The Victim as Moral Zombie — June 15, 2018

cartman south park
I was reminded of this 2003 essay by a recent episode of South Park where Cartman’s girlfriend Heidi says she is tired of “being a victim.”  She says victimhood has turned her into a moral zombie who does evil with impunity.  Women, sexual and racial minorities are manipulated this way.  
9-11 tricked Americans to think they are victims of terror who can invade the world in pursuit of “terrorists.”

by Henry Makow Ph.D — (from 21/4/2003)

If I wanted to brainwash and manipulate a segment of the population, I would convince them they were victims. Illuminati Communists (liberals, socialists) have been using this trick for centuries.
Human beings are predisposed to victim status. It’s like saying, you deserve better. Who can argue?
Usually, it’s easy to support this proposition, easy to blame someone for our problems. Often grievances are legitimate but they are just pretexts for the elite to drive a wedge into society.
There is another perk. For some reason, “victims” are conferred a higher moral status. They become Saintly, faultless and immune to criticism.
Historically victims have been the working class and Blacks. Today, victims include Jews/Zionists, homosexuals, feminists and after 9-11, Americans.
Victimhood transforms people. They become motivated, self-righteous and regimented. A complex world is reduced to black and white: Good against Evil, “us against them.” Morally and intellectually, they become zombies.
They no longer can think in terms of humanity as a whole. When I have written that the Illuminati are using feminist, gay or Zionist activists, they think I am criticizing women, gays, and Jews. I am not. They spew obscenities and accuse me of hatemongering.
I am talking about the effect of these movements on society. But they don’t care about anyone but their own “oppressed” group. They don’t care if society is destroyed as long as they get their way.
Sound like children? Victimhood is a form of arrested development. Caring about other peoples’ needs is the basis of morality. It is synonymous with personal and social development.


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