Contest – Find “The Nicest Canadian”

Henry Makow Ph.D. — Oct 4, 2013

About ten years ago, the national broadcaster had a TV contest to determine who was “the Greatest Canadian of all time.”
The finalists included Alexander Graham Bell, Frederick Banting, Terry Fox, Wayne Gretzky and Pierre Trudeau. The winner by popular choice was Tommy Douglas, the Freemason who brought in socialized medicine.
This contest was  pretty easy because there are only a couple dozen people who might qualify.
A much more difficult and daunting task would be to choose the “nicest” Canadian.
Out of a population of about 33 million, there are at least sixteen million contenders.
We could narrow it down to a short list of about 1,475,987.
When I proposed this contest in jest, my wife said (predictably), “You don’t stand a chance.”
I agreed.  I’m not competing. Rather, I wish to honor the nicest Canadian, and need your help. Please nominate someone and tell me why.


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