Alice Munro – Nobel Prize Winner is no Tolstoy — Oct 13, 2013

If Henry Kissinger and Barack Obama can win the Nobel Peace Prize, we shouldn’t be surprised that a depressive who depicts middle class Canadian life as tawdry and banal should last week receive the 2013 Nobel Prize for Literature.
Thus, the Nobel Prize Committee promotes a demeaning materialistic image of life, as opposed to one that sees man as having a Divine Creator and a spirit that seeks the Eternal.

Christian Lorentzen has surveyed Munro’s oeuvre and describes what now passes for great literature.
“Reading ten of her collections in a row has induced in me not a glow of admiration characters, and like them I got sadder. I grew attuned to the ways life is shabby or grubby…” but a state of mental torpor that spread into the rest of my life. I became sad, like her

“Poor Rose”

by Christian Lorentzen

(London Review of Books, June 2013) (Edited/abridged by

There’s something confusing about the consensus around Alice Munro. Her critics begin by asserting her goodness, her greatness, her majorness or her bestness, and then quickly adopt a defensive tone, instructing us in ways of seeing as virtues the many things that might be considered shortcomings…

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