Becoming a Friend of the Ineffable

Visible Origami — Oct 18, 2013

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In the interest of full disclosure, I have to admit that I get pissed off at the ineffable now and again. It’s not long before I’m not upset and without asking, I’m told it’s all forgiven because I was driven to it and had no choice and it wouldn’t have stopped until I reacted anyway. Sometimes this routine seems pretty pointless to me. I can’t figure it out, or hadn’t been able to. I don’t know if it’s a lack of faith (partially, no doubt) or the absence of some quality I lack and ergo the reason it’s all happening in the first place and the reason I’m missing it because I don’t have the magic lens that makes the missing elements appear. Anyway, so I get upset earlier and I get into this conversation about how pointless it all looks to me and how I’m not learning anything from it and, I thought that was the point. That’s where I went wrong.
On a number of occasions the ineffable went out of his/her way to impress upon me that he/she never engages in anything in respect of me and others (depending) unless there’s a very good reason. You’d think I would have secured that understanding as a part of my very being by now but… that hadn’t happened and that is the case with so many things that are the way they are for a very good reason. Everything is under control and I see now that that extends to me. I’ve wondered at length why certain things have happened and now I know.
While I was upset and letting myself be heard, my master/teacher/the ineffable explained to me why certain things were happening and that there was a point, quite close now, where that was going to stop and everything was going to become very different. I was told that I was paying off Karma. Then I flashed, or got flashed back to my birthday about 16 years ago when I was walking around through some overgrown brush at an abandoned airport on Maui. Somehow, I broke my leg, pretty badly too. I’m laying there in terrible pain when ‘the voice’ came into my head and said “Happy Birthday” You just paid a lot of bills!” That broken leg changed my life. It affected my balance, still does. It affects my posture and has caused a degree of scoliosis because it didn’t heal right because the doctor was a moron and now one leg is somewhere around an inch shorter than the other. I’ve got a titanium connector in there. Sometimes it goes off in airports and sometimes it doesn’t. I used to tell myself that doctors were good for something, broken bones for instance. I don’t say that anymore.
My Karma is complicated and I’m not going to go into what I little I know about it, in order to avoid pissing certain personality types off. It isn’t important that the information be public anyway. It doesn’t change any of the cause and effect. There was this yogi that I knew in the area of Woodstock decades ago. His name was Rudrananda. He had an ashram in Shandakan, next to the town of Big Indian. I used to refer to him as The Big Indian cause he was a big guy with a big belly. He wasn’t an Indian. He was a white guy and he had had some kind of a Kundalini experience. Some number of people apparently agreed with him. I never noticed anything unusual about him at all but he might not have been wired to resonate with me. Most of the time I got nothing at all from the various alleged holy men I encountered. On a very few occasions I would feel a kinship and connection.
I bring up Rudrananda because he said he was a garbage burner. He burned up people’s garbage Karma with his Kundalini fire. I didn’t have an opinion one way or another about it. I didn’t know and I left it at that. Rudy, as he was called, died in a small plane crash a few years after I met him.
When we state that appearances are deceiving, we don’t mean that part of what’s going on is hidden, or that the meaning of what we see is distorted by the quality of our desire, which affects our vision. Certainly both of those things are true but what we mean around these parts is that there is a whole lot more going on than meets the eye, depending on the eye that is being met. As has been stated here a number of times but not in some time, we’re all on a spiral stairway and… there are landings that represent the level you are on, or the levels you are between. One could well take more than a lifetime going from one landing to the next or one could traverse a great many stages in one life time. It’s all a matter of passion and determination and this is why Love is so important because Love, Real Love, is the finest passion that can ever be known. No one has ever encompassed it’s length and breadth and certainly not it’s heights and depths, or are those the same (grin)?
This is the meaning of what Krishna says in the Bhagavad-Gita; “success is speedy for the energetic.” If you Love something, love doing something, you’ll be at it all the time because you love it. Another cool feature about love is that it grows. It becomes stronger and more powerful the more that it is exercised.
Let me give an example of something that happens when a person makes Love the focus of their existence. Love is a light. It is an illuminating force so… one who generates more than a certain amount of Love, gives off a degree of light. Once it reaches a certain level of potency, it attracts the attention of angels and any number of those exponents of the positive who are often out of sight in times like these but for many of them, time and space are no hindrance and they can see to great distances both within and outwardly. You get noticed if you do the sort of things that attracts their attention.
