“Not Another Clinton” Sign Disallowed at Event

It’s not just the neocons at George Bush events that go after Americans who disagree. Same thing happens at “liberal” Clinton events, as the video here demonstrates.

Once upon a time, under the now moribund First Amendment, we had the right to disagree, so long as we didn’t hurt anybody or prevent them from doing likewise.

No more. Now if you are out of step with the brainwashed and orchestrated zombies, dare to remove yourself from the stampede toward fascism and insanity, you are quickly ushered from the room, lest some impressionable person in the fawning crowd gets the idea all is not right with the picture. Of course, the horizontal and vertical are controlled by eager minions, such as the one that demands the boy helping to hoist up a “Not Another Clinton” banner in blazing, can’t ignore yellow is removed from the scene.

Nothing will be allowed to interrupt the Hillary dog and pony show. If the kids can’t stand up and wave their Hillary placards and play their part as abject bootlickers and sycophants, they will be asked to leave — or forced to leave, whatever the case may be.

Here is what the Hillary zombies — and those for McCain — are incapable of understanding: in America, as in the former Soviet Union, our rulers are selected by the elite. In the former Soviet, candidates were selected by local CPSU, Komsomol, and trade union officials under the guidance of the district (raion) party organization. In America, they are selected by the Democrat and Republican political machinery controlled by behind the scenes handlers from the CFR, Bilderbergers, the Trilateral Commission, the secretive clique and inner circle of the ruling elite.

In the past, the idiosyncrasies of democracy were tolerated by the elites, albeit ignored by the corporate media, but now things are different as our rulers prepare for the ultimate clampdown.

For now, kids with banners will be asked to leave, even dragged out kicking and screaming — or tased for asking the wrong questions, as University of Florida student Andrew Meyer was for asking Lord Kerry about his Skull and Bones association — but in the future a certain possibility hangs like the Sword of Damocles: political opponents will be disappeared or shot outright, as they were in General Pinochet’s Chile. For those with a bit more luck, they will end up in an American version of Pinochet’s Colonia Dignidad, where dissidents were tortured and killed. In the end, fascism always looks pretty much the same.

For now, the banners will be yanked down by indignant minions, but if history is any gauge things will get gruesome, far more gruesome in the days ahead.