Smoking Mirrors — Oct 23, 2013

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Absurdity continues to pile up on absurdity. The ever so clever, and savvy and self involved, consider themselves Masters of the Universe. They pat themselves and each other on the back, watchful that the hand does not contain a knife. They boast openly and in private about their absolute control over the temporal plane. They point at J.P. Morgan and laugh; “13 billion dollars! Is that all? Dimon stole a lot more than that!” Then, one of them turns and addresses an underling and says, “Peterson, I want you to look into the possibility of us doing something similar over at our shop.”
They’re like trap door spiders living in a woven cocoon of imagined security. They are the true Untouchables, or so they think. They emerge, periodically, to suck the life blood out of whomever is handy. Occasionally they get together with members of their own kind and feed en masse, like the Lost Boys heading down to the beach for a bite to eat. They’ve watched their parents do it. They’ve watched their mentors do it and they have personal evidence of doing it themselves. Who’s going to stop them? The government isn’t going to stop them. They own the government. The Justice Department isn’t going to do anything about it. They tell the government who to have appointed to the Justice Department. The police and the military aren’t going to do anything about it. They promote and appoint the heads of police and the military leaders who follow policy or… they get rid of them, like they just did last week and again this week.
The west is largely based on the capitalist system. That basically means the powerful eat the weak. The foreign policy arm of capitalism is imperialism. The country, whichever country that might be, runs on one thing. It runs on money. So… it stands to reason that those who print the money run the country AND whenever someone tries to put an end to their control of the country, they kill them, as they did with President Kennedy. The Central Bankers, who are near exclusively Zionist Jews, killed the president of the United States for attempting to mess with their income. Interestingly, the document Kennedy signed has never been undone or retracted. Meanwhile, across the span of American history, Central Bankers have been killing presidents on a regular basis, if they should happen to threaten their income and more importantly, the control their money gives them. They’ve been at this game for a long time. They are Satanic from generation to generation. They are emblematic of those powers and principalities in high places.
If it weren’t for that basic flaw in their nature, who knows how long they might get away with their psychopathic low jinks? However, they are evil. They are deeply and densely evil and evil, as we all know, is suicidal. There is a feature in their programming that is on a timer and when the timer goes off, self destruction ensures. The whole extended panorama of life is a movie. It’s made up of good guys and bad guys and a whole bunch of extras, who don’t know what they are and who tend to gravitate in the direction of the active will of the closest power base. They are easily programmed through the subconscious, via telepathic invasion and the usual ongoing subliminal massage, along with the obvious sensory overkill that results in routine short circuiting that pacifies the public so affected and makes them malleable to whatever ends they are directed to.
The overall climate and vibration of existence is dependent on the time zone it takes place in. You can’t judge the vast reach of existence simply by the episodes you are familiar with. For instance, this is a very dark age and it’s been dark for quite some time.
Absurdity piles on to absurdity. We’re in the closing stages where ridicule is exponentially emergent, the ridiculous is commonplace, affairs of state are operational satire, the leadership is as clueless as a chicken in a physics lab. The entertainment is at the level of circus clowns, the music is so bad it sets your teeth on edge and now… in publishing, there are romance novels about sex between dinosaurs and women. Then, there is bestiality, which, along with pedophilia, are the next civil rights issues to be hammered into the compressed turkey fat of the brainialis-humanus-ordinarius by Tribe Lawyers and Tribe Social Reformers. If you don’t know by now that they are behind all of these things, you don’t want to know. If you insist that it’s actually some other organization, victimizing these hapless and blameless stooges, for the hundreds and hundreds of years, millennium actually… that they have been operational and active, at the same consistently redundant tricks, you’ll have to walk me through how that was handled, all round the world in so many places, across such a reach of time from well before nailing up Jesus, to presently nailing up the rest of the human race and controlling the Central Banks around the world, while engineering world wars as well as smaller regional conflicts, for the sole purpose of financial profit, or genocide… when it comes to the ruthless (also ridiculous) attempt toward the legitimization of land theft and the forced diaspora of the original inhabitants. I’ll need you to point out how all of this happened when they were already at it well before the competition (or whoever you blame) showed up.
When you go to your door and passing through it, enter out upon the wider world, you probably note there’s a kind of anti-garden party taking place, courtesy of Gloom and Doom. It’s all weeds and rusting appliances but, “a rose by any other name” as I’m sure you know. AND THIS IS ALL TRUE! It’s all one hundred percent verifiable. If you don’t know this yet, you don’t want to know it or… you’re a member or a willing whore.
