Lizard Tongued Chomsky’s and those Expensive Tolle Booths

Visible Origami — Oct 22, 2013

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What is the point of a lifetime? How do you explain the point to people for whom the point is not germane, when the point does not apply to anything relevant to what they value and desire? You don’t. At any time in times like these there are never more than a few people who develop a sustained interest in progressing up the road, to the point where they start changing to where they can’t change back. The outskirts of the spiritual path is teeming with a fairly large population of merchants and experts at particular variations on the minutiae from a theme. There’s every kind of huckster and legerdemaniac you’ve ever seen or heard about. There’s miles of people in robes with turbans and all kinds of other funny hats, long hair flowing down upon their shoulders and they got big pockets. The big pockets are de riguer for the ensemble.
It confuses a lot of people who have to pass through this noisy teeming cauldron of appetite and squalor. Some people get hung up in these locations for lifetimes; dressed in saffron, in a transplanted Tibetan monastery in California or Upstate New York. Sometimes they’re a former mid-level marketer or car salesman, now called Zen Master Jing Kai Chek. Since no one really knows what a zen master is and since most zen masters are pretending to be zen masters, it works out all the way around. This is how it is with holy men and shivering shaktis as well. Most of them are posing and pretending and they’ve got an unspoken arrangement not to rat each other out. There’s plenty of suckers and greenbacks to go around. Some of these spots get really creative about separating people from their finances. For instance, if you go to the Six Flags over Osho Simu-City in Poona you got to exchange your money for their in house money. It’s not cheap there. Then when you leave, they don’t like to change their currency back into your currency but that’s okay cause they’re on a spiritual trip.
When you bring some of these smiling masters flowers, they like to pull you in close and tell you not to bring them flowers, bring them money instead. For some reason, nearly all of them turn into money-junkies. Along the way they land a few big fish and these fish buy them an enormous spread, where they can swish around the grounds and talk about how pretty the flowers, how pretty the hours, how pretty you, how pretty me, etc. It’s a cycle just like everything else is and it’s what happens out on the periphery of the spiritual path.
A person has to be very careful to avoid this, especially if you have certain talents because you can find yourself, dressed up in a colorful robe, with an important title and a whole lot of people that look at you the way pet fish look at a person through the glass of their aquarium. You won’t know what hit you. Legions of blue rinse dowagers will be following you around waving their checkbooks and wanting to talk to you for hours every day. You’ll have to pretend you like them and find them interesting. You’ll have to answer all their tedious questions about the meaning of life and you can’t pretend you’re with Monty Python. You’ll have to be serious and you’ll have to work on having those melty eyes and that sonorous, resonant voice. You can’t hit the big leagues without the melty eyes and the sonorous voice. Whatever you chose to do in this life, it’s a job so… you should like doing it.
There’s thousands of books out there and ALL of them have some portion of the inside scoop on, “what it is, what it is.” Among some of the books out there and selling far better than any of my books (grin) are these books. Well, there’s all kinds of things loose these days from Lizard tongued Chomsky’s to Andy Warhol Lites. We live in an age of sham, pretense and the burning hunger for money! The burning hunger for money will make the right (wrong?) man or woman do nearly anything. When  I say (nearly) anything, you have only to look around you to see what I mean.
Consider the case of Eckhart Tolle. Here’s just one of many reviews about him, as he leaves his tracks of their tears and all those empty wallets. The thing about false prophets in this day and age is that there are under currents of support from the material sector, which is being heavily manipulated by the Satanists and reverse Kabala engineers- same thing- it serves their purposes to have people focusing on charlatans who assist in the comprehensive pervasiveness of delusion that makes the air as thick as Jell-O sometimes. There’s a reason that all these pop-up Jackoff’s in a Box are able to maintain such a public profile. However, if you want the truth about Tolle from the viewpoint of disillusioned and disgruntled seekers just do a casual search on him with the word ‘fraud’ or ‘fake’ in it. Here you will note that all of the referenced web pages have been scrubbed.
