NATO, Afghanistan and the ‘all about oil’ myth

One of the most persistent myths of this phony ‘War on Terror’ is that it’s all about oil. Admittedly, it makes intuitively sense. Why else would the ‘Axis of Greed’ spend billions and trillions to invade and occupy a pile of dust and stones such as Afghanistan and Iraq under some flimsy excuse? It must have been for some vital, geo-strategic interest, right? What should raise our suspicion though is the fact that this ‘all about oil’ story was brought to us not only by the dissident media but also by the likes of former Federal Reserve Bank Alan Greenspan. [1]


Satan’s little helpers

I agree that the occupation of Iraq was – to some extent – about oil, or to be more precise, oil for Israel. [2] The restoration of the Irkusk-Haifa pipeline and the location of the main U.S. troup concentrations along that pipeline make that abundantly clear. Given the imminent financial collapse of the US., the Jews-only state is in desperate need of a new goose that lies golden eggs. The current is about to die. Another important motivation, one the Jewish controlled media of course won’t talk about, is the fulfilment of the century old Zionist dream of a ‘Greater Israel’ from the Euphrates to the Nile. It’s only a question of time until the U.S. will declare that they can no longer afford to occupy the country, and Satan’s little helpers will be more than happy to chip in.


Afghani ‘oil’

But what about Afghanistan? Are there any ‘undiscovered’ plentiful oil fields we don’t know about? The fairy tale of having to control the country because of a planned oil pipeline just doesn’t cut it for me. It’s not like the Axis of Greed and the Taliban regime didn’t get along. They were just haggling about how to share the opium profits. When the Talibans shut down production by over 95%, the Axis of Greed acted swiftly. They made bored Saudi billionaire’s son and CIA destabilisation specialist Bin Laden – who happened to be the guest of the Taliban government – the fall guy for 9/11 and used him as a pretext to occupy the country. 12 months later, Afghani opium production was bigger than ever before, making up for the lost year of production, and 90% of the country back under Taliban control[3]. The British government is even building trainings camps for Taliban fighters[4] ensuring they do a good job at the guardians of the valuable crop.


Britain’s World-Wide Narcotics Franchise

It shouldn’t surprise that the NATO troops in Afghanistan are lead by a British commander. The Windsors and the Rothschilds have been controlling the world-wide narcotics business for almost two centuries. One of the most profitable businesses to be in, courtesy of government enforced monopoly protection, illegal drug trade is a world wide franchise financing our shadow governments. A staggering 90% is controlled by government agencies such as CIA, Mossad and MI5.[5] The rest is licensed to what’s commonly known as the Kosher Nostra: The Russian mafia, international bike gangs such as Hell’s Angels, all of which are more than 90% Jewish, and supremacist cults such as the Lubavitch Hassids.[6]


Britain’s Long History of Opium Wars

Great Britain has a long history of going to war to protect its illegal narcotics interests. The infamous opium wars against 19th century China were just about forcing the Chinese government to allow the unrestrained import of British opium from Afghanistan. All of Britain’s colonial aggressions against Afghanistan were about controlling 90% of the world’s opium production. The reason why the Americans helped Britain in their industrial dispute with the Talibans was the British promise to participate in the war against Iraq and to restore the CIA’s main source of income.


Why Princess Diana had to die

It is an open secret that Princess Diana didn’t die by accident. She knew too much about the ruling elite’s illegal drug franchise and was far too popular to dismiss her as a conspiracy theorist. If she had gone public with what she knew, it would have been a deadly blow to not only the British monarchy but the hoax of Western democracy as a whole. When Charles and Diana’s marriage fell apart, Britain’s ruling elite tried to buy her silence. The Rothschilds even gave her Kensington Palace. When Diana made wedding plans with Egyptian billionaire’s heir Dodi Fayed though, Queen Elizabeth and her Jewish bankers panicked. They were afraid of loosing control. They took no risk and ordered the world’s most experienced assassins to kill her: Israel’s Mossad.

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