Ed Miliband embroiled in war of words with Daily Mail

Introduction — Oct 1, 2013

Labour leader accuses newspaper of ‘smearing’ his late father

Ralph Miliband with his sons Ed (front) and David (right). Click to enlarge

A row has erupted between politicians and the press after the Daily Mail published an article questioning what Ed Miliband’s father believed in? The opposition leader has accused the paper of “smearing” his father’s memory, and despite supposed party differences he’s been backed by politicians from both sides of the House.
Yet even without examining the article in detail it’s a good question; if only because there is much about Ed Miliband’s father, Ralph that is not widely publicised.
So what did Ed Miliband’s father really believe in?
According to theMail article, Ed Miliband’s father, Ralph was a committed Marxist and he remained so in his final years.
So even though they remained friends, Ralph Miliband would pointedly not agree with fellow-Marxist Eric Hobsbawm when Hobsbawm condemned Stalin’s gulags and persecution of dissenters. Nor would Ralph join with his friend in criticising the Red Army’s 1956 invasion of Hungary.
For a committed Marxist like Ralph Miliband the end justified the means, whatever the price.
However, as usual the corporate media really misses the point about the Miliband family. Indeed, one is tempted to think that they do so deliberately because it only takes a little digging to uncover even more telling facts about the family history, which the Mail and the Independent conveniently overlook.
From a 2009 article by Christopher Bollyn: Exposing the Zionist Hidden Hand That Rules Britain and the United States:
“The online biography of Adolphe “Ralph” Miliband says he was born in Brussels of Polish-Jewish emigré parents and that both his parents lived in the Jewish quarter of Warsaw, before his father, Samuel “Sam” Miliband, joined the Red Army in the Polish-Soviet or Bolshevik War (February 1919 – March 1921).
“Sam Miliband is said to have left Poland after the First World War, which ended in November 1918. He supposedly became a leather worker in Belgium and then returned to Poland to join the Red Army under the command of Leon Trotsky (born Lev Davidovich Bronstein) in 1920.
“The commanders who served under Trotsky in the Bolshevik War against Poland were Mikhail Tukhachevsky, Aleksandr Yegorov, Joseph Stalin, and Felix Dzerzhinsky.
“Nikolay Bukharin, writing in the Soviet newspaper Pravda, urged the Bolsheviks to carry on beyond Warsaw “right up to London and Paris.”
“General’s Tukhachevsky’s order of July 2, 1920 read:
“To the West! Over the corpse of White Poland lies the road to world-wide conflagration. March on Vilno, Minsk, Warsaw! Onward to Berlin over the corpse of Poland!
“Why would a poor leather worker in Belgium give up his work and travel all the way to Poland to fight with the Bolshevik Red Army against the Polish Republic and the West? If this is true, Samuel Miliband must have been a very dedicated communist.
“This is, however, most certainly not the whole truth. The family tree of the family of David and Edward Miliband clearly indicates that their grandfather Samuel Miliband was also born, like their father Adolphe, in Brussels in 1865. In this case, Brussels-born Sam must have been an extremely dedicated communist. There is another possible explanation. Perhaps Sam was a Zionist emissary on a mission to bring support and funds to the Red Army in their attempt to conquer Poland. If the family tree is correct that Sam Miliband was born in Brussels, there is something more to the Miliband story.
“The Miliband family tree provides the names and dates of birth of Samuel’s 11 siblings, his parents, and even his grand-parents, data which supports it as a credible source. Why then has the Zionist-controlled media obscured the Miliband family history and pretended that David’s father was born in Warsaw, when his family records indicate he was born in Brussels?
“This is information about the Miliband family that the Zionist-controlled media had evidently decided that the public does not need to know. It also suggests that the preferential treatment and promotions that the Milibands have received since coming to Britain have more to do with their high-level connections than with their abilities.
“Their connections and loyalties are evidently to the highest levels of the Zionist “Communist” International in Brussels, which is the only reason they are in the positions they are in. Their loyalty is clearly not to the British nation or people…”
The connections with communist Russia continue with a cousin, Sofia Miliband who worked as a code breaker for Stalin and who still lives in Moscow.
Nor does it end there. In 2010 Ed Miliband named his new born son Sam, after his Red Army veteran grandfather and one can’t but wonder if this wasn’t in memory of his forbear? Or in deference to what he fought for?

Ed Miliband embroiled in war of words with Daily Mail after Labour leader accuses newspaper of ‘smearing’ his late father

Oliver Wright, Ian Burrell — The Independent Oct 1, 2013

Ed Miliband was today embroiled in an extraordinary war of words with the Daily Mail after the Labour leader accused the paper of “smearing” his late father as a “man who hated Britain”.


Mr Miliband demanded a right of reply in the paper after it published what he described as an “appalling” profile of his father Ralph which was based on a diary he wrote when he was a teenager.


But although the paper agreed to publish Mr Milband’s response it did so alongside the original offending article and an editorial accusing him of attempting to trying to drive a “a hammer and sickle through the heart of the nation”.


Mr Miliband responded by accusing the paper of peddling “a lie” and trying to “besmirch and undermine” his dead father for political ends.


Interestingly the Labour leader won support for his stand against the paper from both David Cameron and Nick Clegg.


Mr Clegg wrote on Twitter: “I support Ed-Miliband defending his dad. Politics should be about playing the ball, not the man, certainly not the man’s family.”


Mr Cameron added: “All I know is that if anyone had a go at my father, I would want to respond very vigorously.


“There’s not a day goes by that you don’t think about your dad and all that he meant to you, so I completely understand why Ed would want to get his own point of view across.”


In the original article, first printed in Saturday’s edition of the Daily Mail, the writer Geoffrey Levy examined the political beliefs of the Marxist academic Ralph and how these influenced his two sons.


It questioned what Ralph Miliband, who died in 1994, “really” believed in, adding “the answer should disturb everyone who loves this country”.


The Daily Mail had quoted the 17-year-old Ralph writing that the Englishman is a “rabid nationalist” and “you sometimes want them almost to lose (the war) to show them how things are”.


But Mr Miliband demanded the right of reply in the paper and said fierce debate about politics did not justify “character assassination” of his father, who joined the Royal Navy and fought in the Second World War after arriving in Britain.


Mr Milband has frequently referred to his father in speeches and how his values and experiences have shaped him.


He wrote: “Like most refugees, the security of our country was really important to him. And like some refugees, he owed his life to it. So my Dad loved Britain, he served Britain, and he taught both David and me to do the same.”


Mr Miliband said he accepted politicians needed to be held to account but what appeared in the Daily Mail on Saturday “was of a different order altogether”.


He said: “I know they say ‘you can’t libel the dead’ but you can smear them.


“Fierce debate about politics does not justify character assassination of my father, questioning the patriotism of a man who risked his life for our country in the Second World War or publishing a picture of his gravestone with a tasteless pun about him being a ‘grave socialist’.


“The Daily Mail sometimes claims it stands for the best of British values of decency.


“But something has really gone wrong when it attacks the family of a politician – any politician – in this way. It would be true of an attack on the father of David Cameron, Nick Clegg, or mine.


“There was a time when politicians stayed silent if this kind of thing happened, in the hope that it wouldn’t happen again.


“And fear that if they spoke out, it would make things worse. I will not do that. The stakes are too high for our country for politics to be conducted in this way. We owe it to Britain to have a debate which reflects the values of how we want the country run.”


But in an editorial printed alongside Mr Miliband’s response the paper wrote: “We stand by every word we published on Saturday.”


It added: “Yes, as his son argues, Mr Miliband Snr may have felt gratitude for the security, freedom and comfort he enjoyed in Britain.


“But what is blindingly clear from everything that he wrote throughout his life is that he had nothing but hatred for the values, traditions and institutions – including our great schools, the Church, the Army and even the Sunday papers – that made Britain the safe and free nation in which he and his family flourished.”


The paper also attacked Mr Miliband for his support of tougher press regulation in response to the Leveson Inquiry: “If he crushes the freedom of the press, no doubt his father will be proud of him from beyond the grave, where he lies 12 yards from the remains of Karl Marx.


“But he will have driven a hammer and sickle through the heart of the nation so many of us genuinely love.”


But while Mr Cameron may have defended Mr Miliband the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt appeared to take the side of the Mail.


He said Ralph Miliband was “no friend of the free market economy” and he had never heard Ed Miliband say he supports it.


“The argument between the Mail and Ed Miliband over Ralph Miliband is something that they need to sort out the details of.


“But what I would say is that Ralph Miliband was no friend of the free market economy, he thought that was wrong, and I have never heard Ed Miliband say he supports the free market economy.


“I think the important thing for voters is to know exactly where Ed Miliband stands on these fundamental issues about our society.”