Exegesis of Besson

In Luc Besson’s delightful film, The Fifth Element (with perfect Mila Jovovich and supreme Bruce Willis), an absolutely evil force, the Shadow, Messenger of Death, comes from Outer Space to destroy human life on our planet. It is impervious to bombs and missiles, and regardless of what people do, it closes in, and its cover ever thicker upon the earth. Yet in order to succeed the Shadow needs some human help. Who will, for personal profit, assist the satanic Shadow in his quest to destroy our Mother Earth? In the best tongue-in-cheek tradition of Swift, Besson gave the monstrous volunteer, that servant-of-profit, a scary name: Zog.

The name of pre-war Albanian King, Zog is one of a few words that kick the fearsome Thought Police of ADL into action, activate FBI like Anthrax, and can send IDF assassins and ARA punks in hot pursuit, for this king – like the Jewish God – does not like his name to be mentioned. This name came back to me with the impending instalment of General Jay Garner as Viceroy of Iraq. Garner received his credentials from the bloody hands of Ariel Sharon: he supported the killing of the Palestinians by signing, in October 2000, a letter that began: “We believe that the Israel Defence Forces have exercised remarkable restraint in the face of lethal violence orchestrated by the leadership of the Palestinian Authority.”[i] The letter was launched by JINSA[ii], “the major link of the Israel lobby, the Washington-based and Likud-supporting Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs”, as defined by Michael Lind of the New Statesman, or “another thinly disguised Israeli espionage and recruiting front”, according to Washington observer Jeffrey Steinberg of EIR[iii]. Signing the letter was a good move on General Garner’ s part: it will give him the rule of Iraq.

However, he will not have too much money at his disposal. Despite ‘NO WAR FOR OIL’ slogans, Iraqi oil won’t make Americans rich. Iraq has a huge national debt – $70 billion to Russia alone – and the Occupation Regime will have to cough it up. Debt to France is over $30 billion, and it will have to be paid. On top of this, the US occupation Administration will have to spend considerable amounts of money on repairing the Iraqi infrastructure, destroyed by sanctions and war, before paying one cent of commission to Dick Cheney and his company. No, this war was not fought for the imperial interests of the US or for its mammoth oil companies.

As the head of the Occupation Administration, Jay Garner’s task is to create a new Iraq, friendly to Israel. The Jerusalem Post, a hard-line Zionist daily published by Conrad Black, friend of Pinochet and Sharon, carried an interview[iv] with one of his wannabe Quislings, Ahmad Chalabi’s right hand man, Musawi.

“Musawi talks enthusiastically of his hopes for the closest possible ties with Israel. There will be no place for Palestinians in the new Iraq, for the large Palestinian community is regarded by INC leaders (and presumably by their Zionist instructors) as a loathsome fifth column. Instead, an `arc of peace’ would run from Turkey, through Iraq and Jordan to Israel, creating a new fulcrum in the Middle East.”

The Occupation Regime in Iraq was installed by the US army in the interests of Zionists, and it may be rightly called ZOG, Zionist Occupation Government if anything. However, this ZOG is also a Zog, a servant of Darkness and Annihilation, for its first step was the destruction of Baghdad’s libraries and museums. A scholar of Zionism, Joachim Martillo, wrote:

“Zionism has long taken a position of stripping target populations of their cultural heritage and turning them into clay[v] so that they can be remoulded in conformance with Zionist ideology”.

My learned friend is right. This week I took myself to a lonely hill near Mesecha, a small village in the heart of Biblical Israel, where a few young ISM activists and villagers helplessly watched the Caterpillar machines uprooting olive trees, smashing lupines, devouring this unique Biblical landscape, home and cradle of the people of Palestine. They did not dare step out in front of the machines, for the American volunteer Rachel Corrie was murdered in similar circumstances, to the deafening sound of silence from Washington. Jeffrey Blankfort, the analyst from California, had good reason for calling Washington “the Zionists’ Most Important Occupied Territory”[vi].

Thus, the burned manuscripts of Baghdad and uprooted olive trees of Mesecha lead to Zog . and to ZOG. This homonymy points to a telling semantic concurrence; as Kuang-Ming Wu said in The Butterfly as Companion: “Words of a sound flock together in sense; like sound, like sense”[vii]. Thus witty Luc Besson, who borrowed the idea of the Five Elements from Socrates, gave us a lesson: “ZOG is Zog”.

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A longer, fuller version of the above article can be found at Israel Shamir’s website:

Retired US Lt. General Jay Garner speaks to media. The 64-year-old general will head the civilian administration that will start the uphill task of rebuilding the nation and prepare the way for an Iraqi government, although no date has yet been fixed for the handover of power(AFP/POOl/Odd Andersen)