Ron Paul’s ‘Permanent Revolution’

It looks like Ron Paul, the disgraced Messiah of the dissident media scene, is hanging out too much with Jews. He’s now even quoting Judeo-Bolshevik mass murderer Trotsky. Goodness gracious. And he’s still not getting that the Jews are just using him to keep a lid on the exponentially growing discontent with this hoax of a democracy. It’s pretty obvious to anyone but the most Paris Hiltonised U.S. citizens that it makes no difference whatsoever which of the two competing crime families will win the election. They are nothing but the two sides of the same fake Jewish coin.

Channelling all popular discontent into one presidential candidate is obviously not easy. Too diverse are the various positions we are all coming from. The main reason why he attracted the sympathy of many dissidents was his voting record against the Iraq war. Ron Paul votes against anything though that costs tax payers money, regardless of the merit. That includes even social benefits for the most vulnerable such as single mums. And yes, there was his critism of the U.S. Federal Reserve and the warnings of a New World Order. Of course we all love the sound of that. But he also promotes a return to the gold standard, which amounts to handing control over the state of the economy to a handful of Jewish banking houses in the City of London.

Ron Paul got fooled by his Jewish advisers that if he does this and does that, the Jewish bankers will make him U.S. president. Who knows, maybe one day they will, but only after having completely ruined the U.S. economy. His role then will be to sell the American sheeple the extremly bitter medicine the ruling elite always wanted to administer to them.

A lot of us have pinned their last remaining hope in U.S. democracy on this political dinosaur. They desperately want to believe in him as the only ‘honest’ presidential candidate. They keep making up excuses for his support of Apartheid Israel and shafting of the 9/11 truth movement. I can’t see any honesty in making deals with the Kosher Nostra. I can only see another politician selling his soul to the devil.

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