A World of Flaming Shit and Shake n’ Bake Truths

Smoking Mirrors — Oct 14, 2013

Dog Poet Transmitting…….
May your noses always be cold and wet.
Alex Jones just keeps getting worse and worse. He’s been outright lying for some time and most especially fear-mongering; a true rabblerouser, raking in the bucks, as do his comrades in arms, some of whom have been named here a time or two. Here he is, or his organization, doing a Fox News Thing, which is running a sensational headline where the content doesn’t add up to anything more than, “Boy what a waste of time.” Maybe I didn’t see whatever it was. I might have blinked once or twice but… I’m not going to go watch it again. I try not to get too much Alex Jones, if any …because it causes a certain kind of Chakra burn. The Crass Media, on the other hand seems to activate the Riddle of the Sphincter; luckily I have solved that riddle, otherwise I might have to deal with routine, bowel loosening experiences. Well, it makes sense. The Crass Media (wholly Zionist owned or compromised) is leavened with so much shit, such a godawful amount of shit, that any contact with it sets up a sympathetic chain reaction. I imagine any number of sincere souls over the years have been compelled to wash up and change their clothing as a result of having, unfortunately read, some version of The Daily Talmud or watched it on TV. It can be a real drag when you have company over. It doesn’t happen in the wider brainwashed enclaves. There’s some kind of synced-up thing that happens in those locations. I suspect that when you voluntarily ingest shit on a daily basis and to a certain extent, it militates against the impetus to expel it.
Our biggest looming threat on the planet at this time is not Global Warming (which is a different kind of shit but… still shit). It’s not the ongoing lack of potable water, or even the continuing threat of World War 3. It’s the very high flammability of shit in all it’s various forms. There is no product on Earth that is produced on the same scale as Shit. Most people have no idea how many different things are made of shit. Since The Tribe is the major supplier of Shit in most of its forms, it is no wonder that they are fascinated with the item and the means of its production to a sexual extent.
Shit… mountains and mountains of Shit; smoking shit, threatening to combust, acres of shit drying in the sun. Shit to the left of us! Shit to the right of us! Into the Valley of Shit marched so many millions.
It’s not just the physical shit that is increasing by thousands of tons a day. It’s the other kinds of shit that make the very air we breathe flammable. I’m talking about all the people talking shit. Even the President of the United States talks shit all day long. so does everyone who works for him. So does many of his counterparts around the world. However, the most ominous critical mass is centered in The Crass Media, publishing and and entertainment industry, the music industry and The Art World and the same shit slickers are nose deep in them all.
We are in grave danger. The combination of certain opportunistic conditions, could turn large portions of the Earth into instant conflagrations. Think of the spiritual implications of passing out of this world in a cloud of flaming shit. It doesn’t sound good. No doubt some amount of readers think I’m kidding here. I am not. We are rapidly approaching the stage where we will be shit out of luck, or floating down the Mary River in a shit canoe without a paddle.
Yes we have Breast Cancer Awareness Month, produced and promoted by the massive international industries that feed off of the cancer created by other arms on the Globo-Octopus Industrial Complex. They’re high profile and raking in the bucks. They’re even auctioning off the various pink accessories used by the football players who were blackmailed into wearing this shit. Very little cancer is going to be cured by this bullshit, money scamming circus. They’ve had the cure for cancer for a long time but… THERE’S NO MONEY IN CURING CANCER! There is only money in stretching out the treatment of cancer until every last cent possessed by the one suffering from it is sucked off or siphoned out of them. It’s a fact that most people spend 90% of everything they have in the last year of their life on outrageous medical expenses. The people in the shit businesses that profit from this know all about it. That is why they are at war with the natural cures sector of the still sane populace. Here’s a good yardstick that is mostly always true. If the government makes something against the law, it is probably much less toxic for you than the poisons being marketed by the corporations that control the government. If it’s against the law, it is usually worth looking into as being something useful.
You may have heard that the world is full of shit. I’m hear to tell you, “exactamundo.” The biggest problem is the quality of shit. There used to be a much higher and less flammable form of shit that pervaded the Earth. These days the shit is composed of the cheapest and most noxious ingredients available. Even the old school shitmeisters are aghast at the level of crap that makes up the composition of contemporary shit. Like ‘Olaf’s Son’ I must declare, “There is some shit I won’t eat.” But… put it out on The Big Buffet Table on Main Street and it’s all spoons and elbows There are great steaming piles of shit everywhere. There are enormous hog lagoons of shit all over the South. It’s not just your generative organs that are below the Bible Belt, your excretory organs finalize there as well. They raise these pigs in cages where they can’t stand up. They spend their miserable lives lying on their sides. Somehow they collect all of this shit and create great lakes of it. I’m talking about great lakes of fire, potentially.
Why is there such a massive consumption of pork all over the world except in those places where they have the good sense not to eat it? That particular species is the main reincarnation form of this time zone. Well, it makes sense doesn’t it? When selfishness and mindless consumption are rampant, surely this is what follows.
Everything in the cosmic sense is neat and tidy, whether you can see it or not.
When one’s thoughts are generally shit, fascinated by and focused on shit, it stands to reason that at some point your brain turns to shit and then begins to generate shit, in concert with all surrounding shit and because this tends to make you one with your environment, you’re just as harmonious and satisfied as all get out, except you can’t get out. Not that that is a pressing objective. People caught up in the massive dance hall of glittering shit don’t really identify it. They just dance and whoop it up saying, “Yeah baby, this is the shit!”
If you look closely, very closely, you can actually see shit flowing out of Obama’s mouth as he speaks. You can see a cloud of shit particles suspended around the head of Janet Napolitano, James Clapper and General Alexander. The largest army of shit zombies that the world has ever seen are on the planet at this time. Seriously, expect a whole lot of spontaneous combustion in the near future.
You could say we’re in deep shit. Seen from a certain broader perspective, where they mostly can’t see shit, that is probably true; more true there than elsewhere where people can see the shit and are none too happy about it, meaning they are not as happy as a pig in shit. It is disheartening that there are so few of us that can see the shit, or who give a shit. It makes one despair of a positive conclusion to the matter. Many of the people protesting against the government in D.C. are doing it because they want to go back to work. As long as they get to do that, they won’t care about any of the rest of it. “I just want mine! I don’t care what happens anywhere else!” ♫I I Me Me Mine♫ Unless the root problems are addressed, nothing is going to be okay eventually. So many people are all ready and eager to fix everything with duct tape and chewing gum. “We’ll worry about it tomorrow.”
I am reminded of Paracelsus announcing that he was going to reveal the First Matter of the alchemists, finally pulling away the covering to display a turd. He was not factually incorrect though, like so many things, there’s a lot more to it. It’s always the details that murk up the easy passage expected by so many. The passage is not easy. Don’t shit yourself (stay away from the Crass Media). Those choosing the higher road are tried and tested and the numbers diligently weeded out. If you’re not one hundred percent committed, you’ll be funneled or channeled back the way you came. That’s how it works. These days this is especially so. The amount of poseurs and false teachers is larger than has ever been seen before in recorded history. The number of scams and instant enlightenment grooves of Shake ‘n Bake Truth is huge. How do you find your way? Try heading inward as opposed to outward..
Well, I can’t see where I can say more and add anything to this… whatever it is so, I’ll just sail off into the afternoon and see what’s next. Mind how you go and watch your step. There’s shit everywhere these days.
End Transmission…….
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