A World Bank Whistleblower making Waves (and promoting Gold)

Anthony Migchels — Real Currencies Oct 4, 2013

The energetic Karen Hudes.

The amazing revelations by World Bank whistleblower Karen Hudes have stunned many and surely it is pretty mind blowing to hear a veteran World Bank insider validate the core of conspiracy theory: that a small group of bankers controls the whole lot, with the BIS at its apex. On the other hand: she promotes Gold based money as the solution.

The notion that a small group of bankers is controlling the world is mainstreaming like wildfire. And Karen Hudes is no small part of that. She is an experienced career banker who studied at Yale University. She is exposing massive corruption within the World Bank, where she has worked for 20 years, including mass resentment from the rest of the world in the American role in this. And she has no qualms talking about how the Federal Reserve and other major Central Banks and the IMF and BIS orchestrate the whole global economy.
A good overview of her accomplishments by Michael Snyder can be found here, a video by her that has been making the rounds is in there too.
What I really like about her style is, she is in no way impressed, let alone in a panic: she’s on the contrary very optimistic and fighting the bad guys with law suits and whistle blowing. So I, like many, am thrilled to see her take on the whole lot and wish her more power.

More Gold Porn

On the other hand, exposing the Gold racket is and remains necessary. And Hudes does promote Gold based monetary reform. I don’t mean to harm Hudes’ message here, it is an undeniable fact of life that many inspired and brilliant people have fallen for the Gold meme at some point. Let us just be grateful she’s out there and for the excuse she provides to rehash this very pressing and mainly ignored issue.
Promoting Gold as a solution for our current problems is simply promoting Money Power policy. Not that it’s a bad investment, but keeping a little Gold at the side for a rainy day is quite something else than suggesting Gold backed money.

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