On the Brink of Irresistible Change

Visible Origami — Oct 13, 2013

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There are no accidents in Nature or ourselves. That’s how I look at things like this (I don’t like this website, the owner is in an advertising frenzy and anyone who chases money that hard comes up suspect in my mind). If it wasn’t clear before, it should be clear now, the astral larvae monsters, ensconced in their hidey holes, are bringing the heat down on their temporal representatives. Cutting off food stamps to the indigent population is a surefire way to galvanize the population into a reaction. Not being able to eat is much more provocative than not having somewhere to stay.

As has been said here many times, it is going to be harder in some places than others. Nowhere else that I know of do they arrest or fine you for feeding the hungry. It’s a given, in times of material darkness, that being well short of material excess can very quickly put you in a bind. The generous heart, never highly prominent in such times, closes down even more so as self interest increases. I’ve lived on the margins many times, due to my pursuits and distaste for the games one must play, in order to move up in the pecking order. I’m not much further away from the margins at the moment. I could have been but the price is too high. Luckily for some of us we have a certain assurance of continuance, based on our faith in the ineffable.

Part of the problem for The Toxic Elite, is in the ever increasing rise of awareness, courtesy of Mr. Apocalypse. This is impacting on all ‘theaters’ of operation but is most especially undesired by the toxic offenders in a few choice areas. One of them is the ever increasing outcry, concerning who did 9/11. This is best exemplified on the billboards and other public areas of New York City and across the internet. Another is the ever increasing pressure on Satanic Israel via BDS and a growing public awareness concerning what vicious psychopaths they are. This backlashes upon all the government whores and stooges who are on their payroll, which payroll they have a massive control over, via their ownership of The Central Banks.

As has been said here many times, rap music was created for the purpose of generating particular social tensions, as well as elevating and legitimizing perversity. One shouldn’t be too surprised at this. He wouldn’t have gotten anywhere near this point if he hadn’t made the deal earlier but…what would Carlyle want with such a thing? I can think of various uses here and so can you. The whole industry is riddled with Chinga-bots. You can find out interesting things about some of these creatures, private life wise, if you research a bit. The internet is fascinating and fantastic, as well as comprehensive in certain respects. Just because it doesn’t hit the headlines doesn’t mean it isn’t going on.

So… from that last series of pictures we can probably assume that there is an operative, kinda secret, society thing that is going on in certain industries. This sort of thing has been going on in the U.K. for a long time, starting off early in the education zone. They look for bright and promising students coming up through the ranks. Many of the dons at the elite universities are connected to intelligence services. Sure, it’s been going on in the U.S. for a long time too.

Sometimes I think about those entertainment figures who accept a knighthood from the black widow of the black nobility. It gets them off to have people call them Sir This or That. It’s a guarantee I’ll never get into that society cause I wouldn’t use that title if I ran into them. Of course, I wouldn’t wear a 60,000 dollar watch like the Dali Lama either. His time must be very preciousssss. This is what you get in the Kali Yuga, widespread corruption all up and down the ranks. Even those of us that fight against the propensity within ourselves generally wind up with mixed results.

These last days, coming out of a gruesome period of not that long ago, I’ve found my awareness much more focused than before as well as my tendency to sit with empty mind, with my attention on conscious reliance on the ineffable. During this recent period I was getting pretty down on myself, looking back at my inconsistent efforts and periods where I went off the rails. I found myself momentarily despairing of coming to a good conclusion based on what I was seeing. At that point one of my invisible friends came in and said, “C’mon visible, look at how many people love you and how very few do not. Look at the work you do and where your attention is much of the time.” I thought about it but it still didn’t satisfy me.

I really think about these things a lot.; How can I improve overall, while still retaining the right amount of controversial reactiveness (grin). Some things that happened seemed so completely beyond my control that even much later looking back at it, I still can’t see my way past what I remember about the forces engaged and… so I have been told as well, “there’s nothing you could have done about it. I’m running the show and everything I bring about, I bring about for a very good reason, as you will find out, later, up the way.”

The human mind is a funny thing and that’s why I’ve put so much energy into seeking control of it. I know many of you have been no less diligent. I suppose a lot of these difficulties are brought about in order to force more compassion out of me, concerning so many of the rest that are trapped in the web of delusion. I’ve considered other avenues of approach, containing less reproach but… it’s compassion that already forces me to rail about and shout, “Wake up!!!” Sometimes I think a lot of the people with all that new age tolerance of everything and all the role playing of continuous smiles about everything, are just the safest hedge against potential criticism and a loss of income. Things are not all shiny and sweet. There are real monsters and predators out there and they’ve got that 24/7 media machine blaring out nonsense without pause.

I walkabout this world, those parts of it that I see and I see what I see. I see people going through the motions and laboring under the chronic hangups that they’ve been giving a free ride to through their lives. I note the enthusiasm, occasionally, of the young and, increasingly, the dissatisfaction and disappointment as well. I see the grim visages of those entering into the later stages of life. There are fewer smiles but- thankfully- over here they are not as rare as I suspect they now are in other places. It seldom occurs to me that I am any age at all. I still get about as I always have but… I do notice that I am the only one who walks down the street singing to myself. I know that’s a more likely thing in Latin cultures but I am not in one of those.

So much of the lightness of being has departed from the common element. Paranoia and suspicion seem to have gotten an upgrade in force. General depression has become pervasive and is behind all those toxic anti-depressants. We are either on the verge of a tremendous upheaval, resulting in powerful reactions against the the psychopathic elite, or it is set to plunge down to yet another level before that comes about. Ultimately the reaction, the worldwide reaction, is inevitable. Even now the twisted swine behind all of this unpleasantness are busy calculating the relative effectiveness of various schemes. One scheme is to simply, very drastically, reduce a significant portion of the world’s population. There’s too many people for them to manage much beyond where they’ve brought it all to. The False Flag schematic is very dicey because of Mr. Apocalypse and his walking tour. They know, deep down, that they’ve gotten away with so much that the odds are they will quite possibly screw it up if they continue.

The biggest problem is that we are dealing with psychopaths devoid of conscience. The human aspect does not enter into their considerations. There’s nothing they wouldn’t do, given the opportunity to get away with it. Consonant with all of this, the game board is so complex. There are so many balls in the air. There is serious opposition also in the interplays between those in the service of The Dark Lord. There are all kinds of factions in the mix and betrayal and backstabbing are very much a part of all of their arsenals. It doesn’t take a whole lot of pressure before this starts to happen and it is amplified by the emergent whistleblowing that is manifesting out of those, retaining some amount of integrity and character and who have seen enough, knowing full well that if they don’t say anything they may well go down with the rest. I imagine it is much more tense behind the scenes then we might think. The shutdown dance between the two parties is protracted and intense. A great many of the players do not like Obamacare and that is the gorilla in the room. It can go a number of ways. The world teeters on the edge. We seldom realize how very quickly the whole of appearing reality can change. It can change very quickly. I once read a scientific paper about what could happen in New York City if all the power went off. They said that half the population would be dead after 3 days. I thought that pretty absurd at the time. I don’t know what to think now. I know what happens to supermarket shelves when disasters hit.

Let’s end this treatise on a positive note. None of us actually know where any of this is headed. We should know that it’s all under control so… there’s a conscious motivation and strategy being employed from the unseen realms. A great deal of what may or may not happen depends on us. What we think and say and do and don’t think and don’t say and don’t do, has tremendous impact on what will come to pass. In my passage through time I have encountered many fine people. I’ve also had my eyes opened by the incredible capacity for duplicity in some people. Along with that, I’ve observed the herds in their mindless passing from one cheap entertainment to another; doesn’t look like a positive note, I’m thinking (grin). It’s my belief though that we are judged and dealt with individually. Even when many of us go down in a disaster, we all put ourselves there. Real and dramatic change awaits every moment. Every moment we are in a position to change everything that presently awaits us. For most people the capacity to change is often beyond their capacity, which is why Mr. Apocalypse shows up in the first place. Now and again, we can make a difference in the lives of others but… most assuredly we can always make a difference in our own.

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