The Worst Pedophile in Canadian History — Oct 2, 2013

“The most prolific serial sexual abuser in Canadian history”

Ken Estabrooks, a Saint John NB police sergeant sexually abused 263 children, “mostly boys” over three decades.
He was transferred to another city job in 1975 after admitting to abusing four boys. No charges were laid against the 22-year police veteran. This mild treatment suggests occult involvement. The word “homosexual” doesn’t appear in any media accounts.

After new complainants came forward in 1997, another investigation began that ended with Estabrooks being convicted of indecent assault on four of his six accusers in 1999. He was sentenced to six years in prison and died in 2005 of cancer. Now the City of Saint John is discovering that this was just the tip of the iceberg.

by the CBC

As many as 263 youth may have been sexually abused by former Saint John police officer Kenneth Estabrooks, during a three-decade period dating back to the 1950s, a private investigator announced on Monday.
It could be one of the worst cases of sexual abuse in Canadian history, according to a Halifax lawyer.
“If what we’re learning today is true, Estabrooks is now probably the most prolific serial sexual abuser in Canadian history,” said John McKiggan, who is on the verge of filing a class action lawsuit on behalf of Estabrook’s victims.
“One just has to wonder how that could have gone on for so long,” he said.

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