The Sinnergogues and the Mannischewitz at the Circlejerk De Soleil

Smoking Mirrors — Oct 11, 2013

Dog Poet Transmitting…….
May your noses always be cold and wet.
Well, ‘Push and Shove’ are getting together for a little hoedown this weekend. Charlie Daniels and his band are rehearsing in one of the Senate meeting rooms. They’re rewriting an old favorite, now entitled, “The Devil Came Down to D.C.” also reworking an old Clapton song, “Tears in Heaven”, now entitled “Humjobs in Hades”. They’ll definitely be wanting ice cubes in the cheeks for those. Way down under the band rehearsal room, members of Congress will be celebrating a Friday Night Black Mass, led by the minister of mayhem, Schlomo Baal. Half a dozen young boys and girls are on an Amber Alert from National Cathedral School and St. Albans. ♫Dead in the wind, (never coming back again), all they are is dead in the wind♫ You’ll be seeing their pictures on Red Bull cans all over the Metro Area. Leperchauns are dancing, as well as they can with a missing limb here and there. Atonal recorder music is weaving dirge like fantasies through the no headroom room. The effect is so powerful that Obama is sporting wood way down Constitution Avenue, so is Dickhead Cheney, who dropped by for the cannibal dinner. Condolezzie Rice is playing the piano, dressed in a neoprene Waffen SS outfit, with Jimmy Choo motorcycle boots. She’s playing a rewritten version of “Bringing in the Sheaves”, now tilted, “Slaughtering the Sheeps.” General Alexander is a tad too proud of his ragged baritone and dominates the room. Nobody seems to care much, they’ve been snorting Coke and dehydrated fetus shavings since the night before during their brainstorming session; what to do about the truckers.
It’s not just the truckers they have to be concerned with now. It’s the million man veterans, the million man V masks, the million man/woman metrosexuals, who are concerned about the effect of inflation on the cosmetic industry so… they’re not actually on board with the general state of dissatisfaction but they will add noise and nonsense to the general chaos, as will the million man Minotaurs, the million man Munchhausen’s, the million chick Retards, with the pink balls on the backs of their sneakers and few million of this and that.
The paramilitary police have been getting double doses of mystery chemicals in their MRE’s. They’re pumped up like thousands of Riddicks, waiting on the bounty hunters from space. Looks like their hyena dogs have been getting their portion too. They’re all howling at the buffoon moon that rises every ten thousand years and as always we get it in multiples when Mr. Apocalypse comes to town, like Blue Moon-wise. It’s scary is what it is. The vampire elite know they can’t just ‘let it all go down’ but… if they over react, which they will… uh oh, uh huh. Yes, this is one of the main features of Evil in forced decline- supreme over reaction. It’s the final segments of “The Lost Goys”. This episode is called, “the Wolf Shepherd Shag.”
Saturnalis is coming… but first we got All Hallows Eve. It’s that time again, ‘things that go bump in the night’ time. The bones of dead children will rattle in the wind of not so silent screams, deep in the bowels of The Vatican and all satellite stations. ♫I’ll Have a Feel Yah♫ is resounding through the Sinnergogues. Jeroboams of Mannischewitz mystery blood, are frosty on the shaved ice. Baphomet went to Brazil and got himself a bikini wax job for all the upcoming festivities. Anti-Life imitates fashion and evil imitates good but does a very bad job of it, sort of like how Orcs are a perversion on elves.
One of the down and coming Satanic clowns, Governor Chris Christie out of New York is doing the beer barrel polka, He’s got that barrel secreted in his abdomen. It’s got a time release leak system so that he can always be ♫a jolly good fellow, that only the sane deny♫ He’s the kind of guy that dresses up like Santa Claus on Halloween cause it’s just a costume, sort of like The Pope; speaking of which it was nice to see a German Arch-Bishop not buying into that faux austerity and spending 25 million pounds on his dwelling. The new Horse Manure Pope says that they should strip themselves of “vanity, arrogance and pride”. The general response was, “Sure, we’ll strip cause baby, we’re going down to Buggertown. Don’t know much about that vanity, arrogance and pride, never heard of them before.” That sounds about right. That’s a nice photo of The Pope. He looks like he’s got a couple of altar boys hidden in his cheeks. That might mean bunkbeds on either side from the look of the size of them. the Pope says they got to pay more attention to the poor, since they are primarily responsible for the poor, I think that’s a good idea. It’s not going to happen ‘because’ it’s a good idea but hey, that’s showbiz in the world’s largest drag revue. They’re thinking of naming it the Circlejerk de Soleil in honor of one of The Popes favorite boy toy extravaganzas. Gee, you think I’m coming down too hard on certain subjects? If there were a more balanced coverage of all this obnoxious shit, I would probably back off but… until that day, it stays this way. I don’t know how many times I’ve had to say that none of what I have to say is a judgment on gay people per se. They are the most intelligent and side splitting humorous group I’ve ever encountered. They got that ‘cutting eye’ and when they skewer someone (pun not intended) it can be uproariously funny. It’s the pernicious political angle with bad intentions that I don’t care for. My perception is that everyone passes through all phases of human experience and those experiences can be furthering or not, depending on attitude, intention and acquired capacity to let go. Ultimately, one has achieved ultimate success, when one is capable of letting go altogether. See, if you can’t let go, something has you captured. If you can, you’re free and that’s what liberation is all about.
It’s been said here many times, the deeper you go into the darkness, the more confined it gets and the hotter it gets. Pressure creates heat. The further you go in the other direction, the less confining it becomes and you discover the essence of Cool.
Here’s where the gen pop presently abides in terms of their inglorious leaders. It’s not that far off from the hanging Lampposts of Neo-Babylon. Not to be outdone, the talking heads, who are the catamite offspring of the corporate control center that runs the whole board, under the relentless gaze of the lidless eye, are making sure they keep pace with the power junkie jerks. And… at Hellstorm Central, it’s business as usual, of course. So, it’s a natural expectoration that Crass Media would take a deep dive into the ghastly, vomit bag of irony to keep the Chosen Ticks ticking. More likely it’s to distract from the inflexible slamdunk dung of yet another Tribe vampire in charge of the ghost money (lies, lies and more lies) and… therefore, directly in control of most of your material plane difficulties.
Digression alert; and how about those Giants? Hopefully it’s a virus and can make its way to Denver before long.
One of the main conditions, always in play these days, is irony and here’s a classic case of it. If only 99% of all research would dry up and blow away. People, a golden age is coming. Granted it’s a mini golden age, as befits what you would expect when we are somewhere in the Kali Yuga, or on the outskirts of departure from the same. Some say we’ve left it but, my position is that you haven’t left anything when it is still in progress as the same. People can feel free to argue that as much as they want, given how intense their wishful thinking is but… my suggestion as ever, is, when you’re wishing in one hand, always be sure to keep an eye on the possible contents of the other hand. I want to be as optimistic and positive as anyone but I don’t like lying to myself. I might as well go to work for The Climate Change Industry in that case or hang out with Paul and Mick at the Milan Fashion Show, for whatever their reasons may be.
Cheer up comrades, the more ridiculous and outrageously stupid it gets, the closer we are to the anticipated conclusion. They haven’t gotten to the fullness of their insanity yet. We’re still due a monster-load of amusement yet. One thing they can’t abide is scorn, no more so than their real master can. So… scorn is what we have. Could it possibly be anything else, given how it’s been?
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