Immigration, Multiculturalism, U.S. Elections and Jewish Gatekeepers

What do articles on immigration and white race do on, a site focusing on ‘demasking and exposing Zionist crimes and Jewish supremacism’? Is it – as some critics claim – a white supremacist site? Why then does it publish articles criticising Ron Paul? Doesn’t that make a Zionist tool? But hang on, we all know the Zionists love immigration (as opposed to ‘right of return’). Now I’m all confused.

These are the kind of discussion I keep reading on the Internet. I’m the first to admit that our stance on various subjects is at times counter-intuitive. But we live in a Matrix like world where nothing is what it seems. And – unless we view this illusion from all kind of angles and positions – it’s easy to be fooled by our ruling elite.

Immigration is a good example. Like most people I wish for anyone living in poverty to improve his or her living standard. But I also realise that opening the border gates and let people move wherever they want only achieves one thing: put pressure on wages and increase unemployment. It certainly doesn’t improve the living standards of 3rd world countries. (The video ‘Immigration Gumballs’ demonstrates that very effectively.)

Multiculturalism is Yiddish for ‘Divide and Rule’

Most people would agree that a family father who spends his money on other women instead of his wife and children, is a bad husband and father. What’s the difference with a politician who doesn’t first take care of the most basic needs of his own people, like jobs, health, education, affordable food, clothing and housing?

Why is it okay to worry about the preservation of the cultural heritage of native tribes in the Amazon or Australia’s outback, but not of Whites in Europe, the U.S. or the U.K.? At the current rate, they will become a minority in their own country within a generation or two. The only reason why the Jewish controlled media and politicians are so aggressively promoting multiculturalism is to make it easier for Jews to divide and rule.

Jewish Parasitism

As a parasitic tribe, Jews hate integrating in their host societies. They want to preserve their quaint eating habits, their ridiculous religious rules, their obsession with the male genital, their unethical business practices, their secretive ways, their supremacism towards all non-Jews. Doing so in a monocultural society for an extended period is impossible because of a sociological immune reaction called ‘anti-Semitism’. That’s why Jews – like spiders paralysing their victims for future consumption – have developed elaborate techniques to ferment their host societies, suck out all their wealth and then move on to the next host. Watch out, China, you are next! Multiculturalism, drugs, alcohol, porn, prostitution and sexual deviances are all essential Jewish tools on their destructive mission.

The Power of No

Maybe Ron Paul is the least evil amongst all U.S. presidential candidates, but he:

· he ignores the Israel lobby at a time when even uni professors and former presidents criticise its undue influence on U.S. policies,
· he supports Israel in every way bar U.S. tax payers money,
· he has shafted the 9/11 truth movement,
· he wants to return to the gold standard, effectively handing over control over the U.S. economy to the Rothschilds, and
· he wants to abolish the Federal Reserve, not nationalising it, allowing the Jewish banks to make more, not less money.

Voting for the ‘least evil’ is the reason why our self-chosen rulers have been getting away so far with this hoax of a democracy. While participation rates of 50% are low by international standards, they still provide U.S. elections with a legitimacy they don’t deserve. 5% or less would be the smack in the face our ruling elite desperately needs and the best way of calling her bluff.

How to spot a Jewish gatekeeper

The points made above about Ron Paul smack of Chomskyesque gatekeeping. The easiest way to spot those traitors is by their attitude towards

1. Israel’s right to exist,

2. Israel’s involvement in 9/11, 7/7, the Madrid train bombs and other false flag terrorist attacks, and

3. the veracity of the Holocaust.

These are the most heavily defended positions of the Zionist entity. The very survival of the Apartheid regime depends on them. That is why – irrespective of how critical they are of Israel’s atrocious human rights record – the gatekeepers always steer away from those topics.

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