Whether it’s Tolle, brought forth out of the “Alien” mother womb of Oprah, serendipitously stamped with a certain seal of approval from one of the main spokepersons for toxic materialism, or any one of the Tamil Nadu gurus, with their centers everywhere but none in themselves, it’s a given that with the breakdown of established religions- orchestrated, predicted and necessary for this time frame- all kinds of temporary and highly lucrative (as in Lucre) passing fads come into being with that soft drink commercial saying, “It’s the same thing only different.” Of course, the rise in Satanism is to be expected, given all surrounding conditions. Scientology was to be expected. Any kind of convoluted and complex pseudo religious systems that cost a lot of money are to be expected. Here’s another rational take on Tolle and hits to the core of my problem with him.
Why do I bother with these occasional forays into going after the plague of false prophets and phony gurus, who are as ubiquitous as cow-pies in a cattlefield? The more people keep their wallets in their pants, not to mention certain other particulars …and search within, where… anything they are ever going to find on the outside, is already resident inside. The more such sane practices proliferate, the better the world we find ourselves in. Also, the less frequently people are sucked in by obvious scam artists, selling them the reworked sayings of the wise from other times, which is a common feature among the burgeoning crowd of sanctimonious skim artistes of these times, the less frequently they will be sucked in by murderous politicians and all the duplicitous messages this time zone is heir to. The airwaves of the planet are filled with lies. It stands to reason that lies are the power of the hour and all the savvy carpetbaggers with their big bags and big pockets understand this.
It is to be assumed without question that the truth is priceless. It cannot be immediately presumed what the truth is. Those who are in some degree of the possession of it, or possessed by it, or affiliated with it in any number of the ways that this is possible, know that a most unpleasant doom falls upon those who charge money for the purpose of conferring it on you. First of all, it couldn’t possibly be the truth because… the moment you put a price on it, it goes out the nearest exit and leaves you with nothing but words. This is an automatic cosmic reaction to a very common phenomen, in this day and age.
Lies and those who tell them are given very high publicity. Most liars know this. Telling the truth is pretty much certain to narrow your audience considerably. That’s how it works and except in very rare cases, the teacher has a limited amount of followers. Few people are able to stay with the truth, without regular distractions and compromises, that’s why liars keep those features embedded in their act. False teachers elevate the self importance of critical followers for the benefit of their usefulness in attracting and keeping the larger body of goldfish. False teachers ex-tolle how simple it all is. False teachers, like your Depak Chopras, (Dr.) Dwayne Dyers(his massive list of products is impressive– but… his inner peace cards are a real hoot; lots of Hay’s authors have variants on this) and that host of lemming readers from the Louise B. Hays publishing mill.
No matter whether you find an external representative of your inner teacher, it will only be to assist you in linking up with your inner teacher or, that teacher is a fraud. That teacher will not charge you hundreds of dollars to hear him or her speak. That teacher will not pack the front seats of the lecture hall with celebrities. That’s a big no-no. This is known as the rock star virus. That teacher will not drone on and on in a hypnotic cadence with an obvious intent, given that you are observing the spell cast and not under the spell. He won’t leave your town with bags of money headed for the next town and the next bags of money.
Here is an interesting thing to keep in mind; people who are telling the truth very rarely have bags of money thrown at them. The cosmos is conscious and watches out for this. Those seeking after the truth abide by certain understanding and are not hamstrung by having to play patty-cake with the dark side, in order not to offend those who arrange to have their money bags filled. On the alternative news side of this you have those like Alex Jones and the ‘pilot fish’ who swim in his wake and do PR for him under a quid pro quo arrangement. Observe the slathering ass-kissing sycophancy for MONEY and EXPOSURE. There’s lots of others though and each of them does not pass the crucial litmus tests. You might bend your own standards because you like everything else about the source. That’s ill advised but we are prone to do this. Greg Palast………………………………. (here’s something new about Palast from a trusted source) and Noam Chomsky, are two venomous snakes who keep getting promoted by alternative news sites, even though they are completely in the hands of the enemy and serve the enemy whenever called upon to do so. Their service may be no more than to seek to discredit the truth about 9/11, as both of them have done. What must be taking place in the hearts and minds of men like this when they do this? These men have sought to make their careers to be established on exposing lies and telling the truth. HOW! How do they rationalize this?! I could not. These men are agents of The Dark Lord and this needs to be widely known and understood, just as do the activities of the religious and spiritual bag men and women whose chief objective is to become rich. If you can’t see these things, you don’t want to.
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