Will Illuminati Throw Jews Under the Bus? (Again)

henrymakow.com — Jan 9, 2016

trump as hitlerWe usually think of Jews and the Illuminati as one and the same. But clearly there is a distinction between initiated Cabalist Jews (Illuminati) and the ordinary Jews whom they use as pawns. (The initiated know the plan is to enslave humanity to Satan.)
Resistance, i.e.”anti semitism” appears to be growing. And Jews are acting as though Trump were Hitler and his followers were Nazis. Neo-Nazis are indeed  menacing the Jews in Whitefish MT.  Synagogue stained glass windows are smashed in Philadelphia. Trump’s circle is full of Zionists who sacrificed their fellow Jews in WW2
Is there a scenario where a new wave of anti Semitism could serve the Illuminati once more?
I know this seems farfetched now but I want to remind everyone that the Illuminati did it before, brilliantly.
How Jews were trauma brainwashed —
In 1938-39, just before Europe erupted in an inferno for Jews, all the exits were sealed shut.  The Nazis allowed Jews to leave, but no country allowed them to enter.

Are Jews Being Set Up for Another Holocaust?

by Henry Makow Ph.D. — (Updated from April 14, 2013)

Passengers on SS St. Louis. Jews are also pawns in the illuminati game. Click to enlarge

Passengers on SS St. Louis. Jews are also pawns in the illuminati game. Click to enlarge

In May 1939, the passenger liner “St. Louis” carrying 900 German Jewish refugees was turned away from Havana. The passengers’  costly tourist visas had been revoked by Cuban authorities. The liner lingered near the coast of Florida but FDR refused to let it dock. Reluctantly, the ship returned to Europe where the refugees were divided among four Allied countries, of which three were soon overrun.
The image of unwanted Jews was seared into the collective Jewish psyche. It argued the necessity of a homeland in Israel as insurance against anti-Semitism. Millions of Jews devoted their money and lives to wresting Israel from its rightful owners and building a Jewish sanctuary there. Millions of non-Jews were recruited to this cause. World peace has hung in the balance ever since.
FDR famously said nothing in history happens by accident. Given what we know about Jewish power, it is impossible to believe these refugees were not admitted. The possibility that this gruesome spectacle was staged by Illuminati Jews to manipulate their “lesser brethren”, (and at the same time give them moral impunity,) is repugnant to consider.  But that may indeed have been what happened, and what may be happening again today.


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