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Reflections in a Petri Dish — Oct 21, 2013

Dog Poet Transmitting…….
May your noses always be cold and wet.
Today, I want to start off giving an example of the kind of thing I have to go through around here (grin). Probably well over a hundred times, over the course of time, someone writes in asking me to do research for them. In the past, I would put the simple question in a search engine and instantly come up with whatever they asked me for. This got tiresome. It’s not enough I work for free, relatively, or that all my ads are free, or that I answer several dozen emails every day but… I have to be someone’s research assistant too. Then, when I politely inform this fellow that he can just go to a search engine, he gets nasty and insulting.
First I get this email; 

Hi Les, Fascinated by the Zeitgeist film. Tried sharing the video with family members and friends, but they want to deny it on the ground that he doesn’t cite his sources. To a larger extent, this is the attack point for all critics of the blogosphere. Can you point me to some sources that will confirm Mr. Peter Joseph Mercola’s assertions? Particularly on the Jesus/Horus Piscean Avatar info.I sense he is right. Now I want to get to primary historical documents (papyrus would be ideal)
Any help much appreciated.
Paul Cope

I reply; I have no idea where to send you but I would imagine you can find everything you need and more than you can read via any search engine. I’ve only seen the film once and that some years ago.
Then I get this;

“Okay, but you’re referencing a YouTube video that makes challenging assertions about the centrality of Jesus as some prime avatar, when he is in fact just one of many. You, Les, who have studied Chaldean writings and M Blavatsky can’t give me one source? This is not a challenge. I am curious, I want sources  and I think you should point me to at least one source. Why? Because you post 4 blogs. You should know primary sources for what you claim or allude to, not just provide hyperlinks to some trashy article that supposedly proves your point that evil destroys itself because Mr. Apocalypse is whacking people upside the head. You oscillate between someone who has it together and some bloviating, Birkenstock-wearing hippie, ex-army brat. I’m certain though that you will live to be 106. The good die young.

Paul Cope

What makes this whole thing so ironic is that this arrogant and insufferable fool is asking about a spiritual matter. I now find it understandable why he can’t find anything because it is a hard and inflexible fact that the truth and the higher mysteries are hidden from the eyes of the profane.
I haven’t seen that film but once and it was near a decade ago. I don’t keep an accordion file of everything that relates to everything I ever wrote. I hardly remember what I wrote shortly after I write it.
Another thing that happens around here is that anonymous is seriously jealous and upset that people say so many nice things about me. They rage and fume about this. It could be just one person, not that that matters. I don’t solicit people to be affectionate toward me. I even purposely get a little cranky and curmudgeonly on occasion so that people will note that there are scratches on my CD. I’m going to cut that out as there doesn’t seem to be a point to it anymore and I’m not like that generally anyway.
When you become a presence on the internet, due to some single action, like your dog does the Macarena, or… you get there by working every day for some years, you become a target. Some people think they own you, that you are another free resource and have no say as to how you serve or when.
I’ve been subject to all kinds of negative events since I got into this, sometimes it’s been engineered over an extended time, just to put me in a situation where someone can fabricate a perspective on me about things that never even happened. When I offer proof that none of it happened, none of these people take me up on it. They WANT to believe the worst. Other times I have acted out in order to avoid getting deeper involved with certain people when I saw that they wanted to glom on to what I have and elevate themselves into a position that I refuse to occupy myself in the first place. Then, instead of simply telling the truth, they make up wild and impossible things about me that are absurd on the face of it. Why wouldn’t they just stick with the truth? It would certainly have been enough.
My general state of being around here is that I get up and I say good morning to my friends, then I meditate, have a few cups of tea (thank you Jeff! Your email has disappeared) and go to work. This goes on until I head to bed with brief interruptions to eat and engage in some form of brief socializing. That’s how it is every day. I don’t spend my days getting high, as my uniformed critics like to believe. I don’t drink, though I have occasionally and except for difficult circumstances, very moderately. I don’t smoke. I don’t do much. It’s true that sometimes I like to ingest a comestible so I can see what’s going on on the inner planes but that’s not often. If anyone has any concrete proof otherwise be sure and make it visible. Since that’s impossible we’ll just move right along
I’m not here to live up to anyone’s standards. I purposely have lowered mine on occasion in order to not be taken for something that a certain portion of the audience wants to label me as. This, on reflection turns out to have been a stupid move but I shudder to think of where I might be now if I hadn’t done what I did.
It’s impossible to please everyone and there’s all kinds of resentment and laborious ego dancing going on out there. People want to be something, be important but refuse to put the work and sacrifice into it to get there. They want the instant, ‘just add water’, “I’m a Reiki master” thing. Also, the option of anonymous, allows mean spirited, small minded and generally impotent and frustrated individuals, the license and latitude to snarl and sneer with impunity. None of this has any appreciable effect on me so they’re wasting their time but it all bears mentioning. I’m only concerned with approval from one source and that generally accounts for whatever similar returns I get elsewhere. You can’t do this kind of thing if you’re going to be knocked off center every time someone who wants to be in your position gets outraged that they’re not. Anyone can be in this position, just do the work. Just do the work. Eventually the source will readily leap forth whenever summoned and the water will run clear, for the most part (grin).
Sometimes I wander around (not often) to other locations on the internet and study the comments being left by people on any number of things. I’m amazed at the amount of vicious commentary going on. A lot of it is also just uninformed opinion, masquerading as a legitimate read. I watch people tear down anyone and everyone. Some of the subjects are deserving of the effort and a visit to Madame de la Guillotine as well …but some of these people, because they are noted for good works or public service, are the object of all kinds of smear campaigns, based not on any proven facts but rather on what someone said and that’s used as if it were fact.
So much of all of this is ludicrous and should be embarrassing to the people engaged in it, were they not immune to embarrassment, so that everyone else can see it except for them.
I am not the reader’s research machine but I do assure you that I have researched whatever I write about, recently or at some point in the past AND- if you are such a loser that you can’t even work a search engine, you don’t deserve to know anything. You need to migrate away from here and head over to the Cheetos of the Mind sector of the universe. If you are the sort of person who becomes outraged when your needs (demands) are not met, you can look forward to being perpetually in that state, given the planet you’re on. If you are going to go around in a state of conflict with people you don’t know and who are only barely aware that you are out there and that, only peripherally, you can expect your frustration to be a regular state of being in the future.
One of my favorite sayings from one of my favorite writers, Omar Khayyam, is “the dogs bark but the caravan moves on”. If you don’t have a body of work, it’s likely you’re not in a position to comment on someone who does. Critics are generally people who can’t do what they criticize. This accounts for much concerning them. We all get our due, if not here, then somewhere further up, or down. History and the cosmos will eventually set the measure of any man or woman. Time will tell. I’m comfortable with that. Some of the most popular writers of their time are not remembered at all now. Others who got short shrift while they were around are giants presently. As much as The Tribe fools with history, there are some things they can’t change. Those who are slavering to see me hammered or massively disgraced, can rest assured that I’ll get what’s coming to me either way. I have, in fact, been assured of that many times; probably to keep me marching into the teeth of the wind (grin).
I don’t expect everyone to like me. I wouldn’t be doing my job if they did. There are all kinds of weak, dishonest, duplicitous and craven individuals out there. There are some fine, true and noble sorts as well. Hopefully it is the later who appreciate my work. It appears to be so. Usually I average about one negative comment a month. As the tensions have gone up in the world- and they have- it’s more like once a week now. That’s still a fantastic percentage, given the amount of comments that come in each week.
These are very difficult times. It stands to reason there are some very difficult people around. Instead of working on themselves, these poor souls have allowed the force of materialism to amplify their arrogance and egotism to a ridiculous size and so they spend their existence like a huge zeppelin, bumping into everything around them. They are very uncomfortable with themselves, as they well should be but… they don’t see the solution which should be obvious but it is never obvious when such shortcomings so completely block one’s line of sight.
Well, this is something a little different and no doubt we’ve all got some position on the variants presented here. For now, this is where we step off.
End Transmission…….
The radio show should be available if you know how to find it. We’ll be limping along that way for a little while longer. Please bear with us.


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