Bali Guru Helps Feminists Regain their Humanity

by R — ( Sept 30, 2013

I  live in Bali, Indonesia; I am R, Indonesian, male 67 years old.
I do reading palmistry and tarot cards, also teaching healing meditation.. I have many western women clients, mostly American, some Europeans and Australians… I met all of them…yoga devotee, career women, New Age spiritualists, hippies, artists, etc…yes indeed they are beautiful and Intelligent.. what surprised me they have one thing in common.. one ultimate question toward me..
They have everything: looks, beautiful bodies, attraction, success, money etc. These mouth-watering qualities amazed me..but they don’t have husbands, boyfriends or lovers…I JUST CAN’T BELIEVE IT..ARRRGH…IT’S JUST SO WEIRD. I just thought this is very, very wrong.. sad but true.. what’s happening in western world?

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