The screaming, blaring, toxic truth about who did 9/11 has been answered in detail. Why has nothing been done about it? You! The people not reading this posting and some who are. You are the reason. You are either too stupid, too self involved, or too much of a coward to rise up collectively and see that justice is done. Maybe it isn’t time yet; I’ll allow for that. Maybe it’s got to get much more flagrant and obvious before the veils come off of the sensation fried eyes of the materialized… general public. Maybe it’s all on a timer, like so many things are. The awakening of the wider mass is on a timer. The awakening of each of us is on a timer, baring some act of powerful zeal on our own parts. The judgment of those acting out in the roles of the evil ones, is on a timer. The passing away of the old and the appearance of the new is on a time lapse timer, going by too slow to see but changing everything regardless. One day you turn around and everything is different but you never saw it happen. That’s the good news and that’s the bad news too. That’s all on a timer too; the moment when your eyes open and ‘what’s really what’ replaces what you thought was ‘what’… or in many cases, ‘whatever’.
Here’s the thing about dreaming. You can be told you’re dreaming. You can be told you’re dreaming by someone who is awake and whom you know to be awake but… it doesn’t compute. You nod your head in agreement but it doesn’t compute. We all daydream and our day dreams are generally different from the dream of our day but, we can come out of a day dream and realize that is what we were doing. We cannot and do not step so easily outside of the dream that is our life. Some of us are so involved in the dream that it is all we know. Some of us think that the dream is all there is. They are like the people who sit down to watch a movie and, in a short time, are completely absorbed in the movie and no longer aware that they are watching one. They have little objective detachment. They are fully engaged. Then the movie ends and they see the white screen. Okay, they know the movie is over. The white screen is what is real. The movie is temporary. When you see the white screen in life that is known as death. Some of us see that white screen prior to. What does that mean? You’ll know if and when it happens.
Because we are so caught up in the dream, we are easily manipulated. We are also easily frightened and coerced into things we might not ordinarily do. It’s also like a hypnotist getting you to do something while you are under. Dreams and hypnotic states have a lot in common. They say you can’t get people to do things against their nature while under a hypnotic spell. Whether that is true or not is of no consequence because you can get someone to do most anything if you convince them it is something else. It’s like going to war for bankers and those are nearly all of the wars that take place. They are banker initiated. If you are convinced that you are defending your country and acting with chest bursting patriotism, with stars and stripes streaming across the sky in front of the imagination’s eye, it’s not all that difficult to machine gun down women and children and chalk it up as valor and courage.
That’s one of the religions in capitalist states, the worship of service in Banker’s Wars, where a rose by any other name does not smell as sweet. It’s where the veterans are treated like shit in general but paraded out at ceremonial events, where they get all misty eyed about those special moments with their fellow dupes in arms. Can they possibly admit that they went to war only to generate a profit for Central Bankers? Their minds can’t take that so they allow elaborate fantasies to be woven into their consciousness. They got the t-shirt. The problem is that they refuse to take it off. They want to be buried in it and they will be. Heck! most of them were buried in it while they were alive.
Yeah… the truth is an undesirable item. Everyone is capable of admiring it from afar and it’s no sweat to celebrate nearly anything as the truth, so long as it is not the truth. That makes it easy on everyone, marking time on their way to death but… no one wants to get too near the truth. It singes. It will burn all of your clothes off of your body; given that your clothes are devices of concealment, just as your personal personality is. Ah these things we are so loath to part with will, sad to say be ripped from us forsooth.
The illusions under which we labor, in heavy chains, to which is also added the weight of time (variable from place to place and person to person) is only there for so long as we are inclined to carry any of it. It’s up to us. We get up every day and decide to obey the will of the bankers, or embrace our freedom to be who we are. The worst of criminal elements has taken over the world. If you can’t see it, you don’t want to, or… you’re feeding off of the crumbs that fall from the table of your supposed betters, ever hopeful that one of them will reach down and scratch your ears; not in a world of such incredible irony, where a handful of wealthy, Zionist Satanists can get together and create a Jewish Nobel Prize of one million dollars (no doubt stolen from the public coffers) to be conferred on a billionaire, eighteen times over who is, not surprisingly, the mayor of the city hosting the densest collection of AshkeNAZI’s on the planet. Like I said, absurdity piled on to absurdity.
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