Outcasts from the Junta of the Status Quo

Reflections in a Petri Dish — Sept 29, 2013

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As mentioned in the last posting, behind the scenes must be going ballistic. What else can we think? When we see the surface and we see nothing, except certain evidences of the tension and uncertainty behind the veil, you know a whole lot of entrees are burning on the cosmic stove and since evil was always doing the cooking and evil has left the kitchen, the sold out swine,whose greatest culinary achievement is to sometimes be able to make a toasted cheese sandwich by wrapping it in tinfoil and then sticking it between the fins of a radiator, well, you’re looking at some kind of reality show called The Toluene Chef; not that they know how to cook toluene either but most of them are composed of Plastic Wood.
When you talk about pulling out all stops, here is just one of the examples that are so blatant and inarguable that nothing short of total hubris or complete desperation can account for it. I don’t want to say I am no fan of the man who put out this article. I’m pretty sure he is no fan of mine but I try not to judge people on personality issues , perceptions and conflicts. I’m always more concerned about the impact and result of a person’s work and whether it is on the side of the angels, regardless of any temporary shortcomings the person is saddled with. I think we do ourselves and those who depend on us a disservice, when we let our egos become involved with demeaning the value of something, when we are not enamored of the messenger. That kind of thing is petty and… I don’t like petty. So, let’s file this with all of the other things that naturally belong in the, “I don’t know” folder.
As is often the case, when one has passed through an intense period of blunt trauma and sailing against the wind, one can find themselves better off than they were, at least in terms of their humanity and understanding as well as the ability to dispense greater latitude, as the result of possessing a greater humanity and a deeper understanding. We hope that’s the case and not the result of a disorientation, caused by a large ringing in a pair of overly boxed ears.
I haven’t watched network TV in decades. All I know about what might be there is from reviews that come out in the Crass Media. There were no reality shows back when I occasionally watched. Ted Turner still owned CNN. This was before members of The Tribe schemed and strong-armed it out of his hands and turned it into a shit operation, devoted to deception and monstrous lies. You might not have liked Ted Turner and you might not like him now but… there are worse possibilities and we are the victims of them now. We are the victims of all of the accumulating, incremental abuses that have risen like skyscrapers of darkness all around us.
This is how it always ends. In the final days of unhindered evil, evil operates behind a screen for centuries prior to but… when the denouement arrives, evil is forced out to be seen, on the manifest playing field and given free range so that it can convict itself beyond the point of any possible argument in its defense. Evil thinks it has simply seen how great its power is and how weak seems the totality of all opposition. They are not permitted to see the reality of it all. They think they are calling the shots but they are being manipulated one hundred percent. They are being driven into the light but cannot see it because they are blind. So it goes.
I look around for articles to link to. I cannot find anything much different from anything I’ve linked to before and whatever there is to link to is no more than window dressing, presented as a curtain to hide the awful perversions taking place behind the scenes. They can’t help themselves but they are unaware of that. They think it’s all a matter of personal choice, whereas they have no choice in the matter whatsoever.
This is a critical point that I want to make and so I am repeating myself, which is usually the case when I want to get engaged with enhanced emphasis. There is so much entrenched and hard edged resistance to the good in us. I suppose their expectation is that we will just give up and look for another route, a route not necessarily indicative of our good intentions. A friend of mine once said to me, nothing is harder than when you are trying to change. If you’re not trying to change, there’s not a whole lot of resistance but, as soon as you do attempt to, the lidless eye will focus on you. This is why we instantly run into resistance as  soon as we break out of the wind tunnel of the same old same old. This is how corruption finds it’s way into the life of every politician and the majority of business sluts and religious bobble heads. This is why all of those  who choose the road of truth become immediate outcasts from the junta of the status quo.
I’ll leave you with these thoughts and reflections of the moment and depart early, given that a radio broadcast will become available this evening, or soon enough. Be well and be aware.
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