Big Ass Neon. Las Vegas Style and O Solo Mio Frottage

Smoking Mirrors — Oct 20, 2013

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May your noses always be cold and wet.
They are rioting in Rome. Fairly soon it will be closer to home, unless, of course, you live in Rome. Diocletian has gone into Active Zombie Mode with the same old, same old, “problem, reaction, solution.” the reality of the affair, although they create the problems, set the reaction in motion and then apply the solution, THEY are the problem and no progress can come until they are removed from power. They are not going to be brought to heel by any form of negotiation. They will not listen to reason and the reason for this is that they are OWNED by the central bankers and until those opposed to Central Banking are put into office to replace them, things continue as they have. They have no will of their own to exercise.
It IS HAPPENING however. It just happened in Hungary and as the natives grow restless and are pushed beyond the boundaries of endurance, they will run these sleazy sycophants out of office. In America they are seeking to turn errors into positives. The majority of mass media is in support of the democrats because that is the particular sewage system preferred by Zionist Jews, who control both the media and the American government, on both sides of the aisle… mostly. You see it everywhere in the news now about how much the shutdown hurt the Republicans. When you control perception (invented perception) you ‘usually’ control public opinion. They are hard at work on this because Lady Macbeth, Hillary Clinton, is getting freaky with some O Solo Mio Frottage. She’s all ready to twerk on the national stage. She’s like 20 year old Scotch, except that she’s been aged in the casket. We can’t put this link up too often. It’s like the ISRAEL DID 9/11 link. These links need to be in big ass neon, Las Vegas style, all along the highways of that gone dead nation of couch surfing zombies (zombies again!~). It pays off to take a deeper look at what is being generated out of the culture because there is always a connection between the garbage entertainment and the garbage culture. Have you not noticed the proliferation of vampire and zombie flicks? This is not accidental.
Yes they are rioting in Rome but… they are also rioting in Portugal. The dominoes are falling. All the proof you need as to whether the Central Bankers and their sycophants are insane, can be seen in the conditions they are generating, due to a most repulsive, pornographic need. In no body of people on this planet is greed more excessively resident than in the persona of the Central Bankers and to a lesser degree, the legions of the damned that serve them in all their various capacities. At the present they have a vampire lip-lock grip on the most materialistic of all planetary cultures. None too slowly, the culture has morphed into a modern day version of “Rollerball”. It makes the top ten list of worst movies ever made for a reason. It takes the corporate mindset to task. It really nails it. In real life we now have football stadiums called ‘Lincoln Financial Field’, “Met Life Stadium” or they are named after cellphone companies, banks, one or another of the 3 piece suited up whorehouses, where they mind the bottom line, while at the same time minding the bottoms of underage boys and girls. It comes with the territory. Here’s a little something about their poster boy. Fix-it Jimmy was sitting in a car one night when a beat cop walked over and asked him what was going on. He said “I’m waiting till midnight when this girl turns 16. If you want to keep your job you’ll go away now.”
Yes, you’ve got your pedestrian pedophile networks AND you’ve got your upscale designer Barbie pedophile networks. You’ve got your Walmart’s and your Marks and Spencers. There’s easy street and not so easy street. As long as the twisted reptiles and human centipedes keep to the background and skim only a certain percentage of the cream, chances are they will get away with it because the public is just so damned dumb. Unfortunately for them, they are unable to restrain themselves and they push and push, until they generate the push-back. Push back is coming and it’s going to be coming hard, born out of desperation and panic
I think it was back at the beginning of the 60’s, when a couple of physicists came up with the anti-proton. That was a big deal in physics. It’s a really big deal in metaphysics and… properly understood, should give you an optimistic attitude for however long you are around and wherever you might happen to be around at. I am always impressed by all of what has been discovered by material science, which proves what I believe to be true about the immaterial. It used to confuse me that people did not see what I saw. I have come to understand that whatever people hinge their belief system on, everything that follows tends to echo it. If you are wrong about the essential, pretty much everything that follows is flawed. This is not to say that there is or is not a corresponding parallel existence on the other side of here. We are all free to make up our own minds about that. I’ve no pressing passion toward convincing anyone of anything. The way I see it is that the whole system operates on a Fail-Safe and you can interpret that any way that you want to.
If creation, seen from outer or inner space, for instance, or through the lenses of a pure science, can be so symmetrical, so cycling and circular, it would stand to reason (should one prove to be reasonable) that there’s some kind of a plot and intention to it all. Having personally had hundreds of irrefutable evidences of this smack me upside the head and tweak (as opposed to twerk) my nose, I’m not uncertain about things that most people consider highly speculative, imaginary, or generally interfering of sleeping, eating, shitting and fucking; not necessarily in that order, well, depending on who you are, I guess.
Some very good points are made about where we find ourselves at the moment, in this article. Only certain crimes are punished. Crimes having to do with Wall Street and Central Banking are ‘usually’ not punished because they run everything, at the moment, or think they run everything but are actually just pawns in a much more complex tale…
I find myself compelled to say the same thing over and over, while looking for new ways to do it. Let me try again. Things ARE NOT what they seem. If you have a poverty mentality, you will be impoverished, or you will be impoverished for the purpose of demonstration. There’s a lot of purpose of demonstration going on at the moment. Whatever is going on inside of you is going to be mirrored outside. This phenomena is connected to both awakening and judgment. There is more than one kind of awakening and not all of them are pleasant. Not even the ones where the objective is pleasant are always pleasant, initially.
If one were to give a penetrating look to the world around them, which is not much in the vogue of the moment, one might see that we are passing through a subtle series of changes. Most people will be completely unaware of this but those looking for what is what, might see it and… also might be informed about it via other mediums, should they have gone through the trouble to make such an effort at contact, as opposed to thumbfucking a cellphone or reading a Victoria’s Secret mail order catalog. Sad to say that becoming Aphrodite is impossible via the fashion and cosmetic industry. It requires an actual contact with Aphrodite and the same applies to anyone you want to emulate or become. You don’t need instruction manuals or a blizzard of words, all you need to do is to make whatever it is you are looking to manifest, preeminent in your consciousness. That’s all it takes with anything, high or low. You don’t have to be a genius. You don’t have to be well read.. You don’t need to be connected in any material sense. You just have to want whatever you want more than you want anything else. That’s another one of those cosmic secrets that hangs around in plain sight.
If you look at the state of the world, you will note that it is all set up to distract you and gain your attention with one thing after the other, keeping you constantly off balance and unfocused for long, on anything; fragmenting you, splintering your will and making you impotent in all the ways that count. If you can step outside of this circus of stimulations and titillations, you might be able to get your bearings and figure out what it is that you want more than anything else, to have or to be. Otherwise, the train of constant distraction and misdirection, will keep pulling in and out of the central switching yard of your mind, at all hours.
It stands to reason that if it is very confusing in these times, if the distractions are near overpowering, there must be a significant reason for this. There must be an important reason for all the noise and lights, for the intense sensory assault taking place. What might that reason be? This is what I would put my attention on.
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