This doesn’t mean, doing yoga all day long, or meditating endlessly or any number of acts that one might associate with being on the path to godhead. Everything has to do with the quality of your heart and the measure and quality of your Love. If there is any one thing a person should focus on, it’s not adhering to strict morality, it’s expressing and generating Love …because ‘those who love much are forgiven  much’. God isn’t all that impressed by works and associated efforts. God is impressed by Love and especially if that Love is directed at God. When one has made themselves a perfect servant of the ineffable, the ineffable becomes a perfect servant to them.
A large number of people go to Heaven, relatively speaking, over time. That’s why there are so many lokas. There are a great many Hells too. There are many types of Heavens. Some are completely beyond description. Heavens have parking meters, most of the time. You get a certain amount of time in residence and then it’s back into the flesh pit. I don’t consider that kind of cycling to be a success but to each their own. As I said, there are many Heavens. That’s what Christ meant when he said , “In my father’s house are many mansions. If it were not true I would not have told you so.” It could be a thing of priceless practicality to be able to direct yourself to the place most perfectly grooved for you.
This is what happens when you become a friend of the ineffable. Much fewer people achieve this. It is available to most everyone (or maybe it isn’t. I don’t know) but… for some reason, most people don’t take it under consideration. That is my only consideration. Just as you enjoy certain liberties and joys with your friends that you have here, the same applies to the Friends of God. In my mind, there is nothing higher or more valuable that one can aspire to. This tops the list of the best one can ever hope for. Well, it tops my list.
It amazes me every day that everyone is not fixated upon this goal. I do not understand the logic of their pursuits. Most people seem certifiably insane to me and I suppose the reverse is true as well. I am most happy to be on this particular end of that equation. I do not understand the desire to acquire what you will certainly lose. I don’t understand working so hard to maintain the external appearance of youth, which is impossible and as a result, sacrificing ones sense of youthfulness. Which is more important, looking youthful or feeling youthful? I do not understand choosing senility over regenerated innocence. I don’t understand piling up riches where moth and rust do corrupt. I don’t understand not making the ineffable the centerpiece of your existence, especially because, in fact, it is the centerpiece of your existence so… this is the only In Sync that works.
I am annoyed at myself daily when I find that my attention is not on the ineffable. I tell myself it should be much more of an extended focus. I endeavor to pull my mind back to this as often as I can remember, or am reminded to. “Where your heart is, there your treasure is also.” What is it about people that they can read and hear things like that, nod their head and actually comprehend it and then just go right on with whatever they were doing prior to hearing or reading it? This mystifies me. Many things about people mystify me. I used to be extremely passionate about wanting to reach people and get them to see. I’ve changed in that regard. I figure I’m there if I’m needed, or even useful to begin with and meanwhile I’ll just work on myself or… allow myself to be worked on. It’s like the Operation of the Sun. You don’t have anything to do with it except for cooperating and permitting what is accomplished by the angel who performs it.
There are far too many bright and intelligent people who think they are going to discover the mysteries of the universe by their own efforts. That’s not going to happen. Anything of any real importance is in the hands of certain guardians and they don’t hand it over to the profane and there are all kinds of profane. This is why it is so very important to make invisible friends. They know all about these things. they possess discrimination too. This protects you from unwise choices. Some things might seem both highly righteous and desirable but might not be very good for you in particular.
So, now that I found I’ve been paying bills it makes perfect sense to me. I’m glad to hear it’s not going to go on ad infinitum. I think the only reason I’m actually hearing about it is that it’s coming to term. Before this it was probably preferable that I was mystified and confused rather than feeling pressed down upon and being miserable about having these things still in front of me. There’s a very good reason for all of it and I suppose I’ll have a better idea about that when I get to the next landing.
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This one comes out a little early since I wanted to write it in the evening when my thoughts are in a particular zone. This leaves me the time I would spend on this tomorrow for the radio broadcast.


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