Iran Media Leaks Secret Deal Behind Demise Of Baghdad

AN Iranian news agency close to top conservative military figures attributed the fall of Baghdad to a secret tripartite agreement between Saddam Hussein, Russia and the US.

According to the Baztab agency, 13 days after the start of the war, Saddam and Russian intelligence allegedly pledged to hand over Baghdad with minimal resistance to allied forces provided they spared the lives of Saddam and a hundred of his close relatives. The US, for its part, promised to safely send Saddam and his entourage to a third country.

Baztab added that Mohammed Saeed Al Sahaf, Iraqi Information Minister, was instructed to stay in Baghdad until the very last moments to lend the impression that everything in Saddam’s camp was under control. The agency also claimed that Russia gained $5 billion to orchestrate this agreement.

Iran’s state TV, which is under the supervision of the supreme leader, also attributed the fall of Baghdad to a secret deal between coalition forces and the deposed Iraqi president. It aired the fall of Baghdad without showing scenes of Iraqis dancing in the streets. Iran’s supreme leader, Ali Khamenei, said there are serious questions surrounding Saddam’s demise.

Robert Fisk talking to Amy Goodman: ”You know what, I have this absolute fixation that he’s in Belarus, the most horrible ex-Soviet state that exists: Minsk. I tell you why I think this. This is long before the Iran – sorry, Freudian slip – long before the Iraq war, I had this absolute obsession that Minsk – I’ve been to Minsk; it’s a horrible city! It’s full of whiskey, corruption, prostitutes and damp apartments. Very, very favorable to the Ba’ath party of Iraq. And I noticed in the local newspaper here in Beirut, I fear about six or seven weeks ago an article that said that the Olympic committee of Belarus in Minsk had invited Uday Hussein, beloved son of the ‘great ruler of Iraq’, to a chess tournament in Minsk and I thought, My God, this is where they’re going to go. And if you think of all the stories which may be complete hogwash of how they got out by train with the Russian ambassador through Syria, where else to go but Minsk? I actually mentioned it to my foreign desk and my foreign editor said “Off you go to Belarus!” and I said “No please, please, not Belarus! I’ve been there before. It’s awful!” But I do have this kind of suspicion maybe he’s there.”

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