Voice of the White House February 20, 2008

“Another of Bush’s plans gone smash to hell recently. He thought he had Pakistan in the bag. He bought their president Musharraf with huge amounts of money so he would “make war on the terrorists there” who were using Pakistani territory to train fighters for use in Afghanistan . It never was more that a silly farce because the Paki army was terrified of the Taliban and Musharraf and his fascist chums, stole billions and did nothing while the loony Bush and the nuts in the Pentagon PR department bleated about how successful they were. They weren’t and we know it. Now, the people of Pakistan rose up and threw all of them out. The leader won’t go so why doesn’t Bush get the CIA to stop flying people around to be tortured to death and use one of their bloody cargo planes to fly Musharraf and his gold bars to Switzerland as they have done before. Pinochet in Chile and now this joker in Pakistan . Our murderers by proxy. Eventually, the people of Pakistan will drag this sack of dung out of his office and set him on fire in the street. If they do, Bush might take a lesson from it. Cheney is trying to get Bush to send massive troop numbers into Pakistan to, according to the staff memo I read yesterday, “stiffen resistance and aid in attacking” the evil Taliban. This is funny as hell because the U.S. doesn’t have any combat ready troops. They are either dead, terribly injured in rotting vet’s hospitals or hiding in Ireland (7,000 deserters are in Ireland but we don’t talk about that in the controlled press, do we?) We could be invaded by Eskimos and they would take Nashville before the local Boy Scouts drove them off. Way to go, pinhead!”

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