Voice of the White House February 25, 2008

“Politics is now all the vogue in the American press. It doesn’t matter if the economy is going to hell in a hand basket, we all get to hear the latest thrilling news about the Oscars, JayLo’s babies, the latest Spears craziness, and, of course, Hillary and Obama dukeing it out in Texas. The money here is on Obama. He has outfought, out organized and out talked Hillary. I have met her and while she is very smart, she is a mean, conniving and establishment-bought and paid for witch. She hates men, is very sharp and totally a sell-out. But the thing that shocks me is the elevation of John McCain to the Republican presidential nominee. Inside the Beltway, McCain is known to be going over the edge mentally (see the Green Zone Follies linked here, ed.) and just another sleazy politician on the take. John is coasting on his “war record” which really has been overblown but mentally, he is losing it. Everybody on the Hill also knew about Mark Foley and his frantic lustings after underage Congressional male pages but no one ever opened their mouths until after he was outed. Look, Mommy, at what the Republicans have wrought! Fruits and nuts!”

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