Smolensk Crash Was a Russian/NWO Coup — Sept 29, 2013

(Zbigniew Brzezinski gave Polish plane crash hoax his blessing. Absence of foreign dignitaries at the funeral ceremony indicates coup had globalist backing. The real plane was diverted elsewhere and passengers disposed of.)

by Zezowaty Zorro — (Edited/abridged by

As Zbigniew Brzezinski writes, Poland lies as a pivot between two tectonic plates – the great Asian plate to the north ruled by Russia, and the European peninsula to the west, comprised now of European Union. He who rules central Asia, rules the world, because the world cannot live without its resources; but he who rules the pivot, rules by extension central Asia. Therefore it is vital for the new world order to conquer and subjugate Poland, not for its own sake, but for its geopolitical role.
It is no coincidence that Brzezinski speaks and writes in Polish in his everyday work, although he has lived in America for fifty years….Why? Because he decided to retain and use the language, knowing it is vital for him. He oversees the pivotal territory on behalf of the empire.
The historical rivalry between Poland and Russia follows the unyielding cold logic of geopolitcs. Russia has to subjugate Poland for its imperial safety and Poland has to fight the eternal rival for own survival.
If anyone doubts that any such brazen coup is nowadays feasible, one needs only to remember, how many officials from abroad came to President Kaczynski’s funeral: apart from Russians, virtually none. In diplomatical parlance it means only one thing – the crash was an obvious hoax, because the deceased was not an outcast to be so blatantly and unanimously offended.

Image from video footage shows firefighters working to extinguish the flames near the wreckage of a Polish government aircraft after it crashed near Smolensk airport in western Russia. Click to enlarge

The coup was prepared, orchestrated and perpetrated internally, in Poland.  What is really remarkable, is international silence surrounding the coup. There were no visible reactions to it, although there was tremendous risk involved: in the alleged crash in Russia perished military jet, belonging to NATO state. It meant an unequivocal act of war, if only one official, anywhere in Poland raised the spectre.

Russia’s role follows from immense resurgence of Russia’s known and previously unknown assets in Polish politics and economy, at the highest level.
Immediately after the coup whole swaths of strategic energy policies were fundamentally changed, i.a. the long term contract for Russian gas deliveries, for which Poland pays now highest prices in Europe, if not the world, although being the EU customer closest to the source.


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