Evolutionary Moonwalkers on the Wheels of Obscenity

Smoking Mirrors — Oct 17, 2013

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May your noses always help you to know where to step.
♫Congratulations Mr.(shudder) President. Congratulations to you Can anyone still doubt it? Can anyone still compile a mature argument against what I am about to present? Certainly not until I present it (grin). ‘We’, my friends and I, have said here ad infinitum, that the fools, clowns and bloated, stick figure, perverts who are running around smacking themselves with pig bladders, provided by the promotional arm of the “Let’s wear Orange for Bladder Cancer.porg”, will gradually and then… more quickly, as the plane of descent increases, turn into ridiculous lampoons and caricatures of themselves. How is it possible that only one person in a particular state could manage (after 7 hours on the telephone and internet) to join up with this Obamacare obscenity against humanity? Who wrote this obscenity? It was the pornographers from the insurance companies, with help from the AMA-Pharmaceutical Combine. You’ve heard of the military industrial complex? They lobby and pressure for wars against nations ill equipped to defend themselves, for the sole purpose of financial profit. Well, the AMA-Pharmaceutical Combine makes war on everyone, also for the sole purpose of financial profit.
The AMA-Pharmaceutical Combine deliberately promote the most expensive and ineffective treatments available. The most highly desirable of these are the ones that take the longest to carry out because? Because, ‘Time is MONEY!” As hard as it may be to believe, whether individual doctors know it or not (or even give a shit), the AMA-Pharmaceutical Combine promotes as many unhealthy lifestyles as possible in order to maximize profits at their end. I’m speaking in terms of the US and UK for the most part. There are countries where doctors still engage in healing pursuits. Heck! There are still countries where a good percentage of the population are more or less sane. the US and the UK would not make this list.
I remember back when the original Max Headroom was president of the United States, as Ronald Raygun. He was, more or less present during his first term; not that that was a good thing and mostly absent in his second term, during which George, Son of Ashtaroth, Bush was running things. As a telling indication of just how seriously mind-fucked the American public was and is, a large percentage of the public believed and still believe that he was a great president. At one point, Ronnie Raygun had an idea shoehorned into the rat and bat infested attic of his cobwebbed and lightless mind. That idea was that the country could save a whole lot of money by closing down all of the mental institutions, except those necessary for the government to keep open, like the White House, Congress, the Justice Department, the FBI, the Supreme Court and others. Raygun argued that the vast majority of these patients did not need to be hospitalized. They could just go home, provided they had one of those and… take their medications and they would be okay. What Raygun and whoever put these ideas in his head overlooked (quite likely intentionally) is that these are crazy people and crazy people don’t take their medication, unless someone in a white coat comes around with a little paper cup and hands it to them; much as what happened with The Astaroth Kid and his Haldol and Ronald McDonald Raygun, with whatever complexity cocktail they were giving him.
So… Raygun and The Bride of Ashtaroth, overnight, created the American Homeless Problem. It was right around this same time that rents started going through the roof all over the raped and looted American landscape. The plotted and planned murder of the middle class was underway and has continued to this day.
Daily Breast Cancer Alert! The most dangerous and pervasive cancer of all is virtually ignored and that is the Cancer of Western Culture. In any case, they create cancer on purpose and the cure for cancer (various cures) have been around a good long time. Most charities are scams and the bigger the charity the bigger the scam. Charities are businesses that feed off of fear and manipulated emotion, attended by the usual assortment of lies.
America cannot survive Obamacare but… that is only one of the ravenous beasts tearing at its hindquarters. The great carcass of what might have been lies rotting in the sun, surrounded by hyenas, vultures and other carrion feeders. This is what I see. What most other people see are lawyers and various official personages shuttling around a large desk stacked with reams of paper; grinning, cackling among themselves, rubbing their cold little hands together and thinking about what percentage of the profit from every page they sign will come to them. Unfortunately for them, as they were blowing their way up the ranks, it never occurred to them to keep in mind the particular emphysema that attends that route.
There are few things as obscene as Western Medicine. Western Medicine is more obscene than Divine eating poodle shit off a Baltimore sidewalk. Western Medicine is more obscene than George Bush Sr. having a Cub Scout sleepover at The in-house, Hotel Carlyle but… it is not as obscene as what Israel has been doing to the Palestinians since 1948. Western markets are driven by the Wheel of Obscenity and the direction and degrees of obscenity are mapped and charted on Wall Street, by the same people responsible for the disappearance of Palestine. Everything is connected, fortunately in some cases and most unfortunately in others …and this all speaks to the force of attachment, which those possessing a particular strand of intelligence, realize is among one of the primary things we need to free ourselves from, while temporarily marooned on this plane, or… the cosmic travel agent is going to keep printing the same destination on every in bound and out bound ticket we get. It’s known as a vicious circle; the majority of us to be known as evolutionary moonwalkers.
We know who owns the press. What we may not know, even though they control both houses of Congress, upper and lower, is that they favor the democrats so… all the news you read now is how the democrats have come out on top in the struggle to do something about the shut down and blaring across the headlines is the news of Mitch ‘Purse Mouth’ McConnell slipping 3 billions dollars worth of pork into his hip pocket. Once corruption has gone past a certain point, it doesn’t matter how much worse it gets. It’s like Stage 4 Cancer. There is no Stage 5.
It’s time for Smoking Mirrors, Bold Predictions. We predict that the Loony Tunes atmosphere that has become so intense that cartoon characters are materializing on the sidewalks (should be fun come Halloween) is about to go into Hyper-Drive. I’ve got it on pretty good authority that a major power front is about to come down on the air heads who think they’re running everything and all their resistance is about to be blown right out of the backs of their heads, at which point they are going to lose all control over everything they had no control over in the first place. It’s an any day now situation and the first evidences of complete loss of self control should be manifesting real soon. I can hardly wait. In concert with this are major scandals and exposes that are going to rock the corridors of entrenched power; one on the heels of the other.
Mr Apocalypse is done lifting up covers and concealments with his walking stick, for a short peek beneath. He’s now going to start ripping them entirely off of what ever is hidden beneath them; tick, tock, tick, tock.
It’s been a long time getting to where we are. It’s going to snatch the breath right out of your lungs with the sudden speed of its materializing.
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Smoking Mirrors looks at much of what the mainstream media ignores. While in Profiles in Evil, he seeks to expose those shrouded in darkness to nature’s most powerful disinfectant, light.

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