Pedophilia Advocate to Address Ontario Teachers

by Shawn Goldman —  Oct 7, 2013

Ontario Institute for Studies in Education to “Demystify” Pedophilia

OISE- the place where many of our teachers are trained- has invited James Kincaid, author of “Child Loving” to speak at an upcoming conference Sat Oct. 19 at 9 am. Mr. Kincaid’s objective is to “de-mystify pedophilia”, and he claims that our society has falsely demonized child-molesters.
Mr. Kincaid goes on to say that we, as a society, like to “watch, and enjoy the erotic child without taking any responsibility for our actions” (CL pp 375).
In other words – we are all a bunch of pedophiles in the closet, just waiting to get out. In fact, Kincaid calls himself a “theoretical pedophile”.

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