The Painfully Silent Genocide of the German People

There is a strange feeling of despair that is sweeping Germany, but as with all things German that cannot be articulated lest they betray a cultural peculiarity incompatible with politically correct sensibilities, nothing is said. It is only sometimes whispered.

The banks in Germany now stand on the verge of collapse and, despite the best assurances of the self-serving financial elite, we all know that hard times are almost upon us. But it’s still a whisper. The international Jewish money power has trashed our substance, thanks to a fiat cash system backed only by the commodity of faith in promissory notes and digits on a computer screen.

In America, the people look to new saviours to rescue them from the disaster that awaits them, a crisis that will most assuredly reveal itself at a personal level on the default of a month’s salary. Clinton, Obama, McCain and Huckabee: swindlers and charlatans willing to perpetuate the Judeo-Freemasonic financial deception and the wars necessary to sustain it.

We know this already in Europe. America has lost its manufacturing base, now exporting little more than destruction and genocide. Although Americans are only now beginning to feel the impact of inflationary incursions on their purchasing power caused by the greed of a handful of rapacious Zionist bankers, millions of Europeans within the Euro-zone have experienced a devastating contraction in purchasing power over the past five years, bringing less food to the table, week by week, month by month.

If your news staple is CNN or the BBC, you are probably unaware that hundreds of thousands of Germans are now suffering a degree of poverty unknown since the days of the Weimar Republic. You’ve probably been sold the story that everything is just swimmingly fine and Germans are among the most affluent people in the world. What your Chosenite journalists (who have a vested interest in selling the myth of German riches to help keep their reparations coffers full) are not telling you, is that vast numbers of ordinary Germans are working for a pittance and finding it almost impossible to feed their families adequately and meet their housing and energy bills.

Although the official statistics and the astonishing lies that point to a ‘buoyant economic recovery’ speak of a nation adequately inured against the worst ravages of poverty and its ability to survive any meltdown on the financial markets, the unspeakable truth is that untold numbers of native German children are now going to bed hungry, deprived of even basic healthcare and a normative standard of education simply because parents are no longer able to pay clinic visitation fees or cover the costs of school meals.

According to the latest AWO-ISS report, 10 percent more German children fell below the poverty line in 2006. Wages in real terms (minus inflation) retain the same purchasing power they had in 1987. To make matters worse, the despised euro has cut consumer purchasing power in half. Between 2001 and 2005, the cost of most food products was reported to have risen by almost 100 percent, despite the bare-faced, criminal protestations to the contrary on the part of the former Minister of Finance, Hans Eichel, who was himself recently found guilty of tax evasion.

Just two weeks ago, an unemployed 58-year-old man, unable to live with dignity on the paltry ‘Hartz IV’ social security benefits he claimed after losing his job was found dead in Sollingen. He had starved to death. On 19 April 2007, police discovered that a mother and son, unable to survive on state benefits, had also met with the same fate. Such cases are by no means rare.

Although social security payments are sufficient to put bread and jam on the table, there remains little else with which a man may claim for himself a modicum of dignity. The government has now chosen to repress all news reports relating to recipients of Hartz IV payments who end up committing suicide or who perish through malnutrition. Anecdotal reports suggest that hundreds of people have died.

As a palliative, the government allows recipients to supplement their meagre handouts with so-called ‘one-euro-per hour jobs’ (if they can find them), adding insult to injury and making of creative human beings nothing more than state-dependent slaves working for exploitative hire sharks.

And yet millions of German tax euros find their way onto the credit sheets of Tel Aviv banks that act as agents for the increasing number of Jews miraculously still alive and claiming compensation for an alleged ‘holocaust’ said to have occurred around 64 years ago. Even the grandchildren of the ever-burgeoning numbers of ‘survivors’ are getting in on the act, claiming that their parents’ horror stories have traumatised them to such an extent that only financial compensation can act to relieve their incomparable distress.

Whenever I travel to Berlin, Munich, Hamburg or Basle, I note without almost any exception that those who are able to pay premium rates on almost anything they desire are not German. Since 1992, I have witnessed the remorseless slide of German citizens into a class that is now placed somewhere between second and third. I despise Berlin the most for its profligacy in extending financial extravagances to large numbers of newly arrived Jews who contribute absolutely nothing to German culture and come here only to despise, belittle and destroy everything that is decent and worth caring for.

In the 1970s, for strategic anti-communist purposes, Germans were beneficiaries of one of the most generous welfare systems in the world. Today they are suffering humiliating levels of poverty unseen since the period 1945 to 1948, during which time the British and American occupying forces vindictively denied millions of Germans access to food, clean water and medicine (a war crime that led to the deaths of over three million citizens).

Last week, the German mainstream media hailed with great fanfare the findings of an overpaid German parliamentarian purporting to show that an unemployed German and his family could live reasonably well on discount food purchased at one of Germany’s cut-price stores. Thillo Sarrazin, a slippery international socialist with a taste for the good life and a member of the SPD’s Friends of Israel, devised a dietary plan based on outdated inflationary figures. His calculations left out necessities such as toothpaste, soap, disinfectant and toilet paper, and physicians criticized the diet as singularly lacking in essential minerals and vitamins.

On the same day, the German foreign ministry agreed to bolster its commitment to fighting Israel’s war in Afghanistan by spending an extra 1.5 billion euros on troop deployments. It was a decision made in response to an overtly aggressive letter penned by an American thug called Robert Gates who passes himself off as the ‘US Secretary of Defense’. More aid was earmarked for Israel, although no figures were specified.

And all this at a time when German banks are set to crash under the weight of the cascading sub-prime derivatives collapse caused by New York’s financial Shylocks, costing German taxpayers yet more pain in terms of increased taxation and higher rates of inflation.

Vast sums of cash are also being channelled into projects to promote multicultural ‘community action programmes’ whereas budgets have gone beyond their limits in accommodating the financial needs of German-hating immigrants. Foreign aid to corrupt African and Asian states has been increased for the third year running.

The City of Berlin, meanwhile, sees no need for fiscal restraint when it comes to funding gay and lesbian projects designed to induct schoolchildren in ‘homosexual awareness’, regardless as to the many protestations made by angry parents who are subject to prosecution should their children skip such classes.

While millions of Germans are going without work, real nourishing food, properly funded schools and adequate security for localities plagued by foreign gangsters who think nothing of murdering seniors on subways because “he looked at me the wrong way”, no end of taxpayers’ money can be found for those who work tirelessly to debase natural European values and destroy the host nation.

There is now existent within Germany a loathing for the ruling political class that, for the moment, does not translate into any form of national revolutionary resistance. People are afraid. They are afraid of losing their jobs. They are afraid of being labelled politically incorrect. They are afraid of the Holocaust Inquisition. They are afraid of losing their children to the state for expressing views that could have them certified as mentally unstable.

Elections are routinely rigged and everyone knows it. The Zionist media, of course, remains silent on the issue, preferring instead to distract citizens with nauseous game shows that require of contestants self-abasement and a high pain-threshold in exchange for the promise of an exotic holiday.

There are times when I sit alone on my balcony by moonlight and gaze out over the fir trees toward the pastures, shrouded in mist and lost in the silence of a village forfeit in time, and I wonder if this is the world in which I was meant to be born.


Mike James, an Englishman, is a former freelance journalist. He has been resident in Germany since 1992 with additional long-haul stays in East Africa, Poland and Switzerland.

Mike James, an Englishman, is a former freelance journalist resident in Germany since 1992 with additional long-haul stays in East Africa, Poland and Switzerland