The Evening Standard Doctored Photos

Simone Moore would like to report a massive display in propaganda that appeared in the evening edition of the Evening Standard, Wednesday the 9th April.

The front page has a massive photo on it with the heading ‘Jubilation on the streets of Baghdad FREEDOM’

The photo is a still taken from BBC News 24. This massive image has been very obviously doctored in a programme such as Photoshop. The image features a massive crowd of Iraqi’s celebrating in the streets, HOWEVER in the mid and background it is possible to see how numerous photo’s have been cut and pasted together to create the illusion of there being a massive crowd present.

In the background there is a white object (very possibly a turban) that appears three times. In the background exactly the same bent tubular object (possibly an arm in a white shirt) appears twice. In the mid to background section (to the right hand side) a man in a white shirt appears facing the camera, further on to the left the man appears with his head facing the left. This man has been photographed twice, one shortly after the other.

In the background it is possible to see a ‘blurring tool’ has been used to blur the cut and pastes used to doctor the photograph. It is also possible to see the usage of numerous photographs (as least 2) as they have been taken at slightly different angles and strange lines of sight appear in the image.

Although we have seen jubilation crowds celebrating in Baghdad, none of them have been of this quantity and when the head title reads ‘FREEDOM’ I wonder when the press will just report the news instead of manipulating it to suit their image.
Above: the coloured circles mark the suspect areas. Whilst below: the photo as it appeared in London's Evening Standard