Russian Family Law is not Anti-Gay

Gwendolyn Landolt — henrymakow Oct 8, 2013

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In June, 2013, the Russian Parliament (Duma) unanimously passed a law which reflected an 86% consensus by the Russian people aimed at protecting Russian children and family life.
The law prohibits promoting any activity aimed at harming the well-being of minors and prohibits propaganda promoting alternative sexual lifestyles, including the use of drugs, alcohol, gambling and offensive language.
Russia decriminalized homosexuality in 1993.  The law does not interfere in the private lives of homosexuals or authorize the arbitrary detention or arrests of homosexuals as so loudly proclaimed by gay lobbyists.  According to my contacts in Moscow, there are many gay bars in Moscow and gays and lesbians appear on TV each day.
This law has been endorsed by 103 human rights organizations from 33 countries which have signed a statement in support of it.


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