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by “Trumpet Player” — (henrymakow.com) Oct 19, 2013

I am 54 and alone. I had never fully figured out why why this is until I found your articles.
I have gone through life trying to love women and failing miserably in my attempts, for the reasons you describe. Women have rejected me for not making enough money, for not being enough of a “man” because I am kind, thoughtful and compassionate, concerned about the greater world, not just myself.
Now, at age 54 I am realizing what I’ve seen in front of me, everywhere, is just complete idiocy. I’ve always felt people need to wake up and have found very, very few who are even striving to do so.
Anyway your thoughts have put major pieces of the puzzle together. I also appreciate you use the terms God and morality without being specific as to the Bible or whatnot. I feel each individual has the ability to sense what is right and wrong and God is a very personal concept each one of us must find, not from a book but from experience.
Your work resonates with my life experience, which has not been “mainstream”. I am a jazz trumpet player by the “right” of having spent 44 years of my life in small rented rooms playing my horn…I was living in an old, small, apartment building  where about 50 other people lived and heard me play, everyday sometimes for 3-4 hours. Everyone said they liked it; small potatoes, I know but when I played I was heard, it helped me psychologically.