Voice of the White House February 18, 2008

“Because of the public perception that many American Jews in government employ or in influential far right think tanks are primarily loyal to Israel first and, possibly, America second, anti-Semitism is sharply rising today. This is, for obvious reasons, not discussed in the media but it is very real. People who don’t know that Bush neither knows about nor cares about public opinion, bombard the White House daily with furious letters about what can best be called undue Jewish influence in America ’s foreign policy. It hasn’t gotten as ugly as it is now in France where Sarkozy, the Jewish French president is demanding French total acceptance of Israel and the teaching of “holocaust sins’ in all French schools. There has been a very strong movement, now on hold, for the U.S. to declare a ‘Day of Remembrance’ so that all Americans will have to observe a national day of mourning for the sufferings of the Jewish people. Why not one for the Armenians? Or Pol Pot’s victims? Or King Leopold’s slaughters in the Congo ? No, only Jews have suffered and Americans should seriously reflect on this. This sort of crap has the bad habit of blowing back on the perps and with violence unimagined. Only 17% of most Americans believe there was a Holocaust just as 25% of most modern Britons believe Winston Churchill was a fictional character. If the rabid Likudists and the vicious Neocons don’t like it here and view themselves as Israelis first and Americans second, why not encourage them to emigrate? The means of encouragement are varied but some would certainly be effective.”

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