The Collapsing Empire of the Zio-Ogre

Reflections in a Petri Dish — Oct 6, 2013

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May your noses always be cold and wet.
The surface confusions of the moment are spectacular. The unconnected events, all of them crazy and devoid of common sense, are seven steps past strange. Some things seem to be purely malice driven, without any rhyme or reason whatsoever. This evicting of people on private lands located next to Federal lands is going on across the nation. It’s the next step up from the robot mortgage assault on the private homeowner. The other day, zombie killers from the government murdered an unarmed woman and no collection of absurd evidence concerning the event matches up with any other evidence. Obama wants the Redskins to change their name because political correctness is is rampaging across the country like Morella Faya and Kudzu. Political Correctness is one of the most sinister forces the world has ever seen. It’s the driving energy behind hundreds and thousands of expensive and freedom stealing laws and the majority of the effort is ‘Tribe engineered’, just like all the alternative sexual juggernauts that rule the reversed Kundalini media. They just went after the governor of Pennsylvania, applying heat beneath his seat.
It is an eyeopener to see the race going on between fascism and communism. The later is the signature dish of the Tribe’s long term intent at enslavement and murder of whole nations. Sometimes, when you set up multiple enemies, it is only in order to promote the growth and power of a particular enemy as the best of your Hobson’s Choice. As painful as this whole affair is at the hands of the Junta of Darkness, the unintended humor is intense, along the lines of, “it only hurts when I laugh.”
Now, to take the public’s mind off of the outrageous government stalemate and bankruptcy created by The Central Bankers, they’re sending in mercenary murder teams to middle eastern countries, rounding up individuals, targeted as performance artists, engaged in alleged blows against the empire, presently known as The Empire of the Zio-Ogre. When you’re neck deep in offenses against anyone and everyone who gets in the way of the corporate fascists on one hand and the communist Zio-vermin on the other then, misdirection and Wack a Mole become your daily agenda.
It is a cosmic truism that grasping beyond your reach is the skeleton key for the graveyard of empires. Their usual course is to double time the canon fodder as far beyond the supply wagons as they can get. It doesn’t make sense does it? Of course it doesn’t. They are certifiably insane and right about here you need to mention yet against that sage statement by Nietzsche, “Those whom the gods would destroy they first drive mad.” Given that they are stark raving nuts, you can expect their next false flag to be the most difficult to conceal that we have ever seen. Not to be outdone, the powerful figureheads of the Synagogue of Satan are congregating for daily prayers and appeals to their Satanic masters to kill off the peace process; not that there ever was one. Can they possibly be more exposed and transparent in respect of their motives and paucity of character? I’ve been looking for as many ways to say it as it can be said, they are demonstrating who and what they are to the widest audience ever reached. They are the poster children for, “by their works ye shall know them.”
We’ve got to get up every day and celebrate the pending end of evil as it cuts it’s own throat. We have to accentuate the positive as it relates to the red handed nailing of the negative. We’ve got to believe that the cosmos is alive and aware and step by step, leading the emissaries of the darkness by the leashes of their own perverse desires and ambitions. I don’t care how it looks. I only care how it is.
The most positive force in the solar system is the sun. The moon is often, though incorrectly, associated with evil and illusion. What needs to be understood is that ‘the moon is reflective’. What does the moon reflect? It reflects the light of the sun. The moon is in a constant progression of redundant change. The sun is not. One of the main characteristics of evil is that it is always changing and it’s by products are confusion and the temporary application of appearances over the unchanging. Sure, I could be a lot more concise here at the moment. If I’m not, there’s a reason. Of course, the moon is not evil but… certain phases of the moon are often associated with moments of opportunity for the undesirable; should you be mostly sane and rational as some portion of us are.
It’s a given, these days, that the more sane and rational you actually are, the more insane and irrational you are made out to by those shitting where you eat.
A million veterans are marching on Washington on the 13th of this month. This sort of thing is going to increase in size and frequency as we go. These next two months are going to tell us all kinds of things. Their days of getting away with everything they do are over; OVER. Sure, they’re Treasure of Sierra Madre mad but… they are also terrified as to what might happen, once they make that significant mistake which, they will surely make. Very powerful forces are at work in the background. The bad guys can feel it. They’re running scared. Don’t be deceived by their confident smiles and pompous jackass dances. But… why is it taking so long? Everything is on a timer and the pace is aligned with the movement of critical mass.
Make no mistake, the penalties that will be paid, once the window closes, are severe indeed. If there is mercy in play, it is in play now. It will not be in play later. That’s why it is taking so long. We lack the imagination and strength of vision to comprehend the cost of being sent all the way back to the mineral kingdom, or unmade entirely. You can think of it as something like one of those year long around the world cruises but covering a much vaster stretch of time and distance and also containing set experiences of a most unpleasant kind. It’s a bad day at Black Rock only the day goes on and on and on. Do these fiends know what awaits them? Some do, most do not.
I know all too well how frustrating and tormenting these days can be. For several years now my mental and emotional state has become ever more heavy and oppressive. The weak side says, “give up. It’s all too much”. the strong side says, “Give up but… give up to the awareness of everything being under control.” We all know about gravity but we can’t actually see it. This is true of a great many things we take for granted but have never actually seen. We see the effects. We do not see the cause. It’s like the wind. We never see the wind, we only see what the wind affects. Why most of us can accept so much we cannot see and yet not accept other things, that leave a trail of effects in their wake, escapes me. That was always the thing with me and psychedelics. Then… I could see the causal forces.
I must say, it’s amusing to notice the rage and anger that comes around every time I mention psychedelics. There’s a certain contingent of seriously frightened individuals, whose darkest apprehensions get tweaked every time I mention the items. Even though I haven’t mentioned Ketamine in some time, these impotent hayseeds start screaming at me about horse tranquilizers. Of course, their knowledge of John Lilly and all sorts of pioneers of consciousness is non existent. I find few things to be as tragic as the cases of those with zero experience on certain matters, becoming so violently oppositional, in defense of their real and obvious ignorance. This world is filled to the bursting with the Cliff Note junkies of our times. Somehow they think if they yell at me and try to insult me that it has some kind of effect. It has none whatsoever.
I’ve never encouraged others to take the path I took. I merely comment on things seen and experienced. I have often said that many find their way, never having or needing recourse to these sacraments. Different strokes for different folks and many ways up the mountain, If you don’t know that, you are definitely in self hindrance mode. Okay, enough for today.
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