Voice of the White House February 11, 2008

“Just a brief note today to discuss a major problem. A friend returned to DC two weeks ago after a tour in China. He brought various local Chinese food snacks with him and just because he could, he had them tested. My, what a surprise! All of the food was contaminated with chemicals and various toxins. Some of them were very dangerous if eaten. He said that the Olympic committee discovered fresh food in China was so loaded with drugs and growth steroids as to be very dangerous. Bottled water contains human waste sediment and on and on. One piece of candy had a number of small aluminum shaving in it and a “beef” snack turned out to be rat meat. His advise, and mine? When you go to your local supermarket, look at the items you buy. If it says “China” on it anywhere, don’t buy it. The lab told him that most food and drink in China was full of all kinds of very harmful and noxious material and one chemist said, as joke, that the crap was good enough to feed to his mother-in-law but not otherwise fit for human consumption. But both Chinese companies and their American importers make money with this and the Bush people have deliberately cut back the food inspectors so as not to interfere with priofits.”

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