Hitler’s Finances, a Response to my Critics

Anthony Migchels — Real Currencies Oct 1, 2013

The article on Hitler’s finances and the myth of Nazi anti-usury activism generated a major response. While rehashing the classic revisionist case for Hitler, none has disproven, or even mentioned, the basic case of the article: that the banks financed most of the Nazi economy and that the Reichsmark, like all other currencies, was created through fractional reserve banking, as an interest-bearing debt to these banks.
And many comments point to a wider malaise: deifying the disastrous Adolf Hitler.
I’m now responding to an article written by  Justice4Germans and an interview that Deanna Spingola did with Rodney Martin. I’ll also address a number of issues brought forward by feedbackers here and on other sites. Please let me know if there are other serious rebuttals to the article, I’ll have a look at them too, if needs be.
Some fun was made about my sources, most notably the Virtual Jewish library. This was duly anticipated. Few people realize that the best way to find out about somebody is to listen to his enemies. I make a point of looking at all sides of the story and sources should be be judged on the merit of their message first and foremost, while not forgetting who they are or represent. I have no illusions about Ziopedia or the Virtual Jewish Library, but the onus is on the critics to dispel their message and, as we shall see, they did nothing to do that.
Much of what was brought against the article seemed to suggest that these three people had the impression I am not aware of revisionist history, but this is wrong: I’m very well aware of revisionism and go along with a great deal of it. I don’t believe in gas chambers. Stalin wanted to invade Europe and had assembled a major striking force ready to take the whole lot after Hitler and the Western Powers had destroyed each other. Hitler was far from solely to blame for the war. In fact: the Money Power’s people in the British cabinet made sure there would be a war by guaranteeing Poland. Stalin wanted war. Roosevelt did everything in his power to get his, unwilling, people to join the mayhem.
However, Hitler wanted war too, and his apologists simply do not want to see this. Hitler wanted peace with the West, Britain in particular, and his many peace overtures to the West, both before and after September 1st 1939 are what they use to ‘prove’ Hitler’s desire for peace. But he saw war with Russia as his destiny. We can see that both from Mein Kampf and his actions in the late thirties and most certainly after he started Operation Barbarossa. It is most assuredly true that he found a worthy opponent in Stalin, who had his own designs on Europe, quite similar in their utter depravity to what Hitler was planning for Russia.
And what did Hitler intend to do with Russia? To exterminate her and take her land. And to sell it as this wonderful crusade against the bad Jews and their Marxist front. Nothing more and nothing less.
How do we know this?
Reading Mein Kampf is a good start. It’s all about the bad Bolshevists and how German colonization of the East will solve that.
Another very solid indicator is the despicable fate that the millions of Russian POW’s awaited in the German veritable death camps, where they were worked and starved to death by the millions. It seems about 3,5 of the 5,5 million POW’s died in German captivity. The Germans, cowardly, only started to treat them better once they realized they were going to lose.
Yet another brutal example is what happened in the Ukraine. In Barbarossa’s early days, the German invaders were welcomed by the Ukrainians, who had been starved in the greatest genocide of the 20th century, the Holodomor, by Stalin’s mostly Jewish NKVD. But Hitler unleashed such a reign of terror against them, that within months they started their partisan activities and looked at Stalin for answers. As honest commentators know, had Hitler been a reasonable man, really hoping to fight off an evil Bolshevist invasion, he’d have had the Waffen SS recruit a couple of million of Ukrainians, who would have gladly marched on Stalin’s Moscow for him.
But the most damning piece of evidence for the clear and present fact that Hitler was a genocidal maniac in the same league as his ‘great’ antagonists is the Hunger Plan. The well established policy of the Wehrmacht High Command to have the Wehrmacht live off the Russian lands by the third year of the war while calculating this would starve 30 million Russians. That should have left plenty of room for the German Folk! We can already imagine how Nazi propaganda would have been talking about ‘a land without people for a people without land’.
Hitler never had the chance to fully implement the Hunger Plan, but millions of Russians starved because the Germans took their supplies anyway.
What Hitler did to Russia is despicable and Revisionism, notwithstanding its many achievements, becomes a part of the problem when they aim to replace Allied and Russian war propaganda with Nazi agitprop.

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