The Nimrod Collective and the Hail Satan Brigade.

Reflections in a Petri Dish — Oct 3, 2013

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Some of us are in a strategic position to take actions in this world, be that negative or positive. The former seems to be the most consistent choice taken. That is probably because such a choice tends to enhance the holdings of one’s self interest and the latter… can be a dangerous thing in times like these. Although I am sure there are still heroes moving around in the midst of us, they are not all that easy to identify. Heroism, true heroism, is not for the selfish, timid or insecure.
Some of us are just meant to comment on observations. Perhaps we will call that section of our numbers, ‘the exhorting’. The larger number of that number are the pontificating windbags, which are composed of self righteous hypocrites and their primary motivation is what profits they can glean from their lies and cynical manipulations of so many of us, who figure these people must be right in what they are saying because, otherwise, how could they be so important and highly placed?
How can arrogant scumbags in uniforms, with dozens of medals across their chest, be callous mass murders, whose only motivation is personal power and profit? How can government representatives be elected, over and over, on promises they have never kept? How can the president of the United States, run on a platform of ‘hope and change’ and have hope turn to despair and change turn to, ‘worse than before’? How can it happen right in front of the eyes of those most victimized …and there they stand, waving flags and howling like loons in support of those bent on destroying them?
How can utter madness have taken such a firm grip on so many? It seems like a veritable death grip. It should be patently clear that more is going on than what is superficially evident. Someone once said, “All wars are magical wars.” They might have also said (but I’ll say it for them), “all economic policies are voodoo economics, presented as one thing and operational as another.” They might have said, (but I will say it for them), :”All political systems are constructed and financed by bankers for their enduring profit and the enslavement of the Nimrod collective.”
My personal experience has been that I am kept on a leash of bare necessity, for my refusal to bend over for Mr. Rogers, that being he who performs the rogering upon those submissive to the action. They grant the right to steal to those who will buss the anal ring and kneel. Just yesterday, Howdy Doody Obama mentioned how impressed he was with Pope Francis, the present head of that international corporation of Pedophiles R Us. We are in the midst of the largest circle jerk of doomed souls which the world has ever seen. We all came here because this period of time allows for the greatest degree of quantum propulsion into states not generally available at any other time. It is because of this that the intensity of the force of materialism is so great. The general magnetism of coagulated and animated dust is hard to measure and harder to escape.
I used to form my words for the purpose of galvanizing the attention and imagination of the rare readers that found their way here. Only recently I learned, I have been the focus of a concerted malevolence that was out to destroy me. Once I caught on to what was happening, it came at me with a serious power that nearly unhinged me. Luckily, I was given enough insight to bypass the worst of it. So far so good and the timer is on so, we’ll see if I can find a momentary sanctuary for the next couple of months, after which the whole scenario will have moved on to other and more positive circumstances.
Only a year ago, so many readers here were generally of an optimistic bent, concerning the tests and trials of our time. I’ve watched the relentless continuance of encroaching darkness wear them down. I’ve seen long submerged, double agents, reveal their true intent, come and go, scatter mischief and mayhem and then disappear as if they had never been here before.
I’ve watched with a growing intensity, the change in the mental and emotional climate of a lot of the readers. I make my usual tours of all of the alternative news sites that I consider truthful and see the cycling redundancy of writers saying the same things over and over and over. I hardly know what to link to anymore. I linked to it last month. I linked to it last week. Do I link to it today? Do I continue to say the same things over and over myself?
Fukushima is coursing across the Pacific. Every blue fin tuna being caught off the coast of California is stuffed to the gills with radioactivity. There are experts in this field all across the planet but they are not at Fukushima, where lies are the currency of each following day and nothing that might have been done is being done. It is perplexing to say the least.
Not only have the bankers and Wall Street committed the most outrageous acts of robbery and assorted crimes with impunity, in broad daylight, but they have had the full backing of nearly every government of every country in which these crimes have taken place, with the exception of Iceland.
Obviously, some very bad shit is being attempted in the exclusive backrooms of the Hail Satan Brigade. Obviously, or not so obviously, they are being stymied by other forces, whose identities are not clearly defined. We don’t know what’s going on. We hear whispers and rumors. We see what gets publicly announced but… we know by now that’s just the usual public relations horseshit.
What I sense is that something very, very big is taking place out of sight. It’s burbling in the subconsciousness of the sleeping classes. It’s sending nervous tremors through the ruling classes. It’s pushing the manipulators into the corner their arrogance has painted them into. It goes on and on with no seeming end in sight but… the end is coming. The end is inevitable and- as yet- still not totally defined in all of its possibilities. A lot of things can still go a lot of ways.
It’s no longer easy and effortless to write the things I do. The force of change is upon us all and staying optimistic and confident are not the cakewalk they were, as everything we made out of ourselves is brought up against whatever integrity we do, or do not, possess. We are going to see what we see, based on whether or not we have clearly seen along the way. We are going to find out if we are who we think we are, or only who we presented ourselves to be. A lot of people are discovering the latter these days, which is kind of like renting a furnished apartment on the internet, only to find the apartment is completely empty, or turns out to be ten feet below the surface of an extended area of swamp land.
As stated earlier, I’m in the position of having to tread water, while also discovering that I am in the Bay of Fundy, or attempting to hike to Mont St. Michel. The vibrationary vortex of these venomous times, is proof positive that some are vaccinated against the poisonous toxins and most are not. It’s not your usual vaccinations which, these days are worse than whatever they are meant to inoculate you against.
As usual, I’m trying to say things that I’m not actually saying and hope somehow the rhythm will account for what the words are unable to provide. This is why music and math, not to mention a few other mediums, have such a wide spread appeal. They take us beyond the contradictions of what words are naturally heir to. They also shovel us into places darker than words can take us, when engineered for that purpose, as, regrettably these days, they all too often are.
These days, everything that inspired art was created to evoke in us, has been shut down through the hideous strength of the reversed cabala, hammering us without mercy because we’ve no faith in anything else.
Once again, we’ll see or… we will remain blind, listening to the ghost furniture in that unfurnished apartment we constructed out of ourselves.
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