Teachers Applaud as Prof Defends Pedophiles

by Henry Makow Ph.D. — henrymakow.com Oct 20, 2013

Despite the fact 3000 people signed a petition to bar James Kincaid from Canada, there were no protesters when this defender of pedophilia spoke to a conference, Bodies at Play; Sexuality, Childhood and Classroom Life’ at the University of Toronto Saturday morning.
Although the 125,000 members of the Institute for Canadian Values and Canada Family Action petitioned the government, the only dissenter present was henrymakow.com reader Nathan Wiedmann, 32, a tradesman and father of three, who drove three hours through the night to be there.
Nathan had planned to join other protesters. When none appeared, he decided to attend the lecture instead.
Normally, he would have to register in advance but they let him in anyway, despite heavy security evident outside.  Thanks to the recording Nathan made of the 45-minute talk, I can report what transpired